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Orbit Hotel & Hostel has changed its location -- previously situated on Melrose and Hayworth Avenues, this venue has since closed down and the hostel has merged with Banana Bungalow at 603 Fairfax.

The Location

When you arrive, there will be no sign anywhere that says Orbit Hostel & Hotel -- there will only be a 603 on the front door and a small sign out the front that says Banana Bungalow. If you find this, you are in the right place. You will need to knock on the door to get somebody to let you in, as they have an access code that you will need to enter into a pin pad twenty-four hours a day to gain access into the hostel.

The general location of the hostel is good. It is a short walk down the road south to get to the nearest supermarket and there are fruit and vegetable shops along Fairfax south of the hostel. To get to Hollywood Boulevard you take the 217 bus heading north and it will drop you right out the front of the Kodak Theater, in the middle of all of the action.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms here are clean and have small lockers for the storage of your valuables. The mattresses are also of fairly good quality, allowing for a good night's sleep. Bathrooms are either ensuite in your dorm or down the hall and are clean and well maintained.

Common Spaces

Common spaces include the kitchen, which is large and equipped with everything you need to cook your own meal. There are computers available to use for free -- you can also print your travel documents for free from them also. They have a pool table that you can use and an outdoor bar area where people socialize all day. During the mornings, this bar area is where they serve the free breakfasts, and in the evenings they have cheap meals on designated nights.


This hostel is hip and happening and there is always some activity going on. They have partner hostels, where they will shuttle you on designated days of the week for parties, and a social schedule for every day. It is a really fun and yet chilled out hostel, and if what you are looking for is a whole stack of fun in a really relaxed environment, then this is the hostel for you.
by Globetrotter
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Orbit Hotel & Hostel" at 7950 Melrose Avenue.)


7950 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
34.083525, -118.362926 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (323) 655-1510
+1 (323) 655-9510
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

This is the worst hostel I have ever stayed in! Do not believe the reviews or the pictures. The place is rundown, dirty, and disgusting. If you don't believe me at least go there and look before parting with your money. You will see for yourself. I got bedbug bites so bad here that it caused a lymphatic infection and I almost ended up in hospital. Do not stay here under any circumstances. The staff were apologetic and said they would do something about the bugs. This involved spraying the room with poison and leaving the infested mattresses and pillows in the room. Great, thanks a lot. It took three weeks for the bites to clear up. What a way to start my trip around the States. I couldn't go to the beach in California as a result of the bites I got at the Orbit. The place is also filthy by normal hostel standards. This spot almost ruined my stay in Los Angeles. I was relieved to get the hell out of there. Don't believe a single review older than a year which praises this hostel as I suspect a few years back it was ok. Never ever consider staying at this hostel.
(South Africa)
I went to the hostel with no expectations -- just to sleep and leave my luggage, but I was really impressed. The decoration of the playroom, halls, balcony, and lobby is great! the bedrooms are clean, comfortable, and with good bathrooms. The most important thing is that the employees of Orbit Hostel is always very enthusiastic and helpful to the guests. They organize tours all over L.A. and parties for the ones who wanna have fun! I totally recommend this place to stay at. My friends and I have great memories about Orbit, Boogie, and everybody over there!
Sorta clean, bathroom in the dorms, fun people. I was really sick during my entire stay here so my memory of this place is kinda blurry. They didn't have a kitchen though, big minus.
Friendly and clean
Orbit, whilst being a little further from hollywood boulevard than other hostels, is friendly, clean, and altogether a fun place to stay. There are a number of free activities and the staff will help you with any problems you may have. Altogether, this was a great hostel which was clean, friendly, and fun.
  i can't see what all the fuss is about. me and friend stayed here for a few nights last year. it is ok, simple as that. nothing special, and after staying at the great hostels in Australia and NZ i have to say it doesn't come close to them. it might be "great" if you are young and bohemian/hippyish, but if like me you're just out of your twenties then i wouldn't bother. no one was helpful, but that said i didn't meet a single american who was, when you did asked it always seemed a chore. rooms were ok though and i have to agree that no kitchen was a minus point. also, don't get fooled by the "within walking distance" quotes. L.A. is a very big place and their idea of walking distance may not be yours. you also have to go through some dodgy looking areas to get there or get anywhere. my advice -- spend a bit more and stay at a hotel.
  great space, with plenty of room. the inside is a bit old but not in bad condition. and it has a good atmosphere.
  Very disappointed to turn up expecting my pre-booked and -paid accommodation not available at all! Little if any genuine concern at 11pm in a new city just to be dropped off to another Hostel in the hope that they could fit me in. I was told that they had organised me to go there however upon my arrival the new hostel knew nothing of it, LIARS!!! Just a really poor attitude to customer service -- actually there was no customer service!!! DONT BOTHER i'd rather sleep in the street!!!
  we stayed in a dorm which was a bit cramped with three bunk beds in a small room but it was clean and cool with an en-suite bathroom. The tv room was great for evenings when we wanted to sit in and the kitchen was handy but the evening meals weren't too good -- even if they were only around 5 bucks. Great location and the tours they run are great value. The L.A. City tour was cool but the driver was a bit of a waffler! Overall -- good hostel, great location!

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