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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Cancun Nest Hostel" at Calle Alcatraces 49, SM. 22, M. 11.)


Calle Alcatraces 49, SM. 22, M. 11, Cancún (Cancun), Quintana Roo, Mexico
21.159380, -86.827735 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Not bad!
this place isn't that bad. If you're going to be spending most of your time up in the hugely americanized hotel zone then the hostel is pretty perfect. It's cheap and clean and close to the bus routes. Food stalls are plenty and are minutes' walk away. I'd certainly stay here again should I ever return to Cancun.
Unclean, bored, unfriendly
This place is the worst hostel I've ever stayed in my life. Inside, in the dorms, is as hot as hell, they only have some fans, no air con. The living room is unbearable, they have the TV set on and loud with pain in the ass soap operas or silly cartoons from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. all the way. You can't stay or sit or stand alone or meet someone there. Well, outside there's a nice small garden, but just crossing the street, some twenty feet ahead, there's a dump -- yes, a filthy garbage deposit with all mess around, and the owners don't care at all. I just wanted to run away from there. Awful. This time I was there, July 17, 2007, the mistress in charge had her kids and sister and some other male relatives, so you didn't feel family or friendly, but like an intruder not welcomed to their private party. Damn, the worst place ever.
Gonzalo Lara
Very bad staff, poor management
People should know how bad this place is. Staff are very rude there. They will try to save every penny they can. They will turn off fan and lights every second you leave a room. Thirty minutes internet use is 7 pesos and sixty minutes is 10 pesos. I used thirty minutes first and paid 7 pesos, then i decided to use sixty minutes. the lady asked me 7 pesos more. I said one hour is 10 pesos and I paid 7 pesos. She said that i have to pay 10 pesos. She started to yell at me for 3 pesos. Don't stay there. It's boring like hell. They keep the place dark so they can save money. I had booking for three nights but i checked out the next day. Moved somewhere else and had an awesome time there.
  This hostel is good. It is not the best, but good enough to spend nights there! The advantages are that it is really well situated (5 mins from the bus station, 2 mins from the main plaza, a family-oriented plaza which doesn't suffer from too many tourists), but at the same time, it is calm. Then, the people running it are really nice, the kitchen is spacious and useful. You have to pay to use the internet, but it is really cheap. The private room is ok, it has big lockers (but no padlock), a big bed, air conditioning in the night. However, the bathroom is not well aired and toilet paper was missing (but once asked, it was immediately given to us). The feature that they could improve, according to me, is the breakfast, because it is very light (only some fruits and some pieces of cake, not enough to feel full, especially considering the number of people present). But on the whole, it is a good hostel, and I recommend it!
  I stayed in twelve beds dorm for two nights. Owner family is very kind and room is not so bad. But my bed has bed-bug.
"The Nest" is a nice little hostel in Cancun. It's not perfect by any means, but it isn't bad. To get there from the bus station, ask where Culum Ave is, and then walk until you see the restaurant "Toco Loco" on a corner. Hang a right, go more or less straight (past the park) and the hostel is well marked. Because the name is in English, it is difficult to find someone who knows where/what the hostel is. You'll find that The Nest has more or less everything you need, decent showers, great people, a nice kitchen with community spices & leftovers, a good free breakfast (fruit, bread, cereal, coffee), internet/laundry, lockers, 24 hour reception, internet (fast and comparably priced), etc. In addition, they are conveniently located to a park with cheap food stands to help the budget traveler in an overpriced city. If you ask directions at the front desk, it might be good to ask to see the route on a map as nothing in Cancun is really just "straight up the street." In addition, The Nest provides free cold drinking water which is great after spending even just a few minutes in the heat of Cancun. The cold water is also needed because the large dorms are not air conditioned and are quite hot (which seems to be inevitable in Cancun). However, smaller dorms with AC are offered, and are probably worth the price if the weather is warm at all.

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