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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Castle Mountain Hostel" at Highway 1A & Highway 93 South.)


Highway 1A & Highway 93 South, Castle Junction, Banff National Park (Lake Louise), Alberta, Canada
51.268084, -115.917681 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (866) 762-4122 or +1 (403) 670-7580
+1 (403) 283-6503
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Great for a group
Once a year for the past ten years our old university outdoors club has a reunion here. Tony has become a friend and greets everyone on a first name basis. The place is clean and comfortable and the large living room area is perfect for sing songs and visiting. The location is close to many excellent trail heads and some of the best scenery in the world. If Tony stares at you, I'd suggest giving him a hug!
Age 71, Canada
Awkward & Creepy
Went to this hostel on a Church Ski trip, beautiful location, however owner Tony was always there following us around and eating our food. He is a very awkward and creepy person. This is the first hostel I have been to where we have to do ALL the cleaning before we left (sheets, kitchen, vacuum, sweep, toilets, mirrors). I understand to tidy our bunk but to go to the extent that we had to just was not worth it, and he still asked for more money cause he felt it wasn't as clean as when we arrived. Ridiculous!
Age 29, canada
Our favourite -- well managed
We always choose Castle Mountain and we love Tony. We disagree with the "creepy" characterization and find Tony amiable, available and one of the Hostel Association's best managers. He runs a tight ship which we like -- the place is spotless, quiet, and cozy. We have yet to find "chaos" and we enjoy and benefit from his knowledge about the area. As far as turning off the electricity, we shout HURRAY -- thanks, Tony, you're our HERO! We like sitting around the common room and last time saw a mother bear and cub rambling by. What a treat! This is a small hostel and very different from the upscale, busy, hotel-like places.
Karen van der Meer
Great location and atmosphere, odd manager
We stayed as a group at the Hi-Castle hostel and enjoyed the facility and surroundings. The property was clean and well maintained. However Tony (the Manager) was always present in the facility watching over the guests both in and out of the building and the grounds. Tony invited himself to ALL of our meals. He would silently merge in and help himself to the food. Usually before the rest of our group was fed. We actually ran out of food a few times. (Very annoying). We also felt hurried to get out early on the last day. Other than that. A great facility, and location (6km to Johnstons Canyon).
Recent visitor
Bad, Horrible, Creepy
We stayed for 2 nights at HI Castle Mountain Hostel. Would rate as very poor due to Owner Tony was too creepy, always watching your moves ... NO PRIVACY at all. Owner will STARE at guest. Owner is always there for Free Food from guest. Owner shuts off electricity to stop party/celebration. (owner was aware/advised of the party on the 2nd night). He advised guest that bird flew over the electrical line however heater was on, autosensor papertowel working, water pumps working. Owner locked the "women bathroom" & wanted all guest to urinate in the wilderness, knowing wild animals are around (ie: Bears) (Dark & Unsafe). Owner will start cleaning in front of you even though we are not done with what we are doing. Forcing us to hurry up. We paid way too much for a not worth-it place. WILL NEVER COME BACK to Hi Castle Mountain Hostel.
G, Calgary, AB
A Gem in the mountains
I have stayed at CMH a couple of times and each time it was very clean and comfortable. The hard wood floors, fireplace, and window seats make the visit even more lovely. I look forward to my next visit!
(Edmonton, AB)
Clean, comfortable, and accommodating.
In February of 2010 I had the pleasure of staying at Castle Mountain Hostel for several nights over two weeks for a climbing trip. My partner and I had both stayed in CMH before, and found it just as friendly as we remembered it and even more comfortable with its improved facilities. The location was very convenient, allowing easy access to many fantastic areas. I'd like to express my particular thanks to Tony, the caretaker of CMH, for being so helpful and friendly. We will surely be back!
Matt Kidd
The HI - Castle Mountain hostel can feel a bit crowded at times with fourteen beds to a room and a smallish kitchen that can get very bustling at times. This is offset by a spacious common area for groups, electricity, showers fed from a rather small hot water tank, a nice selection of books, magazines, and maps. Susan, the host, is very talkative and always has bright eyes and a friendly smile for guests. The hostel is very clean (hardwood floors!) but in a rustic setting, always a good combination. A community guitar for guests to play scored extra points with us. Castle Mountain is right outside -- it doesn't take long to figure out how it got its name! Check with the Alpine Club of Canada about climbing it -- apparently it's not as technical as it looks. Strategically located between Banff town site, Lake Louise, and the northeast entrance into Kootenay National Park, Castle Mountain is an excellent home base for excursions in any direction. Some local nightlife can be found in Banff town. Considering the availability of electricity, and its cleanliness and location, this hostel is probably the most bang for the buck within the actual borders of Banff National Park.
Pete Alwin

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