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6 Route des Moussoux, Chamonix (Chamonix-Mont-Blanc), French Alps, France
45.923717, 6.863076 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+33 (0)4 50 53 20 25 +33 06 62 08 20 25
+33 (0)4 95 90 96 50 88 69
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Excellent budget Option
The host was very friendly and helpful ... especially if you try and speak French if you can. Kitchen was particularly useful as I heard from another budget visitor that not all hostels in town had this. Just 5 minute walk from the centre, but note it is a steep hill and can be icy in winter.
Age 34, U.K.
Needs a lot of updating
Was a decent stay, but everything is very outdated and I do believe I got a rash behind both ears that started after my first night sleeping there. It is nice because of how close it is to the Brevent lift which gives you access to brevent and flegere. But in order to get to the town center you must walk down a far hill, and walking back up with all your equipment is quite a bitch.
Age 21, United States
Budget Hostel superbly situated directly next to Brevent Ski Lift
Chalet-Ski-Station is an authentic Chamoniarde farmhouse, which has retained many of its original features; the accommodation is mainly in dorms with a couple of private rooms at the rear, and the toilets and showers are communal. It has a friendly, communal atmosphere, with many skiers and climbers of all ages who return on a regular basis as well as saisonniers and visitors who are looking for budget accommodation in a town where it is very not easy to find. Veronique, the owner, is a charming Chamoniarde woman whose father was a mountain guide. She is friendly and welcoming with a massive knowledge of Chamonix and the area, which she is willing to share, and many of the regular skiers and climbers are also ready to share their experience and knowledge in the large kitchen and communal area after a day's exertions in the mountains or the town, which also has a lot of attractions and makes Chamonix such a great place to visit, in summer and winter. If you want to have a basic authentic Chamonix experience on a budget, then I recommend Chalet-Ski-Station.
Age 66, United Kingdom
Health and Safety Issue
I slipped on ice at the back door of ski station, banged my head and badly bruised my back. I think I suffered from mild concussion. There is also a stench of cooked food in the kitchen. The shower cubicles virtually don't provide any privacy as the curtains are practically non-existent. Some nights can also be very cold and you may have to put extra blankets on. The hostel manager also mopped the floor without putting a "wet floor caution" sign up so watch out for that as well. However the hostel manager was a lovely lady.
(United Kingdom)
Good stuff
This is the place to go if you're on a budget. Paid 16 euros a night for like 5 nights. Had a great time. Big kitchen to cook/hang out in, the owner lady is super chill, and theres lots of people to meet from all over the world. Definitely recommend this place. The only downside is that you have to walk up a huge hill from the town center, but its worth it!
Alex K
Great place for a season
I stayed here nearly 4 months in winter 1998-1999, biggest winter for years, Ski Station was perfect, but like a barracks -- simple yet clean. It was really cheap and friendly, get free shower tokens if you're a long stayer! Lots of returning ski bums who know the mountains really well that you can hook up with. It was a fantastic time that I'm so glad I did, probably the best time of my life. Save money before you go so you don't need to work, just ski! Col de Plan and Enver du Plan off the Auiguille, couloir rectiligne, ENSA couloir -- epic descents. If you are doing an Alpine season you need Chamonix for the lift accessed off piste. Other resorts whilst great in many ways will bore you after a month. Ski station photos look the same now as it was then!
Stayed here only one night and what stroke me most was the relaxedness of the lovely landlady in the first place and the visitors, from all over the world, in the 2e place. It felt like meeting friends, although I only just met the people for the first time.
Superb Location
Ski Station, is located, not one minutes walk from the gondola to Brevent. The hostel is great value for money,at approc 10 euro's pernight winter 2008-9. I have stayed here 5 times, taking my 10 son on on occasions. Nice friendly atmosphere, with plenty of people to sit and share experiances with. If I could give one constructive critiscm, it would be that the facilitie's could be improved for a fairly low cost and encourage more people to stay. But still if you are looking for a very low budget break, this is the place to stay
Shaun Rowley

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