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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Turin - Ostello Torino Hostel" at Course Giambone, 87/34 (vehicle entrance on Via Giordano Bruno 191).)


Course Giambone, 87/34 (vehicle entrance on Via Giordano Bruno 191), Turin, Piedmont, Italy
45.031413, 7.655909 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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A well-run, clean, and comfortable hostel.
I stayed in a single room, which was clean and comfortable with shared facilities. The breakfast wasn't very substantial. The staff were efficient. The location is about 10 minutes walk to a metro station and in a very run down area. The train takes about 20 minutes to the centre of Turin. Good value, however.
Age 58, UK
Very good hostel
good service and breakfast. Good localisation also.
Age 23, canada
Superb facilities, helpful staff
We stayed for one night and it was all convenient. Clean and great for families with children. Parking is free as it used to be an Olympic Village. Wifi works in ground floor only. Walking distance ten minutes to Metro (not that far, as some would comment) and big mall (8 Gallery), although you have to walk over a train depot area (elevated walkway through area with a lot of graffiti, but quite safe). Would definitely come back.
Age 40, Thailand
Good sleep
It's very clean and quiet, parking easy to find, but the breakfast is not so good.
Pretty Good
Pros -- Breakfast and bed linen for 20 Euro. Clean place. Free Wifi at the reception. Cons -- Reception open only till 22:30.
PrithviRaj Narendra
Age 23, Indian
Rather good
I stayed two nights at the end of Sept. 2008. Rather good conditions. The best are the sanitaries. Beds and rooms are average. Good security with one key for each person and the possibility of a personal locker in your room for 10 euros deposit. The on line reservation is apparently obligatory with no possibility to cancel less than twenty-four hours before without being charged. Internet access (two PC) for one euro for half-hour. The most positive point of the hostel is the price (15 euros in a four-bed room) compared to the place in the city -- twenty minutes' walk from the main station (porta Nuava) and the city centre.
This hostel is a bright, spacious, and fun place. The large building, many common areas, bright colors, and clean rooms attract a large number of travellers and encourage them to be social. It also offers a close bus stop and a helpful (though seldom available due to understaffing) staff to help travelers explore and get the most out of their visit to Torino, Italy. The Location Located in a quiet neighborhood, about five bus stops from the train station, Ostello Torino is a great place for either resting or catching a bus to see the sights of Turin. The hostel itself can be rather difficult to locate. The street is so small that it isn't on most maps and even some of the locals aren't sure where to direct a questioning traveler. The best thing to do is talk to information at the train station, hop on the appropriate bus (which bus is appropriate depends on holiday, weekend, weekday, etc. which is why asking at information is so important), and then walk the few blocks from the nearby station to via Alby. To see most of the sights of Turin travelers will need to either catch a bus back to town or resolve themselves for quite a walk. To the bridge, about halfway to the train station, is a twenty-minute walk at best. Rooms and Bathrooms Each occupant is given a separate room key to access their room. The showers also have working locks and the hostel desk faces the doors to discourage any non-occupants from wandering the halls. The rooms themselves are brightly colored, spacious, and clean. They all have lockers. The bathrooms are, likewise, in great condition. And the whole hostel has a cheery and well-kept feeling. Common Spaces The hostel is well set up for the social traveler. There is a large dining area on the main floor and dinner is offered every night for an additional fee. There are also vending machines, tall circular tables, and two computers (internet also costs extra) in the front-desk area. On the second floor there are two long tables, a balcony with additional seating and a view of some Italian homes through the trees of the hostel yard. This setup encourages hostellers to enjoy the spaces outside their rooms and make friends in the process. Summary The only complaint that can be lodged against this hostel is that there isn't a large enough staff to accommodate the many hostellers who pass through. One front desk staffperson cannot handle the magnitude of needs, particularly when registration opens at 3:00. We stood in line for the front desk for over an hour just to sign in and drop our things in the room. If time is of the essence, our suggestion is to sign in later, once the crowd has thinned, and sign out early, before anyone gets up. Aside from shortstaffing the hostel is fun, bright, safe, and in a nice location. We absolutely recommend it to both the solo-traveler and backpacking groups. by Gigi Griffis
Gigi Griffis
  yeah it's nothing special and skip breakfast. plus it's true, it does seem to be full of prepubescent Italians so it's hard to get a spot at the mirror. but the staff were fine, it was clean, there is late access and the blokes' lavs (second floor) have a magnificent view to the mountains which you can oggle at whilst you gurn. It feels closer to town than the map suggests so dont be put off, lovely green walk down a tiny hill. beware though if you are keen on the automobile museum, it has just closed for refurbishment when i went (May '07).

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