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The Review

Beachside Hostel Waikiki is far from making it on our list of recommendations, but sadly there are not many other options out there, so you may have no choice.

The Location

The location is good, taking into consideration that Waikiki is in general a horrible city to get around. Many of the main sites are too far to walk to and the bus is absolutely terrible (long and uncomfortable), but there are bus stations everywhere so there is never a problem jumping on one. Conclusion -- rent a car, as it is really the only way to experience the real Hawaii and see the rest of the island, and there is parking available for your rental at the hostel plus the option to rent scooters. There are numerous bars and clubs within walking distance, but be warned the pub crawl advertised at the hostel in one of the worst we've encountered so go out on your own crawl. There are beaches within close proximity to the hostel (city beaches -- not like what you see on TV).

Rooms and Bathrooms

This hostel is kind of unusual because it was obviously an apartment complex before. So the dorm rooms are pretty much two-room apartments with two pairs of bunk bed in each. This is kind of nice, because the fact that it used to be an apartment means that you'll have your "own" kitchen, bathroom, and shower. The hostel itself is clean (there are no bugs, leaks, mold), it's the people that you have to be prepared for -- this is definitely considered a party hostel in a party city, so you'll have people stumbling into your room at four in the morning, and of course, people sleeping in until noon. This kind of behavior always leads to a messy room. So the hostel itself clean; the people, not so much.

Common Spaces

The common area is actually where the cars would've been parked back when the building was an apartment complex. It's nice because you're out in the fresh air and have plenty of room. However don't expect to meet many people there. The guests usually sleep in until noon or later and then go out in the city to party and stay out late, only spending time in the common area when they have to use the free Wi-Fi. A breakfast consisting of toast, peanut butter, and jelly is served in the morning for free.


The staff is helpful in giving suggestions and advice for your stay. It's expensive and definitely not worth the cost but there are really very few other options in the area. We did manage to find cheap hammocks around the area to rent for the night, but that's not too common.
by Vic Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Beachside Hostel Waikiki" at 2556 Lemon Road, Waikiki.)


2556 Lemon Road, Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
21.272772, -157.821899 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (808) 923-9566
+1 (808) 923-9599
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Unwelcoming staff
Stayed here for four nights and is good if you are wanting to stay in touristy and busy location of Waikiki. Staff never smiled or ever helped when entering the reception. Rooms were good but kitchenette didn't work so couldn't cook proper meals.
Age 21, Australian
If not for a cheap mattress would give it 5*
Great hostel with private kitchen and bathroom in each room. Clean and well organized. Staff is reasonably helpful and friendly. 10$ a night for parking (limited amount of spaces!) 20$ key deposit!
Age 32, Canadian
Try showing up already really buzzed, you will not mind it at all.
everyone join me somewhere else, anywhere else.
Age 55, Usa
This once magical place to stay at has gone completely downhill. What was a great spot to meet people from all over the world and make new friends has turned into a bedbug ridden, barely cleaned (they pretended to) cold, impersonal hostel pretending to be a hotel (make up your mind on what you're going for). While SOME of the remaining staff is friendly and helpful, over the past few years WBH has managed to get rid of anyone who brought real character to the place. Tony, Travis, Andy, and Leon to name a few. The Waikiki Beachside Hostel furthers my personal opinion that America doesn't really have a grasp on the "hostel vibe" that you can find in Australia, New Zealand, Europe. It isn't the worst place to stay, still ok but certainly nothing like it used to be or the way they present themselves online (don't let the pictures fool you). Plus, convenient. Minus, lack of character.
Ashlynn West
It was great!
First hostel experience and im very glad i stayed here! I was traveling alone and I met people from all over the world and was never bored. The "breakfast" is literally a box of donut holes and crappy coffee but dinner is only $4 for a BBQ of steak/burgers/chicken so its a great deal. every room i stayed in was just fine. (and ive stayed in 4 star hotels my whole life.) However; i did stay in female only rooms so maybe this is why. It can be a bit loud so not a great place if you're looking for a nice quiet vacation. a younger atmosphere, staff is great, you will not regret staying here!
It is what it is -- a Hostel. No more, no less.
I stayed there for ten days in early September and had a good experience. I'm forty-three years old guy who has an adventurous heart. I rented a car so I needed parking, which worked out great. Always had a parking place and easy to get in and out. Rented the four-person room and worked out great. There were guys from all over the world staying in the room but everyone was pretty cool; I did hear of bad situations though. They offer clean sheets every day, if you wish but I stayed with the same ones my whole stay. The rooms have a refrigerator, oven, stove and microwave so I went to Costco or supermarket to get food for the ten days. The employees were very nice (except the old guy who works late at night) and they got me whatever I needed. Everything gets pretty quiet after 11 p.m. but don't expect to sleep in. There are delivery trucks coming and going early in the morning for the hotels that surround the hostel. Their free breakfast is toast with some spread and watered down OJ. I have to say, it was so nice to come back from a long hike and then walk two minutes to a beautiful beach, from the hostel. I would for sure stay there again. Again, it is what it is.
Ray Cowan
(Southern California, USA)
Fun party atmosphere, not the cleanest, most employees were great
It's a two minute walk to Waikiki beach which is fantastic (although I only went there a few times). It is a party atmosphere in the lounge and in the rooms. Most of the employees were very pleasant. Breakfast consisted of toast, peanut butter, jelly, tea, and coffee (not too extensive but enough for a filling meal). However, we had an issue with bed bugs in our room. The manager assured us that this was common on any tropical island. They fumigated the room and let us wash our clothes for free. They tried to make it right, but only after asking them. If you want a fun party place, this is it. If you are looking for something quiet, this is not the place for you.
Reconsider staying here.
When I arrived at the front there was a congregation of about fifteen people standing around smoking and doing nothing. Whenever people are standing around the front of a hotel, generally they are waiting for transfers or tours to start. Not here. When you're unemployed or homeless and using the hostel as a halfway house what else are you going to do all day. Certainly not look for employment or even sit on the beach. Should have just kept going at this point. I had booked a semi-private room and was required to pay the first nights rate as a deposit when making the booking. Very smart strategy by the hostel. Upon collecting my key I made my way to my room. For the record semi-private rooms i've stayed in before have been small rooms on their own but with a communal bathroom in the hallway. Not here. Sliding the key into the door was like checking to a prison cell. It opened into a tiny room with two beds, filthy kitchen and I didn't even bother looking at the bathroom. Two people were sitting on the beds talking about tattoos, which shouldn't have surprised me given the whole head to toe tattoos look they had going on. At first I though there had ben a mistake. No. This semi-private room was in fact just a room via door off the area where the other beds were. This should be more clearly articulated on the website. The semi-private room was protected by the smallest of door handle locks and given that the door frame had clearly been forced previously, I wasn't confident that unless every single possession of mine was bolted to the floor they'd survive twenty-four hours. The room had two single beds and you were given clean linen at the desk. At his point with the type of people who were in the room outside my door, the apparent lack of security and privacy, I legged it straight back to the front desk. To be fair they did offer to move me into a room with no one staying in the main part of the room but my mind was made up. I had to forfeit the first nights accommodation deposit of $USD75 however was refunded the $USD300 which I'd paid on checking in for the remaining four nights. Bottom line was that even if they'd offered to let me stay there for free I wold have declined. I felt unsafe, it was dirty, room security was minimal, and I simply wouldn't want to spend my holiday in the company of people using the hostel as a halfway house. The reason I felt compelled to write this is that I don't know how it was rated the best in Waikiki and the description of a semi-private room my be technically correct but it certainly isn't like I've experienced in other hostels -- even in cities like NYC and London. The question you should ask is that if you are looking for a private room in Waikiki, know that in the current economic climate you can check into a three- or four-star hotel on the beach for under $USD100 per night. Don't think that by saving $25 you are only forgoing the use of a private bathroom. It could cost you a lot more than that.

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