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Růžová 5, Praha 1, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
50.084079, 14.430046 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+420 222 211 124, +420 723 006 838
+420 255711667
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Fantastic Hostel
This is a great hostel. It's very near to the train station, making it easy to get to if you arrive to Prague by train or plane. The rooms are spacious and clean and modern. The dorm I stayed in was an 8 bed dorm, it had it's own kitchen, dining area and bathroom. The staff are friendly and helpful. I wouldn't stay anywhere else in Prague.
Age 28, Australia
Almost perfect place
This place is really great. Close to the main train station and to the city center, it was a great pleasure to stay here. Whereas I was in the 12 people dormitory, it was very quiet and safe. The bathrooms were super clean and almost new. The only little problem was the internet connection which didn't work all the time. (oh and there's no shutters at the windows but it's common to all czech houses).
Mosquitoes Mosquitoes and more Mosquitoes
The rooms are very big and clean, and so are the bathrooms. Not a very fun place to stay. Located very close to the main train station. My main complaint though, there were TONS of mosquitoes. Whatever part of your body is exposed throughout the night WILL get covered with mosquito bites. Some of our bunkmates woke up with mosquito bites all over their face looked like they had a horrible outbreak of acne! I accidentally left my arm uncovered and woke up the next morning with over 15 massive mosquito bites. These aren't normal mosquitoes ladies and gentleman. You could look up at the ceiling throughout the day and see it covered in them, little black specks all over the place. The bathrooms were worse, so spend as little time as possible in there. All I have to say is, expect to get eaten alive.
Nice and central
The hostel has a great location for the price you're paying, and was very convenient to access. The staff at the reception were not very helpful, and the guy who was here when we arrived was downright rude, but the evening guy was nicer. The rooms were clean, the beds were comfy, but the only problem is that the sheets are not big enough to cover the whole bed, so be prepared to have your sheets off the mattress by the time you wake up. They have a weird key policy that nobody quite seemed to follow or understand to access the bedrooms, but access to the main area of the dorm was controlled by a code, which changes daily, so safety is good. You can also rent a locker for a refundable deposit. The showers were nice, but having one toilet for fourteen people is not smart. The leather couches in the main dorm room were really nice and made for a nice place to chill out and get to know the other people staying in the room, and facilitated a fun round of cards and drinking. The kitchen is nice but nobody seems to clean out the fridge. They also have a weird policy that if you're not leaving, you have to leave stuff on your bed so that the cleaning lady knows there's a guest in that bed, which I think led to my lotion being lost, but no matter, nice place, quiet for the most part, and good fun.
I stayed in the Hostel Rosemary in April 2007. The staff were so friendly and were available to help twenty-four/seven. A group of us stayed in one of the private apartments, which had its own kitchen, en-suite, and shower. The room was clean, modern, and had ample facilities and space. Not only this but the location is ideal, minutes away from Wenceslas Square in the heart of the city. For all this and traveling during the peak season you'd expect to pay a lot but it was very reasonable. I was extremely impressed and would definitely recommend it to anyone.
(Great Britain)
  This hostel is situated close to the main sites, which was a great start. the guy at reception was a little rude, and was rude throughout our three-night stay, weirdly one evening i came in very drunk and the rude guy was quite hospitable, which confused me slightly. The hostel itself is clean, and friendly, it has two free internet computers, it has sitting areas where you can meet other people, and it has cheap beer (can't complain about that), the rooms were good, clean, and nice smelling. i would return again.
sam toofany
  It's not a hostel like the ones you are used to staying at. They are just newly furnished aparments so there is not common life as in other hostels. Location is perfect, between the main railway station and the main square. Ten minutes' walk from both. Nearby there's a supermarket called Albert. Our apartment was composed of six beds but it has been given to us only as a double room. It was therefore very spacious and clean as well. Furniture's all new but there is a lack of tools in the kitchen so pasta is not easy to strain off. Mattresses are also a bit uncomfortable, but after all, this place was undoubtedly magic and worth its price. Highly recommended, the best "hostel" we ever stayed at Europewide.
Davide & Michela - Chiavari ( Ge ) Italy
  I stayed in Hostel Rosemary for 2 nights mid September. I shared a 6 bed room (3 bunks) with 2 other friends. We had the room to ourselves, so it was great! The hostel is very clean, with a really nice common area including a full kitchen. There is free internet as well, definitely a bonus! My only complaint is that there was only 1 bathroom and 1 shower for the entire floor. There were at least 7 other people staying there while we were there, so 1 bathroom/shower to share between that many people is hard. By the time 2 people had taken a shower, all the hot water was used up! The hostel is located on a side street, so not a lot of foot traffic, but there is some noise from the cars as they drive down the cobblestone roads. It's very close to everything though, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I would definitely stay there again

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