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11, rue du Fauconnier, 4è - Marais, Paris, Île-de-France, France
48.854014, 2.359566 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+33 (0)1 42 74 23 45
+33 (0)1 40 27 81 64
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Don't let the bedbugs bite
This was the second -- and last -- of the MIJE facilities I used while in Paris. Like its cousins, it's in a central, relatively safe location, and the price isn't too bad for a bed + simple breakfast. Fauconnier was not welcoming (a surly guard made a fuss about letting me in 2 minutes after the night "curfew", which is at a ridiculously early hour, and which consists only of having to buzz the door open), not bright and cheery (the room was very rundown, and smelled of feet; also it featured bunk beds), and was, to my horror, infested with bedbugs. I was wakened by late-arriving roommates in the wee hours of the morning, and noticed the first few bugs by the light of the open door. A quick look showed the blankets to be swarming with bugs of all sizes, and I left the next morning covered in bites, and ill from stress and lack of sleep. In fairness to the MIJE management, they were super attentive, gave me my money back, investigated the room, and cleared it out for treatment that day. Having said that, though, I was soured on Fauconnier even before the bugs appeared, and would recommend finding a different hostel if the MIJE bookers push you into Fauconnier from one of the other locations, as will likely happen if you're staying more than one night.
Decent hostel
Pretty good hostel. It was in a beautiful building with ivy growing everywhere, was in a good location in the Marais, near the st Paul metro station. Breakfast was ok -- coffee/hot cocoa, juice, croissant, another bread, with jam and butter. Very secure, had to buzz to come in anytime. Each room had small but very clean "capsule" looking mini bathrooms that had sink and shower. Toilets were down the hall. Now the not as good. The room I was in was two bunks, and it had really tiny, barely there "pillows" that no one's head would be small enough to fit on. Also, the machines in back takes coins only and front desk doesn't give you any change. And there is one internet kiosk that's expensive and the mouseball is very hard to use. Also, the stairs are spiral and really hard to go up, especially when you have luggage too. And I was "lucky" enough to be on the fourth floor (fifth for us americans), so that was fun. The lockout didn't bother me too much since I was out all day, but might bother some.
Cheap, great location, but bedbugs
i stayed here as part of a program orientation in paris, and while the breakfast was appreciated, it wasn't fantastic (some mornings they had run out of bread). the pillows were bizarre and uncomfortable, the rooms were decent, but several people came away with bedbugs. also though i'm guessing the food at their cafeteria is a steal at 10 euros for a meal, it's really not. the staff are rude, the food is terrible, and the couscous gave me a severe stomachache and made someone else on the trip throw up.
  This hostel is really clean and elegant. Breakfast is included: a croissant, a heartier type of bread, jam, coffee, and jouice. It felt more like a hotel than a hostel. This is not the place to go if you are looking to meet people or like to party. And there really are a lot of school groups that stay here and so children are around a lot, but they are not loud or annoying or anything, just present. The clerks at the desk are not what I would call friendly. At all. In fact, they seemed annoyed when I had questions. However, I don't speak any french, so perhaps they would have been kinder if I did. I read a lot of reviews saying how good this place is for solo female travelers and that is true. I met a lot of solo females here. It feels really safe and it's nice to have a hot private shower. It makes going to all of the art museums much more pleasant knowing that you are clean. Also, they don't rent towels here, so bring your own.
  I was pleasantly surprised by this hostel. The rooms were very clean and cleaned everday! (I assume this was so since my bed was made every day). I liked that the room I was in was only for four people. It made for a cozy atmosphere. Also, the shower in the room was greatly appreciated. The hostel is in a quiet residential section of Paris within walking distance of the Notre Dame Cathedral and Louvre. It isn't a party place but it was perfect for a single female traveler! Highly recommended.
  Clean hostel. If you are a female traveling alone its an excellent place to stay. Its a little bit expensive for 30.50 euro. If noise doesn't bother you, then this is a great place. Just remember that in the morning you can be awakened by the noise of children. The staff are nice but not organized.
  A great hostel! I would recommend it if you can afford paying 29.50 euros on the first night and then 27 euros for each following night, and if you don't mind noisy school groups. The hostel is in a great ivy-covered building in a beautiful neighborhood, a couple of blocks from the River Seine and from a main shopping street. We were in a four-bed room with a private bathroom. The desk staff were somewhat solemn but were very helpful when you asked them questions. The morning guy, David, even booked a taxi for us because we had a 4 a.m. airport check-in.
  This is a 17th century building/mansion converted into a bed and breakfast. The rooms and bathrooms were absolutely clean and very well maintained. It has a beautiful courtyard and a great reception/breakfast area where you can interact with lots of other young travelers. Its located in a very safe area and is a few minutes away from the Notre Dam. Calling it a youth hostel is almost misleading. It has the comforts of a hotel at a very low price.
Kaveri J

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