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2916 N. Ocean Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
26.164594, -80.100571 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Very clean, nice staff
Very clean. Has a full kitchen if you want to cook. You feel very safe. It is only a few hundred feet from a beach-but not 'the' tourist beach. The guests seem to be clean/well-educated versus some hostels where the guests seem to be -- how should I say politely -- bums.
The greatest hostel I even went!!!
That was my first time at The Deauville and I enjoyed it so much! I was there first for one night just before my departure for a crew, and I decided to go back after. I stayed there for over a week, met wonderful and very nice travelers from all over the world. The staff and management did a wonderful Christmas dinner with all of us. It is just next to the beach and many restaurant, not too far from the city. Thank you, Dennis, Carole and Andre for your kindness, I really felt like home!!
Great place
Stayed there for three nights was great new owners were there and new manager were so great was there a year ago and they remembered me so nice just redid pool and patio area. Eat as a family every night. The girl and I that were traveling together thy made us feel so welcome helping us with every need. Beach is just 2 min walk and stores are in walking distance along. Great place great people thank you to new owners ans manager will be back great place.
Mike & Inga
(Canada & Germany)
Go somewhere else
You get what you pay for. Pay cheap get cheap. Once they have your money it is VERY hard to get it back. Guaranteed accusations. Arrogant, dishonest management. You may want to speak with the owner? Forget it! He's a lawyer, and it will never happen. Do not expect to find in living quarters what was promised to you over the phone or email. Bad mosquitoes. Big roaches. Thieves they can never catch. Keep valuables with you at ALL times. Do not bring children here. Again DO NOT BRING CHILDREN HERE. Pending on the time of year you'll find drugs, and/or alcohol abusers staying there mostly during the summer season when it is mostly slow in Fort Lauderdale. They say "no locals welcome", but that depend on what time of year it is because money is slow in the summer. So now good things about this place? Location, location, location -- one north eastern city block distance from the beach. All cool places are too far to walk. I promise you this, don't do the walk thing. I like to walk, and I won't ever walk that walk again. Pool, and laundry room if you can catch it empty. Remember this, whatever you do, or decide keep my tips and advice in mind. If you have children, or this is your first time doing the hostel thing? Save your money for a real hotel, because I promise you; you will wish you had. Have fun in good ole' south Florida!!
A thorough observer from month to month..
Horrible management at Deauville Hostel Fort lauderdale
The place is not in a good location. The rooms are extremely small and overcrowded. The sheets and towels are not changed daily. Customer service is nonexistent, and unprofessional. Specifically, manager whose name is Jeff is a terrible manager, a rude person as well, and lacks basic business acumen. Also, the manager (Jeff) on site refused to provide me with the name of the owner of the joint when I indicated I wish to file a complaint. Also, after deciding to leave the joint over a disagreement they attempted to avoid refunding me a $100 prepayment. They also refused to provide me with a receipt upon request, and I had to argue over such until they complied. It is unfortunate that I received such bad service and attitude.
(Canada )
  I specifically asked about bug problems after reading comments here and was told by management that there were no such problems. Wrong, big lie. The poor guy lying by the pool covered with welts told me otherwise. He also said that management was getting an exterminator in to do some work, and in fact I did later see mattresses and bed frames out in the courtyard, so presumably they're trying to address the problem. I'd avoid Room 108 (attached to the common kitchen) where the well-chewed man was sleeping and Room 103 where extra mattresses appeared to be stored. I'd also ask for a mattress that is sealed in plastic. And there was a live cockroach in the kitchen one morning (small one), and he and I kept a respectful distance from each other. Other than that, the staff was friendly, my roommates were great, the partying was fun, and the location can't be beat. (the buses don't run on time.) I think if you're staying in a cheap-end hotel, that bugs can be an unfortunate trade-off for your inexpensive room.You pays your money and you takes your choice. It's a great place to stay -- just be a little careful.
florida's great
Infested with bedbugs
we just stayed in The Deauville Hostel in fort lauderdale florida. we stayed a night and found that the room was completely infested in bedbugs. we have photo and film-documentation of the fact. the manager, jeff, is a terribly unreliable person. there was also a dead cockroach in the kitchen cutlery drawer. we asked for the owner's name, he would not provide this to us. he moved us to another room, but this room also had bedbugs. however not as many as the first room. we woke up with bites on our bodies. these bugs were swollen with blood. they hide in the seams of the rancid mattresses and bed-linens this dirty hostel provides for you. this is an unsafe and unfair hostel. stay somewhere else instead.
  By far the best Hostel in Florida!!! Located only feet from the beach and offers a pool!! Will put the dump down the street out of business for sure!
Alan Cofer

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