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4200 West Century Blvd., Inglewood, Los Angeles, California, USA
33.945181, -118.348846 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (310) 419-0999
+1 (310) 412-9100
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Awful, awful, awful! One of the worse places I have ever lived. You must always be careful that your staff are not stolen. I put my luggage in one of the lockers of the hostel, and after 20 minutes I went back to take my luggage. The locker was violated and my luggage was not there. I went to the receptionists and they did not help me at all, they were very rude, and when I told them I want to complain to the manager, they lied that he was not there, although he was. The area is not safe and I don't want to speak about the rooms. The sheets and pillows were dirty. They treat you as animal. Do not go.
Hostel is nothing like they advertised. Located in a seedy area of LA. Filthy. Roaches and rats are everywhere. Besides, homeless people and real strange individuals are freely roaming around. Is not clearly 'Backpackers paradise," mostly -- your worst nightmare. Reception staff is simply rude. Stay away from this place, if you want to be safe. There are plenty of hip hostels around LA for young people and students.
Ana ferolli
Adventurer Hostel (also known as LA Backpackers Paradise Hostel, although it is not often clearly stated) is very spacious with its rooms or dormitories on two levels located along open-air pathways, separate from the lounges and the pool area. It has an overall tropical feel with lots of trees around. The twenty-four-hour, free pick-up from the airport (or bus and train station) is great especially if you are traveling alone and arriving in the evening. It can be easily arranged on arrival. There are phone booths available at the airport to make calls to different hotels for bookings or pick-ups for free. The hostel is affiliated with a hotel under a similar name. The Location The hostel is a short ride from the LAX airport. But it is quite a long way to Downtown or Hollywood. The hostel provides free transport twenty-four hours to a nearby Metro bus station where you will catch a bus for a few dollars to Downtown, Greyhound or Union Station. The ride Downtown is at least forty minutes to an hour. There are also some shops and fast food chains nearby but nothing of great interest. Rooms and Bathrooms We stayed in a twenty-bed dormitory which is quite large and adjoins a balcony overlooking the pool. It consists of all bunk beds and shares the same swipe-card secured entrance with the eight-bed or four-bed dorm. The floor is carpeted but feels as if you are walking on uneven or improperly fixed thin floor board. It makes a loud noise whenever someone walks on it, no matter how lightly you try to step. Besides the floor, a bar nearby also plays loud music and if you're not part of the loud party, it could be difficult getting some rest. There are no lockers, shelves, or hooks provided in the dorms. Some choose to hang their clothes or towels at the end of their bunk bed. But there is a small area in the dorm with a sink and kettle for you to prepare light meals or snacks. The bathroom is not ensuite to the twenty-bed dorm but links with the eight-bed or four-bed dorms. It is clean and feels like a bathroom you would use in someone's home. But there is only one bathroom that you may have to share with up to thirty people when the dorms are full. We were lucky there were only four or five people in the dorms when we were there. Common Spaces There are many common spaces for travelers to hang out and meet other travelers. There are also poolside tables if you prefer some more space to yourself. There are two undercover lounges at both ends of the swimming pool. There are pool tables; a jukebox; and free all-you-can-eat popcorn, coffee, and tea at the lounges. At certain times of the day, the hostel offers free cookies, cakes, champagnes (also on arrival), and cheap alcohol from the bar. We checked in in the evening and left the morning after. The free continental breakfast is a blueberry muffin and coffee -- we would not have it again. We also wonder how good (or bad) the other freebies would be. Summary We think this hostel is acceptable if you intend to move on the next day. Their twenty-four-hour free shuttle or pick-up provides convenience (the reason we chose this hostel). Otherwise, it is too far away from most things the city has to offer. We would not consider the freebies as an incentive to stay here unless all you want is quantity.
Sue Lee
(Malaysia, lives in Australia now)

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