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The Review

Cambie Hostel, located in the Gastown district of downtown Vancouver, is a great social hub and loads of fun!

The Location

The hostel is close to grocery stores, restaurants, shopping, and all amenities that you may require while staying in Vancouver. The rooms in the hostel are located on the first and second floor above a pub, which gives the hostel an extremely social environment. If you are looking for a great party hostel, this is the place for you. If you are looking for somewhere that is relatively quiet where your sleep won't be disturbed, it is probably best for you to not stay here. Another perk of the Cambie Hostel is that they are located next door to their bakery and every morning you get a free tea or coffee and a muffin for breakfast.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are very spacious and the beds are fabulous. Each dorm room has a double bed with mattresses of high quality for each individual. For a backpacker, this is quite a luxury after spending lots of time in single beds. The bathrooms on each floor have two toilets and two showers in each gender's bathroom on each floor. They are in a very clean condition and are tended to daily.

Common Spaces

There are not a great deal of large common spaces in this hostel. There is the small kitchen and common room, which has cooking utensils, a microwave and a stove, a television, and two computers for connecting to the internet. Wi-Fi is free all over the hostel if you have your own device to access the internet, you just need to get the password from the front desk. The largest space common to the hostel but also accessible to regular members of the public is the bar downstairs -- this is always a great place to meet people and to socialize.


The staff who work on the front desk are super helpful with any questions or requests that you may have. Security for the hostel and the rooms is great. To get into the hostel at night, you need a key to the front door, a key card to access each floor and a different key again to access your room. The rooms also have lockers to put your stuff in for security purposes -- you just need to supply a lock. Overall, this a great hostel!
by Globetrotter Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Cambie Hostel Gastown" at 300 Cambie Street.)


300 Cambie Street, Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
49.283255, -123.109079 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (604) 684-6466
+1 (604) 687-5618
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Cockroaches and Bad Management
I have stayed here in the past and its a dive place and I knew what to expect to some degree. I didn't expect cockroaches and rude management. Cambie Hostel & Bar Used to be half decent and bearable and pretty cheap. This time it was dirty and a weird oder was in the air and in my clothes from staying there like a damp musty smell. My real issue came from when I was down stairs at the bar with some friends, there were six of us and we were having a good time getting caught up -- Sitting at the Bar our bar tender wasn't very friendly and my girlfriend was just attempting to ask advice on places to see and he flat out dropped our beers with a splash and responded with his hand out for payment -- no small talk here. We ordered food and when it came we were shocked to see a small cockroach scurry across the table. When we said we didn't want to eat the meal or pay for it he was super rude and told us to leave because we were making a scene. Granted people became aware that there was a cock roach on the bar but it wasn't our fault, it only became a scene when he stared yelling at us to pay or leave. I explained we were staying in the Hostel and then he backed down a little but was still extremely rude a younger male bartender came over and started apologizing for the other rude guy, when we asked to talk to the Manager it turned out rude guy "David" was the manager. We were shocked WTF? Really? Apparently he isn't liked by much of the other staff we were told and when he noticed the nice bartender trying to smooth things over with us he sent him off and away telling hime to mind his own business. The Manager then cleared our empty glasses and wouldn't serve us anymore. Unbelievable. We are mature adults and have enjoyed the Cambie Hostel and Bar in the past but who ever put that Manager David in charge must be clueless to how he's ruining the reputation and business for people like us who are respectful and normal people who just want a fun place to call home a few times a year. Not going back, cock roaches are one thing total jerk management is another. Very disappointing its kinda ended our long tradition of meeting there, my friends and I some of whom met at the Cambie back as far as 2009. There are way better places to stay in Vancouver and better places to spend my hard earned money.
Alex C
Age 27, Canada / USA
First experience in a Hostel and wouldn't change it for the world
Awesome place to stay! The fact that its right above a pub was so cool to us! Travelers are age from all around the world were everywhere. I recommend staying in a mixed dorm you meet lots more people from all over and create friendships. It was safe clean and friendly and the bakery next door was perfect! AND it's in the heart of gas town so you can walk everywhere and parking was reasonable.
Age 20, USA California
Great Place, Great People
Everyone here was super helpful and the place was awesome. Great location and always something to do. Seriously had a great time and would go to the Cambie again. Only complaint is that the rooms were pretty noisy since the bar is right downstairs. If you are one that doesn't like the noise, bring some earplugs and/or request a room that is away from the bar.
Certainly a memorable stay.
found the cambie to be far more charming then i expected given some of the negative statements. Be warned that the bathrooms arent the cleanest, but the rooms were clean and the everyone was helpful. i was worried that the neighborhood was going to be rough, but it ended up being awesome. very colorful indeed. i would recommend it to anyone who wants to come home with some stories, and a little adventure.
this place has always been good to me when traveling to whistler to visit friends or hitchhiking on the island. I believe that timing is everything with life and that is how you should take this place.
Never Stay Here
I took the train up from Seattle to see Vancouver for the first time and literally stayed only one day thanks, in part, to this scary, nasty hostel. First off, it is in Gastown off Hastings, which means it's on the edge of Vancouver's skid row. There was garbage literally waste high in the alley next to it -- and rats. When I checked in at the front counter they told me they did have lockers for bags but I'd have to buy a lock. 5 bucks for this useless combo lock that you could break just by staring at it hard. The lockers in my room were ancient high school lockers that were just propped against one wall. Only one of the three lockers actually had a functioning handle on it and so I had to cram my backpack in that. The door to the room I was in looked like it had been popped so many times, it barely worked. The women's bathroom had two showers, absolutely no hooks or shelves to put your clothes any where while you showered and two toilets -- one of which was leaking and there was a nice puddle of water on the floor the whole night. I was "lucky" because I booked on a Tuesday night and got a four bunk bed room all to myself. There was no fan in the room and nothing but the nasty air from the open window which overlooked the giant pile of garbage in the alley. Every single time someone opened or closed a door on my floor or walked down the hallway, you heard it. There was no insulation on any of the doors and so I got to listen to doors slam open and shut all night. The Cambie's bar is touted as having "cheap drinks" on their website. What a joke! I had one draft beer and it was $4.50. And the bartender was rude. And, I'd say 50% of the people sitting in the bar were there to sell drugs. Speaking of drugs, I didn't see or smell pot the whole time I was in Gastown but I got four offers to buy heroin while I was down there. The skeevy little dealers would come rolling down the street on bikes and ask you point-blank if you wanted to buy some heroin.
  This is, by far, the worst hostel either of us have stayed in, and having clocked up over thirty different hostels between us, thats saying something! Although the price is reasonable, the hostel really isnt worth it -- after one night we're having to look for somewhere else, even if it means paying more! The rooms are badly in need of a facelift, with lockers that dont lock and doors that you have to kick open -- they frequently stick. The calibre of the guests here is not high, making us feel very uncomfortable about even walking around the hostel. The corridors look like they came straight out of The Omen, and the bathrooms were ages away, with only one bathroom per floor. And dont even get us started on the kitchen -- grossly under stocked, with no basic necessities such as washing up sponge or tea towel. And with a grand total of two plastic bowls for crockery. This would be fine if you were planning on eating out or eating microwave meals the whole time, but as we were planning on cooking every night, there is no way we could have put up with this.
Becky and Lynsey
The Cambie Hostel in Gastown offers a central location and a loud party atmosphere evenings, sometimes continuing until two in the morning. Its best feature is the large pub with a good bar tapping a number of beers at reasonable prices. Getting there is easiest from the Waterfront Skytrain ans Seabus station; walk out between the pillars, cross the street and head east for two blocks. From the Greyhound the same instructions apply, but first you have to board the Skytrain at the nearby Main Street Station, and then take it to Waterfront. From the airport, bus it to the Skytrain similarly. If you need to park a car, this place is not for you. The central location–near downtown, Chinatown, and in Gastown–is good for sightseeing, but the point of staying at this place would be to party in the pub and sleep in as long as the road noise outside allows. The rooms have very large windows overlooking trolley lines and other old buildings, and the traffic builds up from five in the morning so a light sleeper will have to scrap that plan for the sleep part. Amenities are found: internet, kitchen, laundry, bedding, and showers. But the toilets cannot be described as clean; dripping and pooling water add to a less than satisfactory atmosphere in the dark area where the sinks and bowls are found. The operative word for them is usable. In hallways–somewhat swaybacks–the hardwood is kept waxed, and cleaning efforts are obvious, but the smell of age cannot be got out. A fat little mouse met us down that hallway once. Lockers in the rooms are supplied, own lock needed, and a keying system for building security exists in the form of low quality or "funny" locks. For instance the first key going upstairs jiggles in easier if you've had a couple of drafts in the bar; or so it seemed to me. The area around the Cambie Gastown is not safe at night for a person alone; daylight hours one can even walk to Chinatown by way of Pender Street, but if unsure of a good route bussing is better. Breakfast is available and included, but if you only get up in time for lunch. The Vocational School two blocks up across Victory Square is the best. They have dinner around five too, when classes are on, and that is weekdays most of the year. Kent's Kitchen in Chinatown is good for price–Keefer, east of Main–and it gives the traveller a sense of being Vancouverite. In the event that a brief change becomes desirable, here are three half day trips from the Cambie Gastown which would supply something of a change in venue: ( i) a stroll down Robson Street for more upscale shopping, (ii) a ride on the Seabus for marine action and the market at Lonsdale Quay, and (iii) Granville Island for the Market, Plays, or just more beer direct from the factory.
Timo Merio

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