Long Beach Resort




Matacawalevu Island, Fiji
(679) 9934177/ +679 672 2921
(679) 6251660
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We spent two weeks visiting 6 islands and this was not only the worst of them but one of the worst places we've stayed anywhere in the world! Our money came out of the reception safe over $200 short! We only noticed when we arrived at the next island and so had to fill out a police report. You would get better food in prison, breakfast one day consisted of sugar doughnuts, chocolate cake and over sugared rice pudding! I asked why we were being served desert for breakfast and why we can't just have toast/eggs/cereal but she professed to suddenly not speak English, lunch was sweet dry tomato pasta which was not only rubbish and lacking any nutrients but the portions were so small that you could still see the bottom of your plate, I could have counted the pasta shells. Dinner was a lot better which was its only saving grace, although no desert which the other islands all provide. When one girl asked for a piece of fruit she was flat denied. The staff were very unfriendly and unhelpful, offered no games or entertainment apart from a few songs they sang whilst we ate dinner. Rooms were big yes but bathrooms diabolical. Our sink was covered in someone else's shaved off pieces of hair and overall dirty and disgusting, definitely hadn't been cleaned at all. The only good thing about this place is the scenery, that's it.
  Nov 5th 2006 -- I just arrived yesterday from long beach. and may i say it was not what i expected. i believe staff have changed. and let me tell you for the better! the food was absolutely delicious. nothing more tastier could have been prepared by a top chef. all those people on the island are fantastic and amazingly friendly and willing to assist anyone at anytime. This is not a party island like 'Beachcomber island,' so if you wish to live it up, then I suggest Manta Ray or those as such. But if you are after beautiful scenery and crystal turquoise waters you see on movies, which are warm and stunning, or you wish to relax and breathe the most natural air ever, or lie in the hammocks available, or have fun with your loved one and enjoy together a snorkel trip or simply enjoy the company of fijian citizens at your will, please go to Long Beach Island. Long Beach island has opened my eyes to whats really out there, and how the simpler things can truly create happiness in one, and if you do go, and have spare children's books, clothing or any toys, please do not hesitate to bring them along as those things are so much appreciated by the locals in the nearby village. They are beautiful people, and afternoon tea is scrumptious, with actual real tea given from the various freshest tea leaves grown on the island! and the most delicious cake served. just a minute walk away from the resort! So may this help you on you planning a trip to the gorgeous fiji islands, and hopefully you have a chance to visit this unique and magnificent island! P.S. -- always remember sunscreen, tanning lotion, and insect repellent when visiting Nadi and its islands.
  It was all right! (Say this in a rasta drawl and you'll sound like the manager we had). Long Beach is set in an idyllic location, on a lagoon which rivals the one where The Blue Lagoon was shot. Excellent snorkelling is to be had right on its doorstep (as with most budget resorts, take your own mask and snorkel). Also wear flip flops (thongs) in shallows as stone fish have been seen. It takes less than an hour if you use one of their complementary kayaks to reach a nearby island, with a differerent village. The fish or octopus every second day can become a bit repetitious for western palates -- if you stay longer than a week (pack some noodles like my pregnant wife did -- staff are happy to cook them up). A walk to the nearby Catholic village church on Sunday is worth it for the beautiful singing.
Steven Firman
Situated at the southern end of Matacawalevu, Long Beach is a peaceful family-run resort. Backpacker accommodation is an eight-bed dorm right on the beach front. The tidy but basic bure is charming, clean and spacious. Each bed has its own fly net and there is plenty room under the beds to store backpacks. Apart from the fantastic staff and idyllic, sweeping lagoon location, this resort boasts first-class food. Meals are cooked fresh every day from local produce and include fresh fruit, Fijian curry and locally caught fish. The only downside to Long Beach is the basic shower and bathroom facilities. The cold-water showers are primitive but clean. Catering for a maximum of twenty guests, the atmosphere is welcoming and you get a real feel for traditional Fijian life. After dinner the staff welcome guests to sit and drink Kava while exchanging stories and playing traditional board games. The staff offer guided walks and village visits daily, which are well worth the extra couple of dollars. Don’t miss the fantastic afternoon teas served in a mini bure, five minutes walk along the beach from the main resort. The banana cake is delicious!
Fiona Hamilton

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