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If you're traveling through Amsterdam and have the time and the inclination to see something a little different, you should try a stay at the Flying Pig Beach Hostel in Noordwijk.

The Location

The Flying Pig runs a shuttle service from either of the Flying Pig's two Amsterdam locations directly to their hostel location in the quaint beach town of Noordwijk. After you've made your hostel reservation, you should call the hostel directly to reserve your seats on the shuttle. Call early, as the shuttle can fill up quickly. When departing from the Uptown or Downtown Amsterdam Flying Pig locations, make sure to tell the hostel staff inside that you're waiting for the shuttle, so they can tell you where to wait. If you do all that, you should have no problem. The ride itself is about an hour, depending on traffic and the location from which you are departing.

Noordwijk is a nice beach town with a variety of restaurants and shops. The hostel is in a prime location -- to get to the beach, it's a simple matter of crossing the road. Restaurants, shops, and a grocery store are within close walking distance. The hostel offers information on surfing lessons; kitesurfing is also popular, as the beach is very windy.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The twenty-two-bed mixed dorm is a large room at the bottom of a thin, steep staircase. It almost goes without saying, but there is no elevator access. It can be a struggle to lug your luggage up and down the stairs. The walls in the room are brightly painted, and the room is relatively clean. The beds are standard, metal bunk beds, though they also have queen-size bunk beds allowing two people to a bed. There are no ladders to the beds. Small lockers are provided for storage in the dorm room. Linens are included in the cost, though you do have to strip them off the bed yourself and stow them in a hamper when you leave.

Within the room there are two showers, and a separated sink and toilet. There are two extra toilets in the hallway, but the limited facilities can cause a backup. The light and noise from the bathroom is not well contained, so it can be hard not to be woken up repeatedly.

Common Spaces

There is a common area near the check-out desk, with a pool table and a bar that's open to the public in the evening. There is a smoking area near the back. The hostel is very smoker friendly, for both cigarettes and pot. There is a clear beach-goer attitude. The common room features music -- it's very loud -- starting in the evening. Maybe too loud, especially if you are trying to go to sleep. At the very least, make sure you pick up the complimentary earplugs at the front desk, because the music in the common room is extremely loud even in the dorm rooms. The common area closes during the night, so you'll have to retire to your room and wait there until it opens again for breakfast.

Breakfast is complimentary, and is serviceable if not extravagant -- a choice of two cereals, white bread with cheese, jam, or butter with access to a toaster, and tea and coffee. There is a computer you can use to access the internet, but it's an ancient device, crusted over with filth on every surface and very slow. There's lots of information about things to do nearby in town.


Flying Pig is a great place to stay if you're looking for a great beach hostel, somewhere laid back, loud, and fun. If you're planning on a quiet stay in a nice fancy room, and to go to bed early for a good night's sleep, this may not be the place for you. The hostel is somewhat shabby and short on frills. It fits a beach-bum aesthetic and attitude.
by Beth J Staff Reviewer
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Front entrance
Painting in the common room
Check in desk in the common room
Stairs down to the 22 bed dorm room
Overview of the 22 bed dorm
Beds in the 22 bed dorm
Bathroom in 22 bed dorm room
Storage space in 22 bed dorm


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Flying Pig Beach Hostel" at Parallel Boulevard 208.)


Parallel Boulevard 208, Noordwijk aan Zee, Noordwijk, South Holland, Netherlands
52.246141, 4.432879 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0)71 362 2533
+31 (0)71 362 2553
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86% Guest Reviews

Great, cheap stay
Great staff, comfy rooms, and the usual cereal and toast breakfast. There weren't many people there since it was the off-season.
Great place, awesome atmosphere, good times and good people.
The people that come into the pig are all there for the same reason -- to be happy and have a nice time. And the staff team are just as awesome -- they get the jobs done around the place and are always helpful, but know how to have fun and socialise with the guests in the mean time. Being on the beach it's a very chilled environment, but should you want to go to any of the major cities, it's only a shuttle or a bus and a train ride away. As for facilities -- no problems. Good beds, warm showers, excellent wifi connection (and free), plenty of food in the morning, and just generally well kept. I have much more to say about this place but would be going on even more. But i recommend it, especially if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the major cities. And i shall definitely return!
Age 23, New Zealand
  The Flying Pig beach hostel is far the worst hostel I ever stayed in. I probably wasn't cool enough and that kept me from enjoying my stay. Of course, if you are looking for a place that has loud punk/techno music until 3am and lots of drunks and noisy people, this is the right hostel for you. I wouldn't mind all that if it was free. But it wasn't. The dorms are ok overall. It was a little cold when I was there. Bunk beds are a little noisy and seem fragile. The kitchen is quite small and basic but does the job. The location is nice if you enjoy the beach.
Age 30, Mexican
Good people, good times
talk about balance! i found this place to be ideal as a traveler. with the chilled out, laid back atmosphere i spent over a week there recouping from some of my travels. that's not to say that it's all mellow cause literally when the sun goes down, the party is just waiting to get started! the staff are friendly, helpful, and fun and the shuttle service makes it easy to get around. i stayed over christmas and new years and for my first christmas away from home it was pretty great! the staff made a huge traditional dutch brunch where we gorged until we could eat no more. the parties in the evening were full of laughs, games, and good times! i will be going back, and recommend it to others to check out!
Nice, but staff needs improvement
Disorganized and easily distracted staff (except for one shuttle driver who seemed to be the only one who knew what was going on). Cramped dorm rooms. No ladder for the rickety top bunks. Shuttle to Amsterdam that was advertised as "free" was not, unless you were arriving or leaving the hostel, but it was still cheaper and faster than public transport. Nice location close to the beach but not a practical distance for day trips to Amsterdam.
Jen & Karen
  this hostel is awesome, and if you like the beach its even better. Twenty-person room is huge and a lot better than some four-person rooms you might stay in. owner is friendly, staff are good, whole place is relaxed and chilled out. free party shots at nine p.m., free internet, supermarket five minute walk away. There's a free shuttle bus between here and the other Flying Pig Hostels, so if Amsterdam is doing your head in, definitely come here. and if it isnt, come here anyway. Beach is one of best in Western Europe, wide and sandy, a lot like east coast Australian beaches.
  I had the best time at this hostel. After the craziness of Amsterdam, this place was the ultimate place to chill. It was really clean and the staff were awesome. I felt part of the team as soon as I arrived, and the parties were crazy! It was definitely a good end to my travels. Thanks for the memories; the beach rocks!!!
  The hostel itself was pretty cool, but I don't think I've ever met a more incompetent staff. They screwed us out of beds and money every one of our three nights there, each time blaming each other for the mistake and making a big hassle. One night a staff member staying in my room got so drunk she threw up all over her bed and the shower. Another night a guy in my room pissed all over two beds in the room. Stuff like this tends to ruin a guy's experience, y'know?

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