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In den Kirschen 30, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
48.167780, 11.502220 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (89) 14 14 300
+49 (89) 17 50 90
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  If you like being in contact with nature consider choosing The Tent in your next trip to Munich. You can bring your tent and pick a spot, bring your sleeping bag or get a bunk bed with clean sheets. The Location Even if it is not a place near the main sightseeing sites, it is a very good option. It is located 15 minutes away from the main station. It is very easy to get there by using the Tram. Buy a ticket for zone 1 and make sure you validate it in the machines inside the bus. It is very important to ride the bus with a valid ticket, otherwise you can be fined 60 euros. The location makes you feel like if you were entering the forest. It is a very nice spot for stargazing. There are lots of trees and flowers around. Rooms and Bathrooms The big tent can get a little cold at night but you can always ask for free blankets. It gets a little bit hot in the morning and you can hear birds and other animals making noises, a very smooth way to wake up. Bathrooms are always super clean and you do not usually have to wait. Water in the showers is always hot. Toilet paper and hand soap are always available. Common Spaces You can have breakfast and dinner there at a very affordable price, beer is available at anytime. You can not bring your own alcohol. The campfire is an ideal place to make new friends and you can always find somewhere to seat and chill. The common kitchen has plenty of space and they have fridges where you can keep what you just bought for the rest of your stay. The ambiance here is just great, just make sure you have a plan for the night because at 1 am the staff makes you either go to bed or go out in the city. Summary It feels like camping but with a little bit more comfort. This is a very nice place to choose whether you are staying just for one night or even for the whole week. Make sure you bring cash with you to pay your stay because they do not accept credit cards. You can rent a bike there for 24 hours at a very accesible rate.
Amazing atmosphere and great friends made
The Tent is something special. We didn't have any other option for accommodation so we 'resorted' to The Tent. We were not disappointed. You arrive during the day and the place looks a little 'divey'. However, the place literally comes alive at night time. The bonfire attracts everyone and there is sure to be someone who is talented with a guitar and the beer and food prices are cheap which when combined makes for a good night. Reception also hires instruments and other goodies that you might want to borrow. The facilities are serviceable, and the beds not the most comfortable, but for 10 euro's that's not what you stay here for. The atmosphere is incredible I had so much fun at the tent. Met some of the most amazing people here. Will definitely return if I get back to Munich.
It rocked!
Best hostel we've stayed at so far. We stayed for six nights and were introduced to the Tent's new heating system! Showers were good and kitchen was great although it was closed when Oktoberfest started. Only problem was the Fanatics tour group turning up just before Oktoberfest and killing the chill atmosphere and also making beer prices go up. Bastards! Otherwise no problems to sleep in.
The Tent is a unique hostel located in Munich, Germany. It is open during the summer months only. The price is a steal, the atmosphere is laid-back, and it's an experience you'll remember the rest of your trip. The Location While the hostel is not directly in the city, it's quite accessible. From the main train station, Munich Hauptbahnhof, take the 17 Tram line in the Amalienburgstrasse direction. After fifteen minutes you will arrive at the Botanischer Garten stop where you exit the tram. From there, a large sign directs guests down a street to the right and to the hostel. The Tent is about a four- or five-minute walk from the tram stop and very easy to find. The Tram Line 17 runs at eight-minute intervals during the day and digital displays at most stops display the arrival time of the next tram. The 17 line is also a night line and runs twenty-four hours a day, so you never have to worry about missing the last tram back to the hostel (especially since the hostel has no curfew). In addition, the 17 line runs to the Marienplatz, Schloss Nymphenburg, and most other notable sights in Munich. There is parking available. Rooms and Bathrooms When staying at The Tent, you have three sleeping options -- you can camp on the grounds with your own tent; you can rent a foam pad, blankets, and floor space in a huge tent; or you can get a bed (in bunk beds) inside the massive group tent. The group tent is a massive steel and canvas structure with wooden flooring and real doors. It resembles the more permanent tents that are erected for large parties and events. Giant Japanese lanterns hang from the ceiling of the tent and a real palm tree serves as the tent's centerpiece. Around a hundred basic, steel bunk beds are arranged throughout the tent, with blocks of lockers partitioning off areas of the huge tent. Colorful fitted sheets are on the beds when you arrive, but you can exchange them for clean ones at reception if you like. You are given (mismatched) fleece blankets at check-in and can have as many as you like as long as you return them. However, there are no pillows so a rolled up blanket must be substituted. Lockers vary in size and are plentiful and for a small charge you can purchase a padlock from reception. The main tent tends to have a bad odor when it has been raining and water is tracked inside. There is also no air conditioning or heat inside the tent, so if it's cold outside, it can be chilly at night when you're sleeping. Just bundle up and you'll be fine! The bathrooms are located right next to the main tent. For a campground, they are surprisingly modern and clean. There are about twelve toilet stalls, ten shower stalls, and ample sinks and mirrors. The shower stalls have benches and hooks inside each one for belongings and although they are push showers, the water is always hot. The bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned daily which can prove to be a disadvantage as the girls bathroom is closed from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and girls are forced to dash into the boy's bathroom if they can't hold it! Common Spaces Other amenities include a laundry room with washers and dryers (you can use them for a small price); a kitchen with plenty of stove eyes, but no refrigerator; a restaurant that serves breakfast at 7 a.m. and dinner at 6 p.m.; computers with internet access; and a beverage vending machine. You must check out by noon. Upon check-in, the Tent asks to either hold your passport or have a deposit. When you check out you will receive your preferred form of deposit back. The atmosphere of the Tent definitely sets it apart from other hostels in Munich. The hippie commune lifestyle is reflected at this hostel. Strings of white bulbs illuminate the grounds at night and a bonfire is held nightly. Next to reception, you can find a piano bar and colorful hammocks are strung up by the picnic tables. A crowd of partiers can always be found at the nightly bonfire. You cannot bring your own alcohol into the Tent, but they do sell beer and snacks until very late at night. But beware that the noise of the bonfire hovers at a dull roar and it is located right outside the sleeping tent, so bring earplugs if you have a hard time falling asleep with background noise. And the 1 a.m. silence curfew is not strictly enforced. Summary Overall, we were happy with our experience at The Tent. Rain and cold weather put a bit of a damper on our time there, but the hostel has no control over the heavens!
Brooke Porter
This hostel was one of the highlights of my trip to germany. The people there were so friendly and helpful. The food and beer was great. I loved the atmosphere, the campfire was great. Sleeping wasn't a problem at all! The bathrooms were great also! Theres always people to meet. Plus it's about a ten-minute tram ride into the city center so it was really convenient. I plan on coming back very soon. I love this place.
  I stayed here for four nights with my two buddies from Canada. I would honestly have to say it was the nicest and friendliest places I stayed at in Europe. Not only can you buy beers there, but the people, the staff, and the environment itself, is definitely worth the stay. And I also got some. No but seriously, Oktoberfest '07 is coming up and I will be back. I heart you, Tent, I wish you were here.
Cory Brown
  I stayed here last weekend with my friend, and we loved it! Everyone was super friendly, and the bonfire was really fun. We made s'mores and met people from all over the world. We brought our own tent and camped. It was really clean and quiet and just great. the bathrooms were also really neat and clean and there's free hot water and showers! Can't beat that. I would recommend camping here to anyone!!
  We camped at this site and it was great. The bathroom facilities were great, as is the kitchenette (although a fridge would be great). It was a very social site. It is easily accessible from the main train station and an easy walk to a supermarket/bottle shop.

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