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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Padova - Città di Padova Hostel" at Via Aleardo Aleardi 30.)


Via Aleardo Aleardi 30, Padua (Padova), Veneto, Italy
45.400873, 11.871227 (accuracy not guaranteed)
049 8752219
049 654210
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It's a hostel of highs and lows, this one. it's in a great location, close to the Prato della Valle and within walking distance to St. Anthony's; the street it's on is quiet but clearly marked, so it's easy to find. There's a Spar nearby for cheap food options, breakfast is provided (roll, spread, coffee, prepackaged croissant), and the rooms themselves are fairly spacious and clean, with large individual lockers. The staff are friendly and spoke enough English to get by, though it helps if you speak (even a tiny bit of) Italian. Not much atmosphere if that's what you're looking for in a hostel, though there is a common room (with plastic chairs and a small TV; the "internet corner" -- one computer -- is unavailable now that they have Wi-Fi throughout the building). The showers are hit-or-miss -- on the first night there was no hot water, on the second there was no water at all. The rooms are freezing in February unless you get a bed by the heater, but the staff do keep replacing the blankets (everyone ended up stealing extra ones off the unoccupied beds -- I think we each ended up with about four). Padua itself is a great town, though, definitely worth spending a night or two in, and the hostel's all right for its price (especially as they didn't charge any extra fees for not having an HI card).
Ostello della Gioventu - Città di Padova is a very traditional hostel and well known to people who often come to Padova to visit Saint Anthony's Cathedral and tomb. It also is very convenient when you do not want to pay high prices in expensive, neighboring Venice or when you do not find a room there. Padova is a quick thirty-minute trip from Venice by train. The hostel is not close to the train station and you should take a bus right in front of the station that will take you to the Prado, Padova's large central field (a recreational area with beautiful gardens and statues). The hostel is a few blocks away. It is also within walking distance from Saint Anthony's Cathedral. The hostel rooms are wide and airy, with not so many bunk beds in each. Most are quiet and have their windows looking at a central patio from where you can hear church bells. The reception guys are very friendly and multilingual and can teach you all about Padova and the surroundings in several languages. The showers are individual and are great despite being located inside the WC. There are WC's with oriental-type toilets for those used to this. There is not a kitchen for cooking, but a large meal room is available with a curious world pictographic panel on the wall (photo enclosed). The hostel has a real student air, with many young people who usually stay out singing and playing. There is a curfew but no problem to enter after hours. Unfortunately there is an unusually long lockout that goes until 4 p.m. Breakfast is the usual hostel breakfast -- a small bread, one larger bread, one coffee, a piece of cheese, and one small marmalade packet.
  Don't believe the hype -- this place is bleak. There is no bar. They don't let you into your rooms until 4 p.m. (so harsh) and there was random rubbish in my locker when I finally got a key (they insisted on a deposit for it). Padova is dull anyway, so don't bother.
  I stayed here with six other college kids. We loved the breakfast, were shocked by the curtain-less showers, didn't think the staff were very friendly or too mean either, and thought it was very, very clean. We've been traveling, and this was an excellent stay, especially if you get to walk Padua at night.
  We arrived here after a night train from Ljubljana to Venice, then from Venice to Padova. We got to the hostel at about 11:45 p.m., we felt quite grubby and were in need of a shower but they had a pathetic lockout which lasted until 4 p.m.!! Ridiculous! Anyway we checked in and we left our backpacks (kind of them) and went out to see a bit of Padova. It rained a lot, and this place is an absolute maze. You will get lost at every street corner, even with a map! Anyway, we arrived back at the hostel at about 4:30 p.m., me and my girlfriend were sharing a room with a guy and his son. We showered up and slept for a bit and visited the local Spa (very handy!). It closes at 7:30 p.m. I think, so get there early. The showers were nice, although the light switches were a bit weird and we had to ask the staff to show us how to use them. We later found this to be the norm in Italy! They have a nice common room upstairs, since we were too tired to go anywhere too far. The Internet corner machines they had didn't work, and the guy at the desk was a bit too cocky for my liking. We stayed upstairs and met some Italian guys who spoke hardly a word of English. It was a challenge but loads of fun! The hostel was relatively clean, although our shower had a serious damp/mould problem due to a weak extractor fan. This place is also very busy; we were lucky to get the rooms we did. Apparently a lot of people stay here to visit Venice, as it is the much cheaper option. Ring ahead and reserve if you can, as this is the only hostel in Padova.
  This hostel has class. I worked there for a bit in April 2004 and it was great, the staff were very friendly and Claudio always made me laugh, which made my stay even more fun. Now I am studying to teach English as a foreign language, thanks to Claudio. Cheers, mate. I would love to come back and see you all.
George Stewart
  I was definitely happy I stayed here. I visited in May 2004, intending to stop in Padua for a couple of hours before hitting Venice, but like a few other reviewers I decided to take the cheaper and easier option of staying in Padua, and didn't regret it for a second. In fact, Padua was probably my favourite stop in Italy! The hostel is quite nice. It's quite clean, with small six-bed dorms and pack-size lockers. Don't plan on spending too much time in the dorms, though, because there isn't much room apart from the beds! The bathrooms aren't too bad, but they could do with a bit of updating. A couple of the showers didn't work too well, but those that did were good—they had plenty of hot water! The breakfast here is very good, too: a croissant, roll, juice and coffee. The dining room is a bit of a walk from the dorms/common area, but it is quite cosy. The common room is a tad cold, but not too bad. The location of the place is okay, just a 2-km walk from the station. You can get a bus, but it's really not that far a walk! The town itself is beautiful: not very touristy, but with plenty of restaurants (get the staff to tell you about the great pizza bar), great gelati, and some fantastic churches! And for those who want to check out Venice, it's only a short (and cheap at less than 5 euro) train trip away. Padua was great. If you're debating between Venice and Padua, I definitely recommend the latter!
Aussie Luke
  Although this place is a bit far from the train station, I enjoyed staying here. The rooms are clean, the breakfast is excellent, and it's near Venice (15-20 minutes by train). We decided to stay in Padova because Venice was too expensive, and we ended up discovering Padova, which is also really nice. And because it's near Venice, we could visit that city, too. So, it was perfect!

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