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300 West 30th Street, Manhattan - Chelsea, New York City (NYC), New York, USA
40.749708, -73.995692 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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001 212-244-7827 or 001 877-827-6969
+1 (212) 279-9018
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  Expensive, noisy and creepy.
Age 50, Kenya
Chelsea Star Hotel threw me out on the street
This story begins with the towels. Chelsea Star Hotel charges $2 to hire a towel which is the size of a postage stamp. So I was in my room -- one of the dorm rooms -- having a shower, and minding my own business. When I got out of the shower, struggling with the postage stamp sized towel, there was a housekeeping maid in the room. I thought nothing of it until a little later some little guy comes barreling into the room telling me I had to check out of the hotel for walking around my own room naked! I couldn't believe what was happening! They would not accept an apology or see sense. I had to leave that day and that was that. First of all I was not naked at all but trying to cover myself with the postage stamp sized towel which they had hired to me. I was utterly flabbergasted! They were acting as though I had deliberately exposed myself to the maid -- which I had not. Fortunately I was able to find another place to stay -- not an easy thing in booked out New York -- especially as I had done nothing wrong. This is actually a funny story, but it was a massive pain and stress having to unexpectedly move hotels in the middle of my trip. My advice to you, don't stay at the Chelsea Star Hotel. The people who run this place are really not cool.
(New Zealand)
  i was there the last 3 years. it is great location, good beds, and good people.
jan Huisers
(the netherlands)
They dumped us on the street.
Chelsea Star dumped us on the street at midnight! We had to find another place to sleep! Read below for the story. Pros of the Chelsea Star -- Relatively Clean, Location. Cons of the Chelsea Star -- Noisy all night from the traffic of a very busy 8th Ave. and low quality windows/insulation of the room. They messed up our reservation, dumped us on the street, and didn't take any responsibility for their mistake, they didn't even offer an apology. Our original reservation was for a four-night stay for eight people occupying an entire eight-person dorm room. We were able to secure very good, cheap tickets to the broadway show "Wicked" the day after our original checkout date. We called and changed the reservation to a five-night stay. We made a follow up call about a month later to confirm that the reservation had indeed been extended to include that fifth night. Both times we called, to change the reservation and then to confirm the reservation change, we were assured that everything was fine and that the fifth night (dates were reiterated) was reserved. When the first part of our group arrived in Manhattan and tried to check in they were not allowed to because they were too early (even though we had asked the Chelsea Star in advance that it be alright for us to come that early). The did let us leave our bags behind the check-in desk but no paperwork or payment was processed. When the second part of our group arrived (different flight) and checked in Chelsea Star would not let us do so unless we paid for the entire group. So a member of this smaller group who was not the head of our group and subsequently did not make the reservation paid with a credit card. Chelsea Star did not collect any contact information nor did they provide us any paperwork outlining reservation details or such. Being jet-lagged and tired and overwhelmed by the busyness of the city and assuming we were dealing with a responsible company, we did not verify that what we had there is what we actually had reserved (it would have been wise for us to verify that Chelsea Star had not messed up our reservation). We enjoyed our vacation until on the fifth night we returned to Chelsea Star at approximately 11:30 p.m. and we found all of our belongings in plastic bags mixed together and piled on top of each other in a storage room. The Chelsea Star front desk staff member informed us that our room was now occupied by other people and we needed to get out. We were kicked out on the street with our belongings in garbage bags at almost midnight to find somewhere to sleep. After the vacation (and as we were getting kicked out) when we tried to talk to the Chelsea Star staff and manager we got a very aggressive and derogatory response from them that basically told us that they had done nothing wrong, we were at fault, and they frankly didn't care -- they had our money and good riddance, go find somewhere else to sleep. As you can tell, we still have very strong feelings about how we were treated and how it effected our time in New York (five months later). Our recommendation is to find another place to stay that cares about their guests and not just about their money, that have the means to take care of emergencies, that stand up and face their mistakes, that don't take the attitude in the end of good riddance get out of our hotel. Before posting this review I emailed it to the Chelsea Star Hotel and gave them a chance to do something about it. It has been almost four weeks now and I have received no reply from them, another indication that they do not care about their customers and have no problem treating people poorly.
Hill Family
Good value for money, safe, and clean
My three girl-mates and I stayed here for four nights on a shopping trip to NYC. The room was perfect for what we needed it for, safety, comfy beds and cleanliness. We were not in the room much apart from resting but thats the way when you re in NYC -- there is too much to do! I would recommend the four-bed dorm rooms, as they have a good en-suite and are very secure. I found the staff very helpful and even got our bags to our rooms for us! Always a treat when you're jet-lagged, disoriented, and have everything plus the kitchen sink in your case!
(London, England)
small room, very small. bed was not good at all, and what about the smell in the stairs? me and my boyfriend stayed for three nights, not good. but we did see some of the other room and they looked great. and you have to clean bathrooms more than once a day when there are so many people using the bathroom.
Perfect for low budgets
The dormitory is incredibly clean, including the bathroom, we had air conditioning and the people at the desk were correct. You can have a nice chat in the common area, but that gets a little too noisy for the people inside the dormitory that's just by it. But in the dormitory there are no lockers, and there's little space, but the ambiance is really nice so we never worried. Overall, I'd recommend it, great location, price, and accommodation.
Clean, inexpensive, great location
The best hostel ever! It's clean, fairly quiet, and located in the center of the city! Restaurants and food carts just down the street for a quick meal, and laundry mat only a few blocks down! Within walking distance of Times Square and Empire State building! For the low price for a bed, you cannot find a better value in Manhattan! My only complaint is the lack of a commons room, which makes it more difficult to meet other tourists.

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