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If you're looking for a place to meet people and you don't plan on going to bed early (or taking a shower), Woodstock may be a good choice. It's located about 500m from a metro stop in the northern area of Paris, close to the Sacre Couer.

The common area is small but it's usually packed at night during the high season, which is especially surprising since the hostel itself is very small. The half of a VW Beetle mounted on the wall is a nice touch. They used to have a nice foosball table, but it seems to have disappeared.

Unfortunately they still allow smoking inside. So as soon as one inconsiderate person is too lazy to go outside to smoke, everyone has to breathe the smoky air. And the smoke floats up into the rooms, so the whole place smells like smoke.

There is a cat on the premises, so stay away if you're allergic. There's one bathroom for floor, and only one shower per floor. But you're better off not trying to use the shower anyway. It's just a push-button and a stream of luke-warm water. No soap dish, no shelf or hook for your clothes, nothing.

Despite the flaws, this is still a hostel where a lot of people enjoy staying and have a good time, so depending on what you're looking for, this may be a good choice.
by David
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer


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48 rue Rodier, 9è - Opéra Area, Paris, Île-de-France, France
48.879716, 2.343684 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+33 (0)1 48 78 87 76
+33 (0)1 48 78 01 63
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

hostel was very clean -- shower had no mold, bathroom was clean, and room was very clean. Met a decent number of people. Would definitely recommend. Wifi worked decently (didn't work about 10% of the time). Computers available for free use although they're very old so certain websites don't work. Facebook / email worked fine though. Also, don't worry about people smoking -- the people I saw smoking all went outside.
Age 21, Canada
An ok hostel
The good thing about the hostel is the location -- about 30-40 minute walk to the louvre. The neighborhood is really good and safe as well. The wifi is really bad, the breakfast not so great and the water in the showers is little bit cold.
Decent with a good location
I thought it was pretty good, although I generally only care about hostels as a place to sleep. It seems like the rooms out in the courtyard were pretty terrible (I heard a couple girls telling the staff that there was mold and ants in the shower), but I was in the main building and it was decent. The beds are creaky like everyone says, but the bathroom and shower were all right. You have to press the button a couple times to get the water to warm up, but it's ok from there. The hostel also didn't seem like it had a very social atmosphere, although maybe that'll change during the summer. The cat is really cute! If you're allergic like me, don't worry too much -- it hangs out only in the common area I think. Pretty good location -- close to a couple metro stops and Gare du Nord as well, so it's easy to get to where you want to go.
Great Atmosphere, Great Location
Awesome place to meet people and have a good time. Located in a cool neighbourhood and just 5 minutes walk from the metro. Facilities are a little cramped and grungy, but that's how a hostel should be!!
Very friendly and flexible staff. Showers had mildew but the rooms were comfortable and the whole place had character. Very good place to stay if you aren't a germaphobe.
Excellent atmosphere
I was there in woodstock for 2 days. First of all the location is superb. Near to Sacre coeur. Secondly there was a good market nearby for shopping. Talking about the staff, i came across with 2 managers during my stay. A lady in Morning and a guy in Night. Both were very helpful. When I returned late at night, around 2.30 am, i found my bed been occupied by someone else, and i told this to the manager (guy). He really put extra efforts climbing up and down 3 floors 3 times to find me a comfortable bed. The lady in the morning shift was very helpful for guiding me about the places in paris. Though i requested her to click a pic with me which she refused to do and i was sad, but that's ok. she was cute. Cleanliness was good and up to the mark, bathrooms were clean too and satisfying. At the end i will give 98/100. I liked it.
Vijay Jani
Great social scene, excellent location -- no complaints!
If I'd read some of the reviews, I probably wouldn't have stayed here -- but I'd have regretted it! The only reason I can see for objecting to this place is if you're a complete hygiene freak or are expecting a five star hotel -- ok, the bathrooms are pretty small and basic (but new!) and the kitchen isn't exactly well-equipped, but in terms of cleanliness it's just like staying at someone's house or in student halls, nothing worse! Much more importantly, the atmosphere was great when I was there -- loads of fun people, and there were always people to go out and party with if you want, even as a solo traveler; on the other hand, as most people go out, it's perfectly ok to have a quiet evening in the courtyard or your room as well. The staff ranged from slightly cold but polite to incredibly friendly and helpful (sadly a rarity in Paris!), and the rather draconian-sounding rules about outside alcohol were not really enforced in practice -- on one night we asked if we could stay out past 2 and that was no problem at all. Location is great, it's possible and pleasant to walk to the railway stations and some of the main sights and there's plenty of good food available. Security-wise, there aren't lockers but there's a safe behind reception for passports, and I felt I could trust the other people in my room to go in and out with the key. Lockout could potentially be annoying, but who goes to Paris to spend all day in a hostel?
Very average
This hostel is ok, but only ok, I stayed there from Sep. 28th to Oct. 2nd 2009, there are as many good things going for it as there are bad. There was a different person working on the desk everyday, all of which seemed as they hated being there, not once dd they offer me any help. I asked if there was a charger for a plug hanging around and the women said "does it look there is one?" -- pretty rude actually. The toilet on the fist floor was awful too, about two square feet all on all, very dirty! The shower was good actually, obviously the standard hairs and dirt where you stand but the water was perfect temp and was fine, obviously its been fixed. The rooms were very basic, but I guess you get what you pay for and at £18.90 a night, I guess it wasnt too bad. I would give it five out of ten, there will be far better hostels than this but they will probably be much more expensive and your better off spending your money in the city rather than at the hostel. If your not bothered about dirt, then stay here!

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