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A big hostel located in a nice residential neighborhood about half a mile from the temple in the center of town. There is bus service not far from the hostel, but buses aren't frequent so it may be quicker to walk to downtown from the hostel.

Inside it's a bit of a maze of hallways and rooms. There are two kitchens, at least two TV/sitting areas, and more than a few bathrooms. The main sitting area has some couches and a large selection of movies on tape. There's a small computer area with internet access, but it isn't cheap and you're better off walking up the street to the local library branch where you can get free internet access.

The beds are metal-frame bundbeds. You get a thick duvet to keep you warm, and you might need it in the winter since not all of the rooms are well heated. The condition of the hostel is about average at best. The quality of the showers and bathrooms vary, so you can hunt around the hostel for the best facilities if you're picky.
by David Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Avenues Hostel" at 107 F Street.)


107 F Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
40.771922, -111.876383 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (801) 359-3855
+1 (801) 532-0182
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FREE Breakfast!!!
Friendly, Fair, Free Breakfast, Quiet Location near center.
Age 28, Russia
Avoid at all costs
On the surface, The Avenues presents itself to be a decent, no-frills establishment, but the only quasi-positive here is that it was generally clean. In reality, it feels much more like a halfway house, not a hostel. I stayed for 3 nights, but in that short period of time ran into a number of sketchy characters and encountered a definite unfriendly atmosphere. Not to mention a major domestic disturbance in the hallway that kept me behind a locked door in my room for hours while the manager on duty tried to avoid calling the police. Let's just say that mentally sick and disturbed people are drawn to this place. Eventually someone called 911, resulting in Fire Dept and paramedics restraining and removing a man clearly on major narcotics. This is a terrible place to spend even a night, don't chance it.
Age 34, USA
Great place
The Avenues is a great place to stay. The staff is very friendly, they keep it nice and clean, and it's affordable too. By far the best hostel in SLC!
Age 49, USA
This hotel doesn't honor confirmed bookings! Avoid!
DO NOT BOOK AT THIS HOSTEL! My girlfriend and I booked this hostel way back in March 2013 for a trade show in July/August 2013. While we amended the dates in April, the hostel confirmed this was ok. We then received an abrupt email in mid June cancelling our booking. Apparently their computer system crashed and our reservation was lost in the process. During the restoration process they unknowingly overbooked their private rooms so they cancelled our reservation. As we are in Salt Lake City for a trade show, the only accommodation we could book at this late stage is much further out and more expensive. The hostel have offered no compensation or help and show no remorse. The guy we dealt with (San), is useless. Bookings mean nothing to them and if someone books for longer than you and they can make more money, expect to lose your confirmed booking.
Age 33, Australian
Good honest accommodation with helpful staff and comfy beds
This is one of the cheaper hostels we've come across in our travels and gave us one of the best nights sleep. We hired a semi private room for $22.50 each, which was $2 more than a dorm. Firstly, Mark and the other staff are really helpful and friendly, and more than happy to field any questions. Secondly, the rooms, beds, showers and common areas are clean. Thirdly, breakfast is included and although it is only basics (coffee, eggs, toast, cereal), it provides all a hungry traveler needs (esp. for the price). Finally, there are a couple of things that could be improved such as, lockers in the rooms and more seating area in the kitchen. However, this hostel is a good honest nights sleep at a low price in a really nice area. Would come back in a heart beat.
Ben & Jake
Good hostel in a great location!
I stay at the Avenues Hostel every time I pass through Salt Lake City to catch the shuttle up to Yellowstone. It's in a really great, walkable neighborhood with lots of big trees, and it's just a few blocks from Sunflower Grocery, Two Creek Coffee House (which has an awesome back garden!), and downtown. The first time I stayed there (December 2009) I thought it was a little on the sketchy side, but since it's cheap and in a great location, I've been back a bunch of times since then, and every time I come back the place gets better. On my most recent stay (June 2011) the women's floor was spotless, with new mattresses and sheets and a bright, clean kitchen. Yeah, there are a few down and out locals staying there, but I feel like the owner is really working on sprucing the place up, and as a solo female traveler I've never felt unsafe there. With continued improvements and more services geared towards hikers, bikers, skiers, snowboarders, and international travelers, I'd say it has the potential to be the best hostel in Salt Lake. I just have one petty complaint -- the black and yellow number stencils on the doors give the place a kind of creepy, institutional feel, and replacing them with something nicer (in better colors!) would go a long way towards making the place look more like a backpackers hostel. With that little gripe out of the way, I would gladly recommend The Avenues to any savvy traveler.
Amy B
I woke up with multiple bug bites!! I recently stayed at this hostel based on the above recommendations but found that they are not true. I asked for a refund after showing the bug bites to the owner and was told that I probably have flees and that I came there with them. The place is disgusting!! Also they lock most of the doors so if there was ever a fire your dead. Your better off getting a room at a cheap hotel on state street. Not worth it!! Update: I brought the bedbugs home with me!! DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!!!
Good hostel, and has all the standard hostel quirks
As a long time hosteler, I have staying in much worse. the place appears to be a converted apartment building. The staff was friendly, and had many great amenities such as wifi, lots of sitting area, computers if you needed them, maps and brochures, and clean sheets. It was a little worn and dirty around the edges, but most hostels are. If you prefer well staffed and pristine conditions, please use a motel. They do lack in some things that would be simple to fix. The shower head sprayed in all directions, not just down. A three dollar head would fix that. The kitchen closes from 11p to 7a, and it would be nice to have coffee or water in the front. They don't prohibit sleeping bags, and I think that is important. We all know sleeping bags are very big carriers of bugs. I didn't see any, but it would be nice if they would take the step that has become common place in many hostels. Be prepared for the extra charges. There is a $10 key deposit, it is refundable but I hate not knowing I need the extra cash ahead of time. If you want a towel, blanket, or things like that there is a charge. Not much but these things can add up if you are not ready for it. I stayed here in winter and was ok without a blanket it was warm enough in the room. YES I WOULD STAY HERE AGAIN. The goal of hostels should be for budget travel, not cheap people. I get very tired of hearing cheap people thinking they should get a motel room for less then 20 bucks a night. These are the same people that miss the idea of the hostel experience. These people are encouraging the fade from hosteling. I remember the days when we would all sit in front of a hostel and talk, someone would play music (some good some bad lol), and we would share the experience. People were that way here, they were into their own things and nobody was interacting much. That seems to be the new trend, we should go back to no TVs in a hostel, and chores being part of the stay.

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