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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Banana Bungalow Maui Hostel" at 310 N. Market Street.)


310 N. Market Street, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii, USA
20.891840, -156.503867 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (808) 244-5090 or +1 (800) 846-7835
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Nice but pricey
Nice hostel, friendly staff, had a nice time there. Although, the price is very high. (I know tours are included and breakfast, and and and) BUT in fact you had to sign up on every tour, in my case I missed the first tour because the flight was in the afternoon and it wasn't possible for me to join them, so I expected I could join the tour on Saturday (I checked out on Saturday) but you have to book your night if you want to join the tour the day. As well as the tours were not fully for free -- you were always, not to say forced, to tip the drivers who expected for shorter tours 10 bucks and for longer 20 bucks. so that's a lot compared to what you hear from "free tours." The breakfast was just pancakes and coffee (I like pancakes but not coffee) so don't expect a full continental breakfast and as well you had to make the pancakes for yourself (that's totally ok) but the kitchen was usually totally crowded in the mornings due to the early departing tours. The room itself was pretty much dirty, lot of stuff from the people who lived there before. I got a streetside room so this was also sometimes really loud, and they really did a lot of smoking (of the other stuff), it's not that I am not ok with it, it was just the fact that you went to bed and woke up in the morning with a beautiful weed-scent. so this was not so cool. But on the other hand it was always nice when you came home from the tours, you could also jump into the whirlpool and have a beer (Fridays there is a keg for free, first come first serve based!!) with your friends. its a nice place to stay for travelers who like to party and meet new friends (met a lot of them) and to hang out, but definitely not to have your undisturbed and quiet and cheap stay. so all in all I would give 3 out of 5 points -- not bad, not really super good. Though I'd like to thank all the guys who made it a nice stay.
Age 20, Austria
Very Busy, very crowdy
Very good Spirit, Big hostel, very much Young People, well organised.
Age 59, Germany
Great Tours, Yet Noisy
Staff are lovely, rooms are clean and tidy however the hostel is noisy at some nights till 3am. So if your not a drinker or love to party this hostel may not be for you. Whilst the tours (free with tip) are fabulous the location of the hostel is not so great, with no food or delicious cafés close and Safeway a 30 min walk down the highway, so come prepared.
Age 29, Australia
Excellent hostel
Excellent hostel, really enjoyed my stay.
Age 23, scotland
I love this place
Had a good time there. The place has a laid-back raffish charm about it, very relaxing. Check the place out first before you decide.
Age 64, USA
The staff make this a fun place to stay.
I have stayed at the Bungalow 3 times in the past, from 1 month to 3 months at a time. I would stay there again. The owner Jim is an upfront kind of guy and takes a hands on approach to the running of this hostel. I have made friends from 3 to 83 years old. I got along well without a car, bus stop across the street, go anywhere for a $1 each way. The locals treated me well. Just remember, you cannot please all the people all the time, and sh*t happens. But the $$$ you save more than makes up for the location, which in my view is very good for my needs. I'm looking forward to my return to Maui and the Banana Bungalow. Thank You for having me!!!
George Frantum
Awful place. Perfect for uneducated, selfish travelers.
First the positive stuff: Nice "free" tours and some members of the staff are very helpful. Why quotes at "Free"? Well, this place is pretty expensive: 31$ for a dorm bed in a loud hostel is not my idea of a bargain. Also you're expected to tip the driver (who's not being paid to drive the guests I suppose). So all in all it's not a good deal. Two tours are for hikers (Iao Valley, Volcano) and only offered if it's not raining. The Hana tour is the only one I really liked but this time I did it with a rental car I shared with other people. The rest can be done by city bus (Lahaina, Kihei, Paia) or with a rental car for one or two days (Iao Valley + Makena Beach: one day and Volcano: half a day). The "Northshore Hostel" up the street offers QUIET rooms for 25$ and a free airport shuttle. The owners are very nice and live in the same building. The Banana Bungalow was not even able to organize a shuttle if you offered to pay for it! When you complained about the noise (signs say, Quiet time after 11PM, probably meant as a joke), the staff said, they couldn't do anything (who can then?). The truth is, they were sometimes the ones making the noise. So if you don't care about sleep, if you don't care about other people's sleep and don't mind the price and being isolated from nightlife (unless you mean drug dealers, this area being pretty shady), go ahead. I won't go back there. I prefer a more civilized and welcoming place that drives the rude and primitive backpackers away.
Great staff, great tours
I stayed there for 10 days. I met a ton of awesome people. The tours were tons of fun. The facilities had a chill sociable atmosphere. The road to Hana was my favorite with swimming through lava tubes, a bamboo forest, cliff jumping, a hawaiian barbecue, and a 300 foot waterfall. Little beach is a great party for the open minded. Turtle town had the best snorkeling. Haleakala had the best sunset. Afterward I went to Oahu. It was only ok.
James Kase

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