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Marzellenstr. 44-56, Cologne (Köln), North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
50.943980, 6.956300 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (221) 912 5301
+49 (221) 912 5303
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Pretty good hostel, great location
Very good location, very close to the train station. WIFI works only in the common areas. No bunk beds (at least not in my room). Bathrooms and toilets were not really clean and you easily get lost in the corridors.
Age 24, FRANCE
Satisfactory (for such a large hostel)
One of the employees made a racist remark about my name, which actually surprised me. If you don't like foreigners, then don't work in an international hostel! The rest of the staff was however very friendly and helpful. The facilities were are also quite good, with plenty of lockers big enough to fit my whole rucksack in it. Also, security was pretty tight. I would definitely recommend it, provided you like large-scale German hostels.
stayed here in april and other than the dirty looking rooms and the sketchy kitchen (clean dishes were a rarity), this hostel wasn't too bad. close to the train station, it has free net, friendly staff, and a 12 o'clock check out. It lacks atmosphere.

Response from the accommodation: Between Jan 2011 and September 2012 we have completely revamped the Hostel,with new flooring,windows,ventilation, new bathrooms and toilets.We have a key card system,including a main entrance door.Free Wi-fi is available in the Public areas.There is now and elevator for Guests.The entire Hostel is since 01.01.13 "smoke free".
Really so-so
I stayed in six-beds female dorm, next to kitchen. Unfortunately I could really hear the sound from the kitchen. Bed is average. The bathroom is a bit dirty. Good location. The staffs were bit unfriendly -- although one of the guy was handsome, he never smiles! Don't forget to bring your own key for baggage! Breakfast is cheap and satisfying.

Response from the accommodation: Between Jan 2011 and September 2012 we have completely revamped the Hostel,with new flooring,windows,ventilation, new bathrooms and toilets.We have a key card system,including a main entrance door.Free Wi-fi is available in the Public areas.There is now and elevator for Guests.The entire Hostel is since 01.01.13 "smoke free".
The Station Hostel is an ok hostel in a good location. It's located about a five minute walk from the train station in the center of Cologne. There are a couple of grocery stores located just down the street, and the Dom (Cologne cathedral) and surrounding shopping areas are within walking distance. The hostel is a bit sterile, mostly in the HI/prison style, and is fairly functional and initially unappealing. However the recent renovations to the bar/foyer area have done a lot to improve this. There is more socialising opportunity now at the bar (but the stools are not the most comfortable for a long session). The free internet (which is great to have!) helps to make it a popular hang out area and it's a good place to meet other backpackers. Unfortunately smoking is allowed inside, so it can get very smoky, and there is no other alternative common area for people to go if they don't like choking on smoke. Hopefully they'll catch up with the times and ban smoking inside soon. The music usually played at the bar all day and evening is fairly eclectic but great stuff, and the staff is usually quite helpful and friendly. There is plenty of information at the hostel about upcoming events and exhibitions, including up-to-date music and club guides. Upstairs are the rooms. The hostel originally had about half as many rooms, but more were added when another wing of the building was acquired for use by the hostel. This later addition makes for a very confusing layout. You may have to climb both up and down sets of stairs and through a maze of hallways to reach your room. And the quality of the rooms and facilities varies greatly depending on where in the building your room is, with the upkeep and cleanliness ranging from average to below average. Some rooms have bathrooms en suite. Although you may pay a few euros more, the ensuite rooms tend to have better facilities than the rooms that share the common bathrooms in the halls. As well as the bar and internet, there are laundry facilities, a decent kitchen, and free safes and luggage storage. Breakfast is not included, but is available at the bar for a reasonable price, including great scrambled eggs and bread for 2 Euro. Whilst Station Hostel is not especially inspiring, it has everything you need and can make your stay in Cologne very enjoyable. It's also worth asking for a room in the newer wing of the building since those rooms are a little nicer than those in the older part. Be warned that this is a town that doesn't have enough hostels to meet the demand. So this hostel (and the others as well) may fill up quickly in the high season, particularilly on weekends, so booking a bed ahead of time is highly recommended during those times.
Rob Hughes
  The rooms were very nice and clean, but the lobby was always very smokey. Everything was fine until they asked me to change rooms one day, which was fine. I was told to leave my bags in their baggage room (which, I was told, had security cameras). When I came back at the end of the day my bags were gone. They told me that they were "upgrading" their security system and so there weren't any cameras at the time! So I lost all of my clothes and everything I had with me, and had to start again with nothing.
  This place was very bad, don't stay here. The staff were very rude to me and my friends and treated me as a thief, as I asked for my ten euro deposit and they did'nt give me it back by saying that I had got it a minute before. I had never been swindled that way. I'm not coming back to Cologne anymore, it was a very disgusting experience. My rate is half a star (only the rooms were quite acceptable).
  Nice. I stayed in a 5 bed dorm, and we each got our own nightstand, duvets, and pillows (even if a little lumpy.) The location is excellent, just a 5 minute walk from the station. And free internet! I suppose this makes up for the pay breakfast. It was a little bit of an ordeal getting to my room (up two flights across the building down another flight and back) and the floor's shower was just part of a bathroom so there were always people trying to open the door. At least there was always hot water. So, even though there were some less than desirable bits, I still enjoyed my stay, especially as the hostel seems to always have international guests in, and not just Americans like me!

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