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The Review

Yesinn at Fortress Hill works well as a hostel, as it has a great location and is comfortable and clean -- but it offers little beyond this.

The Location

The hostel has a great location with plenty of shops and restaurants nearby; as well, the airport shuttle buses are only two blocks away, making any trip to or from the airport much cheaper than using the subway. There aren't many major sights within walking distances, but Yesinn's location right in the middle of two subway stations makes getting anywhere in Hong Kong a breeze.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Dorm rooms come as eight-person dorms with either mixed or female-only setups, each with their own shower and toilet. Beds are comfortable bunk beds that are nicely set up; each bed has a curtain and a clothes/towel hanging rack positioned above the bed. The bathrooms are spacious and clean with racks to place clothing and towels, as well as a body-soap dispenser provided by the hostel. Private rooms come in a variety of one-, two-, three-, or four-person options with or without an en suite.

The rooms feel very secure as there are three levels of security between the street and your bed. First, to enter the apartment building you have to enter a code or get the security guard to let you in (he seems used to travelers with luggage randomly trying to enter his building, so getting into the apartment building from the street isn't a hassle). Then, to enter the hostel, you swipe your card; then, to get into your room you have to swipe your card again. Rooms also have lockers (one per bed) that can be used for only a key deposit fee.

Common Spaces

The hostel is divided into two different apartments with the reception and some of the rooms in the apartment down the left-hand corridor and the rest to the right. The reception area does have a small area with a tablet you can use for the internet, but other than this, there aren't any common areas. There is a fridge, hot and cold drinking water tap, and microwave in the hallway of each apartment, but there is no real kitchen. Any time spent in this hostel will inevitably be spent sitting on your bed, because of this the hostel has a relaxed but not very social vibe to it.


Overall this is a nicely average hostel -- it's nothing especially good, but then again, nothing especially bad either.
by Candy Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Yesinn at Fortress Hill" at Flat B, 15/F, Front Block, Continental Mansion, 294 King's Road (building entrance nearby the 7-11 shop).)


Flat B, 15/F, Front Block, Continental Mansion, 294 King's Road (building entrance nearby the 7-11 shop), Fortress Hill, Hong Kong, Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong
22.290058, 114.195487 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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75% Guest Reviews

Clean, accommodating, and very close to food shops and train/bus stop
Me and my Mom came to the hotel around 11 in the morning and the caretaker told us to keep our luggage inside before we check in by 2 pm so we can start our sightseeing around the city. For the hotel, it is very clean! i am happy that the room is well maintained though there was no utilities given. Location is excellent, very near to train station and adjacent to Bus A11 stop going back to the Airport. I would be happy to come back to this hotel and refer this to my friends to stay here when they visit HK for holidays.
Age 26, Philippines
Fine, everything worked.
At first impression it looked and felt spooky! But when I found the office and met the people who worked there I felt much better. Cici is an asset to the office and was a great help. Thank you for your hospitality.
Age 45, United States
Not too bad. Suitable for backpackers
Suits backpackers, within shopping area, and easy access.
Muhammad Umar
5 stars for very basic amenities
Ignoring that the rooms are in buildings where the locals stay as well, you find that it'll fulfills your sleeping and resting needs. Other than that, no complains.
Worst hostel I have ever been to and experience was quite distressing.
My original review is probably far too long, so in summary. they don't answer their phones, the place looks very shady, their night staff have horrendous service and are rude, their rooms are "10 minutes away" in another building, they won't show you the rooms before you pay; they have a dodgy individual "account system" with each member of staff; they will not allow change to the booking whatsoever; and finally tried to charge me for cancelling two of my three nights there because I hadn't brought enough HKD with me -- even after I had paid a deposit. I would avoid this place like a SARS epidemic.
Worth the money
i stayed in the eight-bed mixed dorm from 17 to 21 sept. yes inn is very clean, helpful staff, comfortable bed. no bedbugs, good wireless connection, fridge in the room, personal lamp, worth the money, happy to stay here while in hong kong.
Just great
Cozy but excellent internet, a/c, hot water, microwave, and fridge at your service free of cost. clean and twenty-four hours under vigil. Near metro and airport bus stops. just great.
BedBugs Buffet
I am currently staying at the Yes Inn Hostel and have checked into one of the six-beds mixed dorm. And the reason why I am up at 4 a.m. typing this comment is because I have been bitten by bedbugs and have over twenty bites over my body, leaving me unable to fall asleep. They have a personal light over the dorm beds, which is a good thing if you want to have a nice bedtime read. But it is so gross to flick on the switch at night and see bugs crawling from out of your pillow and hiding from the light.
Yesinn Common Room Computer
(Hong Kong)

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