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72, Jinguyuan (Binjiang office Building), Luoyang, Henan Province, China
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Not recommended
The owner/staff don't speak English so you can't get much help from them. Rooms were not clean and shower was not hot.
Do not stay here. It's really a hotel, not a hostel. the place was empty of guests and just felt weird and unsafe. The worst place ive stayed at in China. The lady at reception is very rude and was laughing at me and my girlfriend as we attempted to communicate in Chinese as they dont speak English. Cockroaches and hair in bathroom -- yuck, yuck, yuck. also in a really bad part of town. Yes, its close to the train station, but so what? its China, spend a dollar and get a cab to a better hostel/hotel!!
Jim Chase
(New Zealand)
We were pretty weirded out by not being able to get into our dorm ourselves and didn't feel comfortable leaving anything in the room while we were out as there was no lockable storage. The girls bathroom featured open showers with no walls or curtains and the door did not lock. We had to guard the door for each other, although we never saw another person. the common room was uninviting with tables and hard chairs like a cafeteria. The room was clean and we survived but I wouldn't recommend it.
Luoyang Youth Hostel is a central hostel, five minutes' walk from the train station. It has somewhat of a clinical feel, with long corridors and white walls, but is clean and functional. The website and fliers advertising the hostel are somewhat outdated -- there are no kitchen facilities, cooking utensils, or buffet. Where a bar is advertised, this actually refers to the book bar and internet bar. There is a small library and a TV in the common area, along with a few tables where you are welcome to eat your food from outside. There is also a water cooler and two computers with internet access. The common area isn't the best place to meet fellow travelers as it never seems to be used. The friendly staff are always around and generally speak good English. They are unable to book tours or onward travel, but they do have helpful tips on getting to nearby sites. They sell basic supplies at reception and offer a laundry service. You don't get your own room key but the staff will open your door for you on request for security reasons, and unfortunately there aren't any lockers in the dorm rooms. The hostel offers single, double, triple, and dorm rooms. Some of them are ensuite costing extra, although if it's quiet you may be upgraded for free. The rooms have western style toilets with separate shower, TV, and all have air-con. The dorms are spacious and have shared facilities, which aren't ideal. The toilets are mostly squat toilets, with the one western toilet used as a cleaning cupboard in the female washrooms. The shower area is communal without curtains or partitions, and in the female showers the washing machine is in the same room -- whistle loudly when you are in there! To get to the hostel from the railway station cross the road at the southwest corner of the station concourse, and take the road Jinguyuan to the left. The hostel is around two hundred meters south and on the right hand side of the road. Look for the large youth hostel sign high up on the building and go to the third floor. There is a security guard on the ground floor. Bus number 81 on the same road goes directly to Longmen caves, so it's a great location to get to this site. There is a supermarket downstairs from the hostel behind the plastic curtains.
Richard lee
  This hostel is very nice! Very friendly staff, big, clean rooms, good location internet access, housekeeping service. very cheap (paid 50Y per night!). Best place to stay in Luoyang.

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