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Thuruhashi 3-6-30, Ikunoku, Osaka (Osaka-shi), Osaka, Japan
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4500 yen for two nights in this hostel is really too much. When we arrived here, our first impression was, this is a good hostel, just what we need. But when we checked in they were making problems and gave us a private room. Well, it was not even big for one person. One had to sleep on the ground, the other bed was really broken, there was a heater with real fire on the floor and the worst part was the room was behind the door of the toilets. So we were really next to the toilets and could here the running water. It was horrible and not what we paid for! We booked for a dorm for four females. We just walked out of the room and said this is not what we paid for. After a couple of minutes we finally got a big room for four people, with own sink and TV. Well, the beds were still horrible (I was afraid mine would fall apart). Next, the facilities are really old! The sink is not clean, and the shower is broken. I wanted to take a shower, but I got stuck in the room because the lock was broken. So I was stuck for some minutes and they had to break to door to get me out. It was horrible! So next day I was afraid to take a shower and even go the toilet. They had to repair everything! So my advice, don't stay there! For 4500 yen for two nights you can find something really better here in Osaka. The staff was totally not friendly about the situation and were just laughing about the whole thing. Well, there was really nothing to laugh about. It's a bad experience because it gave us a bad start on our first day in Osaka and also a wrong impression about Osaka. In Tokyo we had for even less money a much better hostel. This hostel is old and has to be renewed. Every day we saw people fixing stuff. That's not a good impression. They even don't have a system here, they didn't know that we booked for two nights in a dorm for four females. They just wanted to dump us in this small toilet room where we had to sleep on the floor and being in danger of a fire heater. Even though the problem was solved, they still didn't treat us nice.
Cozy hostel, good location
Excellent location in Minami, near Namba station and all of the food, nightlife, and shopping attractions of Osaka. Small place, very cozy, really just one female dorm with four beds and one male dorm with four beds. Was nearly empty when I was there, so the fact that there was only one bathroom and one shower wasn't a big deal, but I'd imagine if it were full that could be an issue. Free internet, living room with TV and couches, and full kitchen were great to have. Felt more like a home or an apartment than a hostel, very informal and relaxed. Seemed to be most popular among Korean travelers, and not too known among English-speaking travelers. Not that hard to find, there's a big red sign, it's just that it says Ishihashi Hotel instead of Go Osaka Hostel. Overall, a good place to stay, I'd recommend it to anyone going to Osaka.
A nice little hostel
Go Osaka is a very nice little hostel. It's tiny, but then most things in Japan are. There are just a few small rooms, a small kitchen, one toilet, and one shower. The dorm beds are sturdy wooden bunks. It's like staying in someone's apartment. Everything is Japanese style, so expect to take your shoes off when you enter. It's a bit of a walk from the subway station when you're carrying luggage, but it's not too bad. The hostel is easy to miss since it just looks like another apartment. The free internet and wifi are fast and convenient to have.

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