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V Podzamci Street 27, Praha 4, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
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(+420) 241 444 609
(+420) 241 444 609
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One of the best
This is the homiest hostel in Prague. As others have stated, it is on the outskirts of town, but that has an upside. There is a scenic lake nearby, a nice grocery store, and some quality restaurants too. Our hostess, Eva, welcomed us graciously, and provided us with information regarding all aspects of our stay in Prague. I also recommend their laundry service -- they even ironed our socks. We only planned on staying for a three days, but ended up staying for nine days. It was hard to leave.
Daniel & Erin
(USA, Charlotte, NC)
  This hostel is fine -- the only donwside is its far location from the center, which makes you dependend on metro and buses. The big plus is an information corner, where you can get lots of information about Prague and surroundings -- with maps, historical facts, walking tours suggestions, one-day trips to Prague surroundings (a very big hint is Kutna Hora!), so you can plan your next day. And don't forget -- the cute cats. Oh, you shouldn't take the shower when it's dark because the light goes out after five minute -- so do it better in the morning.
Julia and Nori (Germany and Japan)
  The staff consists of two grandmotherly types that are enthusiastic and full of information about the city. The major downside is the distance from the city center...having to pay for the Metro and not being able to take a midday rest break very easily. The surrounding area is a bit desolate -- highway is all you see, but the rooms had only four beds each and a sink. No locks on showers, toilets, and no personal lockers.
  "Voted Homiest Hostel" definitely describes it. At first look it's a bit sketchy— the lighting is bad, carpet is old, etc. But within the first 15 minutes, the lady of the house had popped her head in our doorway asking us why we looked so tired! Everyone on the staff tried to make us feel welcome immediately. And man, was it cheap! It was easy to meet other guests because of the comfy lounge area. The downsides to this hostel were that the showers were limited to 2 minutes, so everyone could have hot water. (And everyone did, but because the lights turned off in one of the bathrooms after 3 or 4 minutes). And it's pretty out of the way as far as downtown is concerned. It's several Metro stops from the city center and then a bus. But I would still recommend it!
  I stayed here for five nights last week and I hope to return again. The accommodation was basic but that's what I was expecting. The staff however were great (and the cats, too!!). I would recommend anyone to stay here. And don't let the fact that it's a wee bit out of the center put you off, as the transport system is so good it makes the hostel really easy to get too.
  My wife Heather and I use to live and help at this hostel. They are an amazing group of people with hearts bigger than the city itself! I definitely recommend this hostel. It is a bit out from downtown, but isn't bad when you share a cab with your friends (who you will meet there!). Enjoy. All the best to Eva.
Dave and Heather, Toronto, Canada
  This was a horrible hostel. I want a refund now.
  The room we stayed in was comfortable and had its own sink. The bathrooms were fine; there was warm water for showers. The staff would like you to limit your showers to about five minutes so that there's enough hot water to go around for everyone. The staff were also very friendly and full of advice for your travels in Prague. They provided us with a map. It's very quiet here so you can get a good night's sleep. The kitchen was adequate and seemed to have mostly anything you would need for cooking. If not, you can borrow utensils from their private kitchen. The distance was not too much of a problem because the public transportation is really cheap! It might be a problem if you stay out after the subway shuts down at midnight. Then you may want to take a cab. I would stay here again.

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