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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Hostel B&B Utrecht City Center" at Lucasbolwerk 4.)


Lucasbolwerk 4, Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
52.093100, 5.126220 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0)6 5043 4884
+31 (0)30 244 8764
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67% Guest Reviews

Nice and Comfortable
The hostel is good. Spacious enough and good food.
Gollapinni Karthik
Age 25, India
Chaotic Accommodation with wonderful breakfast
We had to pay for sheets and pillow slips extra 2.5 EURs, we left them on the bed and we went outside, but then someone had simply taken it away in our absence. I went downstairs to get another pair of sheets, but there weren't any left. So I slept on the plain bed. there were no tables to put our glasses/clothes/books in the room. Dorm room conditions are as low as army base barracks in the front. Breakfast was unexpectedly very good, even so that it was better than many 4star hotels', and atmosphere in the lobby was quite friendly, especially with the company of lovely musical instruments.
Age 30, Turkey
Not as bad as described!
I should start by saying that I didn't stay here but I did get access, saw the rooms and met the staff. Although the building is obviously old, it's not dirty as mentioned in other reports (which may be years out-of-date?) but it's undoubtedly very basic. The staff are friendly and helpful, there is a large common space with many (free) computers and -- amazingly -- complimentary food all the time which all looked edible to me. So, it's old and a little run-down but if you're stuck for bed, don't panic if you have to book here -- you'll live to tell the tale!
Cheap and sweet
i dont understand complaints about this cute little place, its 24 euro a night for god sake. for free internet, food, alcohol, showers, music, games. you're backpacking. this is the sh*t.
(AUSTRALIA oi oi oi)
Free internet but very dirty
There are plenty of computers where you can surf the net for free, there is free breakfast but if someone leaves the cage off a plate then there is bound to be flies on the food. The dorm in the basement was far too hot and stuffy in the summer and there was very low lighting in the toilet/bathroom, probably because it was disgusting in there. I did not find all the staff that friendly but some were, there were musical instruments around to play which was quite cool and a garden.
Extremely bad
This was certainly the worst hostel I've encountered in my life! I've stayed there for one night, end of March, and that was too much. First, it was very difficult to find it, no sign is displaced at the exterior marking it! Then, I asked for a double room and I have been given a bungalow, with seven beds inside. They were still working at that room, the floor was very dirty (I found empty yogurt pots on the floor) and cold, the bathroom was also very dirty, when I took a shower the water didn't drain and flooded all the room. One of the windows was broken and freezing air entered the room, just above my bed. In addition to all this, the big pinky room you see in the picture is located right behind the building, where they keep a huge laundry machine, which they turn at 7 o'clock in the morning. The staff certainly doesn't care of any of these. I definitely recommend you avoid this hostel!
I would have given it no stars but system won't let me. didn't book the room beforehand. arrived there, knocked on the door (took us ages to find it, no sign outside) and asked for a private room with a double bed. paid 70 euros and were told room was not available right away because it had to be cleaned up. went for a walk around the town and came back to an empty room with three bunk beds and another single one. this was our "private room." it was absolutely filthy (floor, bed-sheets, full dustbins) together with the adjacent bathroom. took a shower in the morning, water didn't drain properly and it flooded the room. couldn't wait to leave, not before we gave the front-desk person a piece of our mind. in response, we got back a blank gaze. clearly didn't give a toss. didn't apologize or anything like that and wasn't the least impressed when we said we would give them a bad review. i'm sure there are better hostels than this in utrecht. for us this was the single worst experience in our tour of the NL. avoid by all means.
Dirty and unfriendly!
Don't go to this Hostel! If you can, avoid it! This place is so dirty and the staff was very unfriendly! Additionally, when I came back someone was in my bed and I had to sleep somewhere else without any sheets!! I also needed to pay more than the offer on the Homepage. I stayed for three days and I paid 5 € more than they offer on their Homepage. Nearly everything they tell on the page is a lie! These many different instruments mean a Guitar, a nearly broken Piano (which sounds horrific), and some Drums. The food is poor, you can't eat it. I think if you do, you get ill for sure. Some people leave their food in the fridge so some food is starting getting alive there. The place is also very loud (but that is, because of the very good location, which is in the city -- very central!). It is hard to find, because there is only a little sticker on the bell. It seemed, that the stuff didn't care at all about the Hostel and the guests. The bathrooms are probably the most dirty I have ever seen (including the toilet!). If you can, you really should avoid this place. It is not a Hostel in my mind. I think the owner has just those rooms and she wants to squeeze some money out of it. The guests are partially strange but this may be something the hostel owner cannot influence.

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