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The Review

Villa Banana is an adequate hostel with decent kitchen facilities and comfortable enough rooms for a night or two. One issue is that the staff/owners only speak Croatian and this makes it difficult to ask for advice for things to do in Dubrovnik. Unlike many other hostels, it doesn't have the ability to facilitate excursions or even provide information on excursions, so if you want to look into these you will have to go elsewhere.

The Location

It's definitely not the best of locations if you are coming from the ferry terminal or bus station, as it is a thirty-minute walk up quite a steep hill and the hostel itself is quite difficult to find, as there is no external signage to show you where the hostel is. However the owners do offer free pick up and transport from the terminal and port, so if you are able to organize this, definitely do so. Villa is also quite far from the major attractions of Dubrovnik but a local bus service runs from behind the hostel, making it much easier to get to and from the town.

This hostel is located in a subdued residential area and there are only a handful of bars/restaurants within walking distance. There are several grocery stores located within an easy walking distance; the only difficulty is the large hill on which the hostel is located. There is ample parking available, as the hostel has parking garages located underneath it.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Rooms are divided into "apartments," which contain two rooms of either two, three, or four people and a bathroom and kitchen. Upon arrival each guest is given a set of keys that opens the front door of the hostel, the apartment door, and the room door. This seems an unnecessary number of keys, as the front door of the hostel is never locked anyway, and the apartment lock just doesn't work. The room door works, but this was appreciated as there are no in-room lockers and no reliable way to store valuables.

Bathrooms are not clean and are sufficiently dirty to cause some guests to cut short their stay and seek alternative accommodation. The bathroom is roomy and there is a cupboard in which to store toiletries, but none of the guests seem game enough to store their possessions in them.

Common Spaces

There were many common areas, and some rooms have balconies varying from small to spacious depending upon the room. There was a large, common balcony, and while it is very large at the time of this review, it is crowded and cramped with spare chairs, tables, and beds. The hostel has recently been suffering issues due to recent heavy rains, and whether this is the cause of the untidy appearance of the hostel or an ongoing issue remains to be seen. The lack of a large common space makes it difficult to meet other travelers and creates a very quiet vibe.


As a place to cook meals and sleep for a night or two while you spend the day exploring Dubrovnik, this hostel fits the bill; if you are looking for anything else, you will find it lacking.
by Candy Staff Reviewer
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Front of the hostel
Front Porch
View from the front porch
Four person dorm room


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Villa Banana" at Gornji kono 58/a.)


Gornji kono 58/a, Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik-Neretva, Croatia
42.650683, 18.098559 (accuracy not guaranteed)
None (if you know the URL of their website, tell us and we'll add it)
+385 20 422 537 (Mobile: +385 95 56 95 407)
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Quite bad
I expected it to be closer to the Old town, but it's not. There was no heating, it was freezing the whole night. The host told us (the next morning) that they would have to charge us 6E extra for the remote of the AC unit, which isn't mentioned on any booking website, as the daughter of the hosts kept on saying when we left the location in disappointment. The view from the room was nice. And the hosts barely spoke any English.
Age 28, Romania
Best part of my trip!
The people who run this little place are absolutely wonderful. When my friend and I stayed in one of the top rooms (amazing view!) for most of a week, we thoroughly enjoyed chatting with the owners -- so much so that when our day trip to Bosnia was canceled, the owner took us there himself! We toured around and ate dinner with his friends at their home -- a truly awesome experience -- and I shed a few tears when we left their hostel. Warm, kind people who will have a conversation about local history can be hard to find. Bring a phrase book and skip the full breakfast but have some brandy in the morning if he offers.
(United States)
The owner and his wife are so very helpful and their daughter speaks fluent English. Bit of a stroll to Stari Grad but it'll keep you fit!
Villa Banana means having fun!
I have been to Villa Banana with my school class and staying there was great!! It wasn't very luxury and the bathrooms were a bit ugly but the sleeping rooms were ok and the balconies were great because we could sit there all together! I think the beds are good! The breakfast wasn't that great because some spreads was tainted but it even wasn't very expensive. I think Villa Banana is great because you can have fun there!!
As they speak no English at all, it is easy to find all the problems we got. The transfer from the airport was not to the house, but to a road five minutes' walking downhill with our luggage. The bathrooms were anything but clean, and the rooms are fully packed with old beds, although not as dirty as the bathrooms. Food is a quite personal matter, but we were eleven people and we all disliked it. It is not twenty minutes from the city center, but a downhill trip. Coming back takes more time, since it's a never ending upstairs climbing. Too bad we found later much better places with a similar price in town. I seriously recommend to look for another much better place for 3 euros more.
Couldn't have asked for more
we where lucky enough to stay in the top apartment with an ace balcony looking over the old town on the left and the harbour on the right where we could see the sun set over it! the couple and their daughter who run the hostel where wonderful, they could not have done more for us! pick ups and drop offs, food until we could eat no more, beer always available, rooms clean and beds comfy, i can not big this hostel up enough and gave out the details to other travelers as i passed through Croatia. whether a gang of mates or a loved up couple i recommend staying here!
john frost
Is Villa Banana (or "Vila Banana" as they spell it) a bright, blue gem in a city with limited options? Not exactly. It is bright and blue and in a city with very limited hostels, yet it has more to be desired. Overall this hostel is a decent sleep, especially if you're doing a longer stay in Croatia. The hostel can be booked through the Dubrovnik Youth Service online or via telephone. The hostel owner will pick you up for free at the main harbor and bus station, because the hostel is extremely difficult to find for the first time. (Airport pick-up is also offered for a fee, which is worth it for groups of four to five -- otherwise you can take the Atlas bus to the bus depot and get picked-up from there.) The hostel sits towards the top of the side of a hill. Then down the hill it's a straight shot to a beach and neither the bus station or old town are out of walking distance. There is a large Konsum (supermarket) at the bottom of the hill, while smaller local stores offer a shorter upward hall. The dorms vary in size, but nothing too big. Some don't even have bunk beds. The rooms aren't completely spotless, but we didn't run into any roaches, bedbugs, or other undesirable critters. There are two floors of rooms with kitchens and bathrooms. The kitchens are well prepared for your use, and you can even find a spot to stand around and eat outside with a view of the city and ocean. The bathrooms aren't sparkling but they are in fairly clean condition. The shower definitely merits flip-flops. The owner and his wife are a riot. They are an elderly local couple who live downstairs. While at times the resonance of their cultural differences may be overwhelming to foreigners, they are really well-meaning. If you are there in the summer, be sure to go around the corner into their garden, and although they don't have any bananas, they will surely insist that you try their figs, which are beyond amazing. They will also give you maps showing where "Vila Banana" is so that you can find your way back. It's a decent place in a city of beauty -- all right for this price.

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