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The Review

Caroline Lodging Family House is a fairly quiet hostel a short walk out from the centre. They can of course arrange cheap tours and hikes for you in the area.

The Location

This is among the furthest hostels from the center, but still only about ten minutes' walk to the main plaza. Taxis are cheap, but if you're walking and don't have an offline maps app, simply follow any major street south. When you get to 28 de Julio, turn right. Follow it to the end, where you'll cross a main road, and take the street that branches off this main road. It will be in front of you and you'll turn left onto it. Take the first staircase on your right and follow the little road almost to the end. The hostel will be on your right.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Rooms range from a little cramped to average sized -- it's just luck of the draw. Beds are sturdy, wooden, and don't make much noise. Blankets are warm, and mattresses fairly comfortable. There are a couple/few power points in each room, but Wi-Fi doesn't extend to the rooms. It is only available on first two floors -- in the front room and on the lounge on the second floor. If the hostel is even close to full, you'll find it hard to get seating with Wi-Fi access (but it's very slow, and cuts out a lot anyway, so you wouldn't be missing much). Small lockers are available in each room, but unfortunately at least one room doesn't have enough for the number of beds. Private rooms with TVs are also available.

Bathrooms range from cramped to a comfortable size also. They have places to hang clothes, but no soap holders or benches. The water pressure is ok. The hot water doesn't get extremely hot, but with only the hot tap on, it's a nice temperature. We never experienced it running out and it is pretty consistent, which is great. Bathrooms aren't maintained regularly unfortunately, which is probably part of the extremely "relaxed" work ethic allowed here. However, it's also worth mentioning that the owners themselves are very proactive and helpful.

Common Spaces

Common spaces consist of the lower front room, which has a few couches and a coffee table, and the hallway on the second for with a couch and a bench. These spaces are used to access the Wi-Fi. You'll also find a great book exchange on the second floor! The owner keeps it locked and only trades books of similar quality, unfortunately, but this practice keeps the selection good.

On the top floor there's a dining room, kitchen, and patio. The kitchen is equipped quite basically, but very well stocked. You'll find a huge TV upstairs, lounges, dining table, and a large poster featuring all the tours the hostel offers (at good prices). A tour organiser arrives around breakfast time and again around dinner time to answer any questions and arrange tours.

Breakfast here is included and is usually a few bread rolls, butter, and jam, with something else on the side (cheese roll toastie, or a pancake) as well as coffee or tea. It is served from 8 to 10 a.m., however, and the tours can leave as early as 5 or 6 a.m., so remember to buy your own breakfast the night before a tour.

This hostel has a quiet feel, but it is still possible to meet friendly travelers upstairs, with the great type of people this town attracts.


This is a basic hostel with cheap prices, which will appeal to the budget traveler. As most of what Huaraz offers is out of town, the location isn't much of an issue. But there are also hostels with more to offer for those with a few extra soles to spare.
by sun&snow Staff Reviewer
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Urb. Avitentel Mz. 'D', Lt. 1, Huaraz, Ancash Region, Peru
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Caroline Lodging Family House is a popular place to stay, full of travelers heading out into the mountains. It´s a bit out of the way and still under construction (as it has been for years) but it has nice rooms and all the facilities come at an extra price. The Location The hostel is quite a way from most of the action in central Huaraz -- from the central plaza it´s a twenty-minute walk and down some steps. It is inconveniently located in a residential area with no nearby restaurants or shops. It does seem safe enough to walk between the centre and the hostel, though. From the bus station, you are definitely better off taking a taxi or mototaxi, but they do offer pick-ups and drop-offs from the bus station if you get hold of them. There are great views of the snow-capped peaks surrounding the town from the rooftop! Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are clean, comfortable, quiet, and a good size. They have another building across the road, which we believe has the nicer, newer, private rooms (although the building is still under construction). The bathrooms are nice and clean (although sometimes there is a lack of toilet paper) and the showers are top class (very hot). Common Spaces All additional facilities cost extra -- except the breakfast, which is a tasty communal affair. You have to pay extra to use the kitchen, which would be fine if it were well equipped but it´s not -- in fact it´s a disappointment and a poor excuse for a kitchen with very limited cutlery. The internet is available on seven fast computers, which have Skype and webcams -- there is a per-hour charge. There is a TV and couches in the breakfast area, however a wooden plank would be a more comfortable place to relax. An outside balcony on the roof offers great views of the surrounding mountains. There is also a "movie theatre" with DVDs that you can rent inexpensively. Some of the staff are great and very helpful with things to do in the area, but at the same time there are some very disorganised and inconvenient aspects to the way things operate -- only one staff member has a key for some things and if he isn´t there, check-out cannot happen! However, they know all the local information and offer a good deal for an unguided hike to Laguna 69. Summary There are a lot of good things about the hostel, but also some areas where it falls short. The staff´s knowledge and helpfulness about local tours and activities is great and the constant stream of trekkers creates a good community atmosphere. However, it is inconvenient compared to the rest of the town, has some poor organisation, the kitchen is below standard, and there isn´t a great common relaxing area. Overall it´s not such a bad place to stay for a couple of days if you are looking to explore the mountains and it´s clean and safe.
Mark Hosking
(South Africa)
Best hostal in 4 months!
This was the best hostel we visited during our 4-month trip through South America. The rooms are ok, but what's really outstanding is breakfast, friendliness and helpfulness of the owners, view. You can book tours like Santa Cruz Trek here, but you can also get free information and maps for day tours in and around Huaraz (like Lago 69, hot springs).

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