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The Review

St Christopher's Inn Paris - Canal is a part of the famous St Christopher's chain of extra-large hostels, and offers clean rooms with great food and drink at the Belushi's bar.

The Location

St. Christopher's Inn Paris - Canal is located well away from all the touristic sights, however because of the well-connected metro system in Paris, this is not an issue. You are a five-minute walk from two different metro stations and about a twenty-five-minute trip to all the major central city sites. The area is very peaceful and feels very safe.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are clean and spacious and each bed comes with a curtain for extra privacy. Each room will also have a tap and sink so that you do not always have to walk out to the communal bathrooms to brush your teeth and apply make-up. Adequate storage is also available under the beds.

The communal showers and bathroom seemed to be very old and it feels as though cleanliness would be better. The showers are poorly lit and because of the positioning of the hanging hooks it can be difficult trying to keep you towel and clothes dry while you shower. The toilets seem like they are cleaned often, however there is a persisting smell perhaps due to drainage and plumbing problems.

Common Spaces

There is a small games lounge for those wanting a place to relax and this includes four computers with internet access. This area is generally quiet and for those who want to avoid the loudness of the bar. The Belushi's bar is downstairs from the rooms, the hostel offers a small discount on the food there, which makes getting food in Paris a little more affordable. The quality of food and drink at Belushi's is very good.

The free breakfast is one of the hostel's strengths. It is a generous buffet which offers cereal, yogurt, bread, spreads, eggs, cold meats, cheese, juice, tea, and coffee. The quality of the food is very good, and for budget travelers this can be a chance to to satisfy both breakfast and lunch.

The hostel offers night time events which give you an opportunity to socialise in the bar area with fellow travelers. Because this is an extra-large hostel, you may get limited chance to properly meet others, so these events are a great opportunity to do so.


St. Christopher's Inn Paris - Canal has a little bit of everything to suit all crowds. It can be used as a low-cost hotel for families and larger groups. But it also suits solo budget travelers looking for a good breakfast and a bar area to socialise with others.
by dwon090 Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "St Christopher's Inn Paris - Canal" at 159 rue de Crimée.)


159 rue de Crimée, 19è - Buttes Chaumont Area, Paris, Île-de-France, France
48.888512, 2.379013 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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83% Guest Reviews

Overall mediocre
Overall a decent hostel, but for the price we paid it could have had more amenities. Also, the location was subpar and it was a distance from the city centre or any of the major neighborhoods.
Age 24, USA
Mostly good
The rooms and the facilities are excellent, being a purpose-built hostel. Beds with curtains and power sockets, large lockable drawers to store baggage, place was kept clean. The room was spacious even though it was a 12 bed dorm. Bathrooms ok. Lots of young sociable people, plenty of activity going on within the hostel, especially with the bar. Location not the best, but within walking distance to two metro stations on two different lines. Bike share located right outside. Some major issues however. The common room is small and has very little seating; the furniture was uncomfortable and awkwardly laid out. Also the wifi very poor, was unusable in the room (could not connect) and very slow in the common room. If these two issues were sorted out the hostel would be much better.
Age 20, Australia
Great bar but not great hostel
If you are looking a hostel with live music, very good food and enjoy the night, this is your place. However, if you want to rest after walking around the city there're better hostels because there's noise in the aisles and the environment is so warm because the windows are always closed. Also, there're a lot of cameras in the aisles and the bathrooms don't work well.
Age 26, Spain
  Everything is excellent.
Age 26, turkish
Second time back there, no complaints -- cheap for Paris too!
You get more than what you pay for here. Compared to other hostels, St Christophers is cheap, there is free wifi, the rooms and bathrooms are pretty clean, there are curtains on the beds, and a free breakfast in the morning. I was just stopping through this time, so didn't check out the bar area properly, but it was pretty full of relaxed, happy people, drinking, and just hanging out.
Age 22, New Zealand
Horrible atmosphere, huge, CCTV everywhere. Nothing like a hostel.
Cannot recommend! The horrible atmosphere is the biggest thing that strikes you. CCTV cameras EVERYWHERE and vast, empty corridors. But no possible reason for the CCTV, because in any case the inn is divided into locked security zones which no-one can move through without the keycard. And -- I'm not joking -- each card is coded for access to your specific zone, so you can't visit someone on another floor. Even the lift scans your card and blocks you if you choose the "wrong" floor!! (The inn is part of a huge building shared with Holiday Inn Express on the other side. The luggage rooms are not locked, however, and accessible to anyone walking in from the street!) So the place feels pretty intimidating and isolated and it really is more like a high-security prison than somewhere for young people to stay. The style of the bunks makes you feel quite isolated from the others in the dorm as well and there are heavy metal cages for your things instead of drawers, to complete the effect. The washrooms aren't the most convenient, as showers are in individual cubicles, and potentially a long walk away. And obviously you can't use a washroom/toilet on a different floor when it's too busy, due to the nonsensical security measures. The location was actually really nice, next to a canal (though not very convenient for most of Paris), and staff seemed ok. Price is higher than other Paris hostels. Not much choice of breakfast and there didn't seem to be many extra facilities. St Christopher's seems to be part of a hospitality chain based in the UK. I don't know if their other properties are anything like this. The ethos of the place seems completely at odds with the likely guests of a hostel, and it can't really be described as a hostel at all. I now know from experience that there are several fantastic alternatives in Paris, with a lively, friendly atmosphere and happy evenings spent in the reception with the staff and the other people staying. But wherever you choose, it seems to be a good idea to book a couple of weeks in advance before it's booked up.
(United Kingdom)
I am glad I stayed here for 2 nights out of my stay in Paris because the other hostel was so bad. This hostel is amazing! The only downfall is that it's so far from the center of the city and all the attractions! But it is an awesome hostel with a bar and dance floor attached so you don't ever have to leave.
This hostel was clean and new and has nice big rooms with tables in them so you can actually socialize with your roomates as opposed to most hostels. Having a bar/restaurant downstairs is pretty awesome too - nothing but cuties streaming in and out of the place too!! Definitely the best hostel we stayed at during our trip of europe. no wifi in rooms, but not a big deal.

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