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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Sol y Mar Hostel" at Calle Primo de Rivera.)


Calle Primo de Rivera, Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain
28.741304, -13.867922 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Back again!
I have now stayed here twice, both times for 2 weeks, and love the place. Relaxed, clean, and always has a good crowd in for whatever adventure you fancy. If you are with the surf school as well, things couldn't be easier and everyone connected has always been friendly -- to the point of putting up with my terrible attempts to learn Spanish. High recommendation, I can't wait to go back.
Top place to stay
stayed at the hostel had a choice of either 4 bed dorm for 15 euros or splash out and stay in a twin for only 20 euros both with breakfast (which was really good for the price). met some fun people and had a great time would recommend it any day, very clean and centrally located. Rachel is very knowledgeable about corralejo and i got some good tips about restaurants.
Hostel great, Rachel BAD!
This hostel had a really easy going and social atmosphere, and the guests I met couldnt be better. However, I advise anyone going here to stay away from Rachel at all costs. This person will make you wanna smack a woman for the first time in your life. If you go here, you should rent a car yourself, and be free to go surfing on your own terms. Do NOT plan your vacation around the "surf school" and Rachel. Rent your own car!
Average (nothing special) with Dishonest/Attitude filled Staff.
In my MANY travels around the world, I have stayed in countless hostels in the multitude of countries that I have visited. NEVER, and may I repeat NEVER, have I been treated with such vile contempt as I was at this hostel (Sol Y Mar) in Corralejo. I had read a few VERY negative reviews on this hostel, but thought that maybe it was just a few "bad apple" experiences that happen to have been in the bunch... Being the eternal optimist, and taking an unbiased tact, I decided to see myself if these accusations where actually "factual". WOW!!!!!! To my horrific surprise, the stories were ALL true. After phoning Rachel, whom I was told runs/owns/sister of the owner the hostel, she initially sent over a "drone" by the name of Ben (surf/windsurf instructor, so beware of this boy too) to "size" me up and "attempt" to squeeze out an extra 5 Euros per night by quoting me 20 Euros/night instead of the 15 which I already knew (fortunately). He tried to "justify" the difference in price by telling me that "because I was not in their surf school that the price was higher". This "drone" was really PATHETIC because he made the mistake of telling me this in front of another guest who had been there for 1 month and he too was NOT in the school but only paid 15 Euros a night and IMMEDIATELY stood up and said that was "not correct/very uncool" to attempt such a heist. I immediately told him I "knew" the price was 15 and was going to leave. Knowing that he was caught trying to "steal" from a simple backpacker (VERY CHEAP!!!!!), he called Rachel to save his backside. After leaving the room to converse strategy, "privately" no less, the drone (Ben) returned to say that they would be able to accommodate me at 15 Euros a night and that Rachel would be arriving in 15 minutes to take payment. Upon her arrival, she greeted me with NOTHING more than a steely eyed contempt and DID NOT even say "hello" or "welcome". She just grunted/mumbled "hey". UNREAL!!!!! That is about what to expect from this hostel. I should have departed the "hostile" from the beginning, my mistake. And I am man enough to admit it. They "say" that it is a 5 night minimum. Ask yourself this simple question, "Where have you EVER been in the world that there is a 5 NIGHT MINIMUM to stay in a "backpacker" styled hostel????" The answer is simple, NOWHERE. It's done simply to make sure that once you realize that it is a "hostile" and not a hostel environment, you have NO recourse in going to another location without taking a financial "hit". Most people stay for 3-7 days in a location like this, so it locks you into staying for the remainder of your holidays regardless of your experience. The "hostile" itself (EXCLUDING attitude filled Rachel) is not bad. Average all across the board. Nothing special, but you just have to put up with her "pompous/jaded/negative" attitude. Or do/should you??? BUT, and I REALLY mean BUT, ask yourself this question, do you REALLY want to patronize an establishment that is run/owned by an individual who has NOTHING but contempt, vile, attitude, greed, disrespect, VERY jaded/negative disposition for the people who patronize the said establishment??? You do have options in this village. Look around and save yourself the humiliation. Let your Euro do the talking. Maybe the staff/management will come to it's senses a realize that you should not disrespect the hand that feeds you. It is not a privilege to stay at your hostile("hostile"), but just the contrary, you should be respectful/thankful of the fact that we have chosen your establishment over ALL the others. Oh yeah, a simple hello or good morning when encountering your "guests" would not be too much of a stretch of common/decent social etiquette to expect from the proprietor of a business that you happen to be patronizing. Or then again, maybe it is. I am obviously not the ONLY individual who has experienced this scenario. Word of mouth can be the best/worst form of advertisement in any business. Greed, disrespect, and ignorance WILL cost you MORE than simply being kind and thankful.
Jonathyn Billard

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