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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Savona - Villa De Franceschini Hostel" at Via alla Strà (Conca Verde) 29.)


Via alla Strà (Conca Verde) 29, Savona, Liguria, Italy
44.318079, 8.451051 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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My friends and I stayed here during our month's holiday hosteling around Europe. It was, without a doubt, the worst place we stayed for several reasons -- mainly the fact that it was huge but really empty which gave it an eerie feeling and made all of us feel uneasy straight away. There was no phone, internet, kitchen, or even any change so that we had to scrape together the exact money to pay, and the breakfast was terrible -- although I don't think you can call a packeted croissant and a stale biscuit breakfast. To top it all, the hostel is so far away from the train station and the centre of town that we didn't see any of Savona at all and it took us over an hour to walk back down the mountain in the heat of the day. Basically, I would strongly advise going somewhere else!
Bring your hiking boots.
If the owner tells you this hostel is a fifteen-minute walk from the beach, she is lying. It is at least forty-five to sixty minutes going downhill. My roommate and I timed it with our watch. The bathrooms here were dirty, there were no lights when we stayed here (I almost lost a contact lens), and hot water is available just a few hours a day. The owner was defensive and unfriendly, because she knows she lies to people all day long. She also booked a room for us, but threatened to kick us out at a moment's notice if a "group" showed up. The dog is scary. The hostel is cheap, but factor in a taxi ride if you don't want to spend your whole day hiking. Savona is a mediocre city anyway. We went to Finale Ligure the next day, stayed in a nice pensione and had a beautiful time. Don't waste your time at this place.
  This hostel has got the lowest level of all hostel I've ever been. We went there with a group in september 2006. In the night there was a big noise in the corridors. the toilets and bathrooms were horrible and dirty. Breakfast was a shame for Italy. The coffee wasn't to drink and the croissants in the plastic bags were the only things to eat. Next time I prefer to sleep in a hotel and pay more.
  This youth hostel has 1 big advantage: at €11 per night it's cheap. However, it's also the crappiest hostel I've ever stayed at. It's really big but has an empty, run-down feel to it. The rooms are segreated into boys and girls, and there are up to 8 bunk-beds (room for 16 people) in them. They are VERY basic and there are no lockers whatsoever. Showers are o.k., however there's warm water only from 8 to 9 a.m. and 6 to 11 p.m. The staff speak English, but I thought they weren't too friendly or helpful. Breakfast is included in the price, but you can hardly call it a breakfast. It's 1 small chocolate-filled croissant, 1 cookie and 1 hot drink. If you are more hungry than that you should make sure you bring your own food! Dinner is available for €8,50 and lunchpacks cost €6,50. There's no kitchen for the guests to use. Neither is there internet. And now here's the biggest downside: this hostel is about 5km away from the train station. It's in the woods on a hill, and most of the time it's uphill. It took us over an hour to get there. Also, Savona doesn't seem like a really nice town. If you consider staying there, always keep in mind that in the time it takes you to reach the hostel on the hill you could almost be in France!
michael stingl
  This is one of the worst hostels where I have been (and I have been in hostels in all of Europe). First of all, the terrible location. Of course, you have a nice view, but that's all. You need a car for visiting the city, and we got lost on our way. The staff and management is bad--when I returned to my bedroom another girl was in my bed and I had to sleep in another room than my friends. The dog is scary. They don't have any kitchen for cooking, and breakfast is bad and scarce. The price is the only thing that's OK in this place (11 euros).
  Not that bad. The downside is that the hostel is so isolated you have to ride in the owner's car up and down to Savona train station and that the breakfast was indeed terrible. The charm with this hostel is the amazing view over the small city of Savona and the azur-blue sea. It's a perfect place for relaxing, not for partying (and the dog is really quite nice!)
Paolo M.
  Caution! I was in this hostel in August 2003 with a group of young people. The Polish couple in charge of the house did not assure transportation of baggage and people and we had to clamber several of kilometres on a mountain path in torrid heat for 45 minutes. The housewife of the hostel frightened us with a bad dog and let us in only after 2 hours without any words of greeting. Many participants did not receive bedding. For breakfast they gave us horrible watery coffee and several little tea-cakes only. Such masters of the house bring shame to HI and Savona. No more Villa De Franceschini for this crew!
Roman Reichert

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