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A lazy-looking lizard adorns the sign of Lazy Lizard Hostel in Moab, UT, giving the place a leisurely state of mind. Upon arrival, one may find guests and staff lounging out front at the picnic table, having a smoke and sharing a story. Walk inside and find a kitchen, an internet machine, and a living room nestled next to the front desk on the small amount of square feet on the first floor. Although limited in space, the coaches are comfortable and serve as an unavoidable place to meet guests and talk about the day's hiking and biking explorations. The hostel also has a video collection and cable TV.

The $9 a night it costs to stay in the hostel dorm rooms is cheap, and their website reads, "people wonder how we do it." Although the bedrooms, kitchen, and living room are sparse but clean, the bathroom has bugs in the windowsills and some dirty areas, and the outdoor bathrooms are campground-like. The lockers are dirty and go unused. The hot tub is not working. No sheets or towels are offered to guests, but the beds do have blankets, although they don't appear to be washed regularly. The building itself is slightly run-down.

Seeing the staff hanging around, reading, or talking most of the time is a clue to how the place runs. However, it is a livable place, and the un-kept areas suggest an inviting go-at-your-own-pace atmosphere. The staff is generally friendly and helpful, willing to invite guests to join their evening picnic table socializing. Other guests participate in the low-key state of mind, saying hi, sharing stories, and telling each other the best places to go. There are other economy places to stay in Moab, probably worth a few extra bucks for the cleanliness, but lacking in atmosphere.

The hostel is a short walk from downtown, no more than two miles. Located along Highway 191, it is not visible from the road because it is located behind A-1 storage units. However, there are signs that clearly label the hostel's driveway. Private cabins and rooms are available. For day travelers, showers are available for $2 a use.

Review by Nina Weiss
by David Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Lazy Lizard Hostel" at 1213 South Highway 191.)


1213 South Highway 191, Moab, Utah, USA
38.556113, -109.535432 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (435) 259-6057
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Had a wonderful, relaxing stay with family -- get a cabin
We (husband, wife, two teenage sons) really enjoyed our stay here, and would definitely stay again. Moab lodging can be expensive and fills up. For about the price of a KOA campground space, we stayed at the Lazy Lizard in a small cabin with four bunks (two doubles and two twins). It was small, and yes the mattresses were not four-star quality, but it was private and we were quite comfortable. Air conditioner worked great, clean restrooms and showers were just a short walk away, we had a picnic table and seating area under a tree outside our cabin, just right for us. Like camping, except we didn't have to put up tents, we had A/C and a shower! We also had access to the communal kitchen in the office, which we used for breakfast both days and also dinner one night. There is a small lounge area where the boys enjoyed hanging out and checking in on facebook and email. I used the high-speed internet provided (I'm on that computer now!) There is also a TV, books to browse, and folks to talk to if you care to. Yes it's not fancy but it's pleasant and relaxed. Door to the cabin didn't lock properly, so mgmt should address that, but we felt safe, no problems. Staff was very pleasant and very helpful. Overall, I'd say this is a great value and a great place to hang out in Moab for a few days while you enjoy the Arches Park. Glad we found it!
Age 46, USA
Cant beat the price, but that is just about the only good thing
Just got done staying there for 5 nights. As soon as I walked in, it smelt bad. From the looks, you would guess they haven't done any maintenance in 10 years. I stayed in the dorm for $10 a night, which you can't beat. I am 6 foot and the bunk beds were a little annoying because my feet were hitting the ends, so I would have to scoot my body up so that my head was within an inch of the top bar so that my feet weren't hitting the bottom bar. But if you are under 6 foot then that won't be a problem. The mattresses also have so pokey spots. The whole place gives an out of repair and dirty vibe, but everything works. They have working cable TV and a computer with internet in the lobby which is nice. The bathrooms are not in good shape, but the hot water works. The kitchen is pretty small and dirty looking. I just made sure to clean the dishes I was using before using them because you would never know how well they were cleaned. But at least they had a kitchen to use. One of the managers there rubbed me very poorly. He was very impatient and quick to accuse people. All in all I had a poor experience there, but like people keep saying, you can't beat the price. So if you don't mind it looking rundown and putting up with a short-tempered worker then it isn't that bad. I will say it is fun getting to meet other people in the dorm room.
I stayed at this hostel, met other travelers from all over the world, people are friendly, it is clean, reminded me of my travels in Europe. Maybe not for everyone but for those in the know, you will like it.
Age 59, USA
There ain't any difference to a homeless shelter during off-season
I was staying for just one night due to the terrible weather and the fact that camping would have been twice as expensive. Since I have spent many nights in hostels all over the world I was looking forward to meeting some nice people. Instead of spending much time among the weird people living here I went out for diner and went to bed early hoping that there weren't any bedbugs. Everything is dirty and very old, especially the bathrooms look terrible. It looks like they've never used any kind of cleaning supplies and run the hostel till it's falling apart completely. I met one guy who's supposedly the cleaning guy and it was no surprise that he came home at 8pm and fell asleep just minutes later in the small TV/living room. In these few minutes he had enough time to do his job as actually nobody seems to do that kind of work. Also it smells very nasty all over the house and my first thought were to open the window for a couple of hours that at least the dorm would get some fresh air. The windows were locked to keep the heat working.
Alexander Supertramp
It fit our needs.
I stayed here for one night in a private cabin in July 2011. The cabin was basic but very clean and well-kept. The shared bathrooms needed a face-lift, but were clean. The lounge and kitchen also appeared very clean and cozy, if a little tired. The hostel did have weird vibe with what seemed to be a lot of semi-permanent residents. There were old vans and RV's throughout the parking and cabin areas. The vehicles hadn't been moved in a while (flat tires), but had working air conditioners and curtains in the windows. I saw a few people going into the vehicles at night -- I assume they live there. It was a bit odd. We used the hostel just as a place to sleep -- we arrived late and left early in the morning to go do fun things in Moab. It fit our needs -- clean sheets, relatively clean bathrooms, and a good price. I could have done without out the hippies living there, but we got what we paid for and left overall satisfied.
Great Deal
Stayed in the dorm the first night. Was a bit crowded and hot. Didn't expect much for $10. Met another guy who wanted out of the dorm. We split a cabin, for about $5 more each per night, which was fantastic. Decent walk into town, especially in the summer heat. Staff was friendly, they even had pay movie channels in the lounge. Met a lot of cool people. The kitchen is a bit small, but the outdoor bath area is huge. A great deal in a ripoff town.
Jack Zoff
(Chicago, USA)
Exactly the type of thing I was looking for
I came in search of something beyond what I would find at a hotel. I wanted the full experience while visiting Southern Utah. The staff are all experienced in the area and world travelers themselves, so they know a lot of good places and things to do, going on. There seems to be an abundance of information going on around the hostel and we were able to find some things we never would have found had we gone the hotel route. The place is reasonably clean and the prices are the cheapest in town but there is a groove going on at the Lizard, which is the reason to come.
Nate Dog
Very very friendly, laid back, a must experience for your trip.
I have been here for a week and absolutely love it here. During the morning/day, I was able to work online from my laptop in their lounge with free Wi-Fi. It is very peaceful, comfortable, and a relaxing atmosphere. I have met several people here (staff and other people vacationing) that added a tremendous value to my stay. I plan on coming back out here next month, and will definitely be staying here for at least another week if not two. You can't beat the price, the rooms and bathrooms are very clean, kitchen has plenty of dishes (that are always clean), there are two gas grills outside (that we used at least every other day). Another thing i found very convenient was that if the bathrooms inside were full, you could always find the cabin bathrooms would be available if you had to take a shower or immediately use the restroom in the mornings. Comparing this hostel to larger hostels (for example San Diego), i would pick this one in a heartbeat. The ratio of people to amenities is perfect.

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