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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Takayama - Hida-Takayama-Tensho-ji YH Hostel" at 83 Tenshoji-machi, Takayama-shi, Gifu-ken.)


83 Tenshoji-machi, Takayama-shi, Gifu-ken, Takayama (Hida Takayama), Gifu, Japan
36.143289, 137.265909 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Good first impression but disappointing it the end.
This hotel is located in the annex building of a Buddhist temple. I stayed there with my mother for a few days. It has charm but as the building is old with no air conditioning and no dehumidification it is rather dump and not so agreeable. Guest are not allowed to stay in the premises between 9h30 and 15h00, which is rather unusual, especially since I have seen them clean before 9h30!! Why request us to get out then? I was shocked that men are taking care of the women's area bathroom and shower room, walking in freely without any respect for your privacy. I found the owner coming in the bathroom right as I was getting out the shower ... How rude and unpleasant! There is a ridiculous curfew at 22h, the owners come down and turn all lights and fans off, lock up all the doors and windows, which forces you to go to your room. The staff and the lady owner are not so nice, they cannot speak English and don't bother smiling back at you. On top of this, if you are doing something they don't approve of, be sure to be shouted out in Japanese. I don't recommend this place to anyone. Nice spot but not so agreeable and unfriendly staff. They are far better places in Takayama ... and in the rest of Japan!
This hostel was the best place i stayed in, in Japan!
I came here with the Otamatea High Students -- in my opinion this was the best place we stayed in our tour around Japan. It was so lovely and nice and close to town. The food was nice and the staff really lovely. Thank you for making us all feel so welcome.
Paige Mottram
(New Zealand)
The Tenshoji Youth Hostel is located within the Tenshoji Buddhist Temple. The hostel is about a 20 minute walk from the station and bus terminal. This is a pleasant walk through one of the main streets of Takayama, Yasugawa Street, and past several temple complexes. The hostel is set off the street but is signed. The tourist information centre opposite the station can provide a map to the hostel. The hostel has a lockout period between 9:30am and 3:30pm and during these hours check-in is not available. There is also a 10pm curfew and lights out policy. The hostel is located in a large wing of the temple complex. There is a large common area with tables and chairs, a tv and one computer with free internet access. There is no full kitchen, but a microwave, tea and coffee making facilities and a washing up area is provided. There are no laundry facilities. Breakfast is provided by the hostel for an additional charge. Dorm rooms are in the Japanese style, with tatami mats and futons. There are fans but no air conditioning, and each room has a tv. Dorms are single sex and linen is supplied. There are ample toilets, but only two showers (one male, one female), use of which is limited to the periods between 6:30-9:30am & 3:30-11pm. There is a traditional Japanese common bath, which is open during the on-season, but is restricted to evening use (check with staff for times for males/females). The hostel is fairly quiet but friendly, and spacious, if a little worn looking. As long as you are prepared for the lock-out period, curfew and lights out policy, and you should enjoy your stay. Takayama is a great place to spend a couple of days.
Lucy Nuttall

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