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Special discounts are available for small children ages six and under for either private rooms or whole house bookings when the total number in the group exceeds 6. To book a reservation just text us at 415-318-6709, send us an email to lakesideresort at sonic dot net , or call us at 415-318-6709, and provide us a copy of your government issued picture ID, copy of your visa card. We will then charge your credit card. We can also accept Paypal, debit, credit cards, crypto currency, but payments other than crypto currency are subject to Stripe fees of 3.4% + $.30/transaction.

Guests who pay by cash will be required to pay a refundable security deposit, or offer a debit/credit card with sufficient funds to cover the deposit. There is a $15 lost key fee if a guest fails to return a private room or front door key. Stripe processing fees are not refundable for guests that are issued a refund. For the majority guests, Stripe fees are typically between $1-2, but based on length of stay. Cancellations that are not at least 24 hours in advance of the check-in time will be charged a 1 day cancellation fee. An indication of no vacancy through or other 3rd party agents doesn't mean there is no vacancy through one of our overflow sites. As a result, guests are encouraged to contact us if they are not able to book through or other 3rd party agents.

The Lakeside Hostel is situated on 4.11+ acres and shares a border with the Lake Earl Wildlife Refuge. As a result Lake Earl is a short walk from the property and wild animals are commonly seen on the property. Some of the wild animals include coyotes, Grey Foxes, Douglas Squirrels, Bobtail Quail, Ring Neck Pheasants, Grouse, Elk, Deer, Raccoons, Bear, Bob Cats, and large assortment of birds. Just after sundown you commonly hear the owls hooting. In spite of the rural setting, the hostel is only 3.89 miles from the nearest grocery store (Walmart), and only 4.5 miles from downtown Crescent City. We offer one of the lowest cost transient accommodations in the area and many people stay with us to see the redwoods, attend a family event, or throw a party. Our pricing schedule is as follows:

$35/night (single occupancy)
$35/night (single occupancy through
$66/night (two rooms -- single occupancy)
$54/night (double occupancy, seasonally adjusted)
$54/night (double occupancy through, seasonally adjusted)
$251.10/week (single occupancy )
$251.10/week (double occupancy, seasonally adjusted)
$125.00/night (whole house booking, seasonally adjusted)
$680/mo (single occupancy -- long term lease for more than 31 days. Requires 30 day notice to move.)
$950/mo (double occupancy in 1 room -- long term lease for more than 31 days)
$1995/mo (whole house occupancy, seasonally adjusted)

A 10% transient occupancy tax is charged in addition to the fees above on stays of less than 31 days. Starting 11-20-2019, our third party booking agents will no longer allow us to charge card fees separately. As a result, we are no longer able to offer a cash discount to guests who book through a 3rd party booking agent.

Our check-in policy is 1 pm - 8:30 pm, but early drop off is allowed with advance permission. No such restriction on check-in is made for guests reserving the entire facility, but check-in time is 2 pm for guests who reserve the entire facility. We no longer allow late check-in without advance permission. If permission is granted then the guest must park on the street if they are not able to arrive before 9 pm, or depart before 7 am. Additionally the guest must not turn on any lights in the kitchen, and close the kitchen and bedroom doors so quietly that they don't emanate noise. We do not have a good floor plan, and found this arrangements insures that all guests will be accommodated for. In the future we plan on improving the floor plan, and this has been added to our construction agenda. However, there is no curfew nor lockout for guests who are already checked in.

Access to the building is by a key that will be supplied to you after we complete your reservation. Kitchen and wash machine close daily at 8:45 pm. Pets are prohibited at this time, but we are taking steps to build a new building where pets will be allowed. At this time, we only allow animals for people who are visually or hearing impaired, or other certified medical disability. We don't consider the property ADA accessible because of one step from the kitchen to the utility room, two steps from rm 3 to the living room, one step from the kitchen to the living room, and a small door to the bathroom. Smoking is prohibited anywhere on hostel property. Drinking alcoholic beverages is not prohibited, but we reserve the right to restrict it. Guests who violate our no-smoking policy may be assessed an extra cleaning fee for the cost of the cleaning, and a $200 forfeiture plus costs of actual damage if you bring tobacco, marijuana, or smoking paraphernalia into our facility, or leave such items near the entrances to our building. We do not refund any unused room costs due to violations of our smoking ban, but generally refund unused stays with at least a 24 hours advance notice. Items in the closet marked "manager's closet" are not for guest use. The middle and lower white refrigerator door shelf has condiments for guest use. Ask staff for instructions if you are not sure.

Paying guests are allowed two free loads of laundry per week. Excess loads, and unauthorized guest laundry are charged $6/load, and $150/load for drying.

We ask guests to remove shoes before entering the building. A shoe rack is left to your left when you walk inside. Guest who use the dorm room for more than one night are requested to fold up and return privacy screens during the day, and place their belongs in the location between the wall and the day bed so that other guests may use the community room during the day. Guests using the dorm room are requested to avoid turning on lights in the dorm room between 9 pm - 7 am, not bring open containers of food into the dorm room, and to avoid using cell phones, alarm clocks in the dorm room between these hours as well. Guests are encouraged to finish check-in and complete the process of bringing their luggage and belongings into the facility by 8:30 pm, but there is no curfew nor lockout for those who would like to be out late. Guests are prohibited from bringing bleach, laundry detergent, chemicals, and nail polish removers in the rooms due to the risk of damaging the carpets. Guests who damage the carpets are responsible for color correction or replacement of the carpet. Guests who leave sweets and other food in their bedroom may experience ants which are not normally a problem since we spray a pet and child friendly non-toxic oil to discourage the critters from entering.

Inside you will find an older fully furnished house, but it is clean and well kept. We offer both private and dorm style rooms, but most people staying the dorm room are in there alone. Heating is controlled individually in each room by an oil filled electric radiator, except for the living room which are heated with wall heaters, and an oil filled electric radiator. All rooms come with fresh linens, towels and we have a housekeeper who cleans the place after each departure. A description below will give you a better idea of the differences and comfort levels of each room:

Rm 1:

a) Comfortable queen size bed with cotton ticking.
b) 9-Drawer dresser.
c) Night stand and night lamp.
d) Electric or battery operated alarm clock.
e) 2 Cotton blanket, cotton bed spread, polyesther, two pillows, and extra pillows in closet (down and non-down).
f) Hangers.
g) Oil filled electric radiator.
h) Room darkening Curtain on east window, and plastic venetian blinds on south windows.
j) Wood Laminate floor with two large area rugs.
k) Folding sitting chair,
l) Two wall pictures.
m) Two nylon area rugs.
n) Bathrobe

Rm 2:

a) Firm full size bed with cotton ticking and a 4" memory foam pad. (Memory Foam Pad is removable for those wanting a firmer bed)
b) Book case with open shelving for storage.
c) Night stand,
d) Standing floor lamp,
e) Sitting chair,
f) 2 Cotton blankets, cotton bed spread, polyesther blanket in closet, two pillows, and extra pillows in the closet.
g) Oil filled electric radiator.
h) Metal venetian blinds
i) Two framed pictures.
j) Blue carpet with hardwood baseboard molding
k) Bath robe
l) Hamper in closet

Rm 3:

a) Queen size bed with pillow top.
b) Large floor to ceiling book case with VCR.
c) Small dresser.
d) Standing Floor lamp.
e) Hamper.
f) Bathrobe.
g) Hangers
h) Oil filled electric radiator.
j) off white carpet that is covered with area carpets.
k Cotton bed spread, extra pillows, cotton blanket (Extra Polyesther blend Comforter)
l) Three framed pieces of wall art.
m) Dehumidifier.
n) Hamper in closet

Dorm room (Living Room):

a) Two 3 panel and one 8 panel Shoji screens for privacy.
b) Queen size sofa bed comes with a 4" memory foam topper.
c) Polyesther blend comforter, cotton blankets on queen size pull-out sofa bed in living room.
d) Two 100% cotton blankets on the twin size adjustable day bed.
e) Rocking Chair,
f) Large chair with cushion,
g) Reading Lamp, and two overhead chandeliers with one ceiling fan.
h) Twin size adjustable memory foam day bed that is comfortable, but sleeps on the warmer side.
i) Two in-tables and table lamp.
j) Wood Venetian blinds.
k) Brand new carpet with hardwood baseboard molding.
l) Two large floor to ceiling book cases,
m) Children's toys, board games, and reading materials.
n) Wall heater and oil filled electric radiator.
o) Directional night light which may be unplugged for comfort.
p) Two pieces of framed wall art.
q) Laptops for guest use, and loaner IT supplies such as USB connectors, and other electronic apparatus.
(effective 06-19-23, this room will be mixed gender after 9 pm at night until such time that a permanent onsite caretaker is selected. After a caretaker is selected the gender of the room will be based on the first person to make a reservation for this room)


a) GE Full Size Refrigerator.
b) Table and 5 chairs.
c) Toaster Oven.
d) Toaster.
e) Assortment of spices, coffees, teas, and condiments for guest use (only items in closet marked
"Free Food" are for guest use. Also, the 3rd refrigerator door shelf from the top of the refrigerator
door has condiments for guests. Ask staff about other free food items.).
f) Two coffee pots: one conventional, and a Keurig on the kitchen counter top.
g) Wall heater
h) An assortment of cookware and kitchen items, including dishes, bowls, silverware, etc.
i) Full size cooking stove.
j) Spices, condiments.
) Dishes, silverware, pots & pans.
l) Two framed pieces of wall art
n) Popcorn popper
o) Electric can opener

Utility room:

a) Washer and dryer.
b) 3 Fire extinguishers (one on wall near door that leads from kitchen to utility room, and the other two are on top of the dresser in the utility room).
c) Iron and Ironing board.

Small Bathroom:

a) Hair dryer.
b) First Aide kit.
c) Soaps and shampoos.
d) Bathroom medicine chest with mirror.
e) Wand style shower head
f) Full size bath tub.
g) White two sided cotton rug.
h) Sleeping masks

Policies of the Lakeside Hostel:

a) Smoking is prohibited anywhere on the property, and guest are requested to go to the street for smoking.
b) Storage of marijuana and/or tobacco products inside the building is strictly prohibited, and guests are requested to store their Marijuana and tobacco in their car.
c) Alcohol is allowed, but we reserve the right to restrict this.
d) Kitchen and Laundry Room Close by 8:45 pm daily, and reopen at 7 am daily (Note: this policy is relaxed if the guest is the only resident for the evening).
e) We reserve the right to restrict the laundry facilities to two loads per week for each household.

Although we will allow long term residents to stay at this facility, we are mainly setup for travelers, and commonly refer guests to long term rentals if their needs require this. Staff periodically supply daily housekeeping, and weekly service will be provided by a visiting housekeeper when staff are not available.

We are hoping to renovate storage buildings 1 & 2, and other construction in 2024, and virtually everything done by the last contractor in 2023 has to be redone. Guest are requested to stay away from storage building 2 for safety reasons until such time that the building is fastened to its new foundation.

The Lakeside Hostel is managed by DNGR, a California Non-profit association. For more information, or to make a reservation, please reach out to us at the phone numbers below. Or you can book directly through, but any of the affiliated 3rd party booking companies charges an extra 10% - 18.08% for booking through them depending on which 3rd party company you use. Still many people find the 3rd part booking companies convenient.

Brian & Nikki
General Managers
Lakeside Hostel

415-318-6709: Direct Line (Email if phone isn't answered, and send messages to lakesideresort at sonic dot net. No text or voice mail capability)
916-613-3658 Emergency Number (7-9 pm)
916-284-0497 (After Hours Emergency Lockouts Only -- Send Txt Msg)

We are asking guests to isolate themselves at least two weeks before visiting us if they have had the sniffles, and encourage them to get tested. Disposable face masks, and a self-test kit is available, and located on the kitchen table as you enter the facility.

Location and Contact


1175 Lakeview Drive, Crescent City, CA. Airport Crescent City is 5.6 mi and Brookings is 24 mi from Lakeside Hostel & Guest House.



Address: 1175 Lakeview Drive, Crescent City, California, USA

Distance to city center: 6.3 km

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Website Lakeside Hostel & Guest House Crescent City (if you know the URL of their website, let us know and we'll add it)
Phone Number: 415-318-6709: cell, 916-284-0497: After Hours Emergency Lockout
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Facilities and Amenities

Family-Friendly Hostel

Older travelers (+50)

Quiet Rest

Solo Traveller


City Tours

Luggage Storage


Pub Crawls


Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons

Wi-Fi in Rooms

Airport Pickup (Coastal Cab)

Bike Rental ($12/day)

24 Hour Security


Bike Tours

Board Games

Book Collection/Exchange

Camping Allowed Onsite

Clothes Dryer

Concierge/Info Desk

Credit Card Payments

Entirely Non-Smoking


Hair Dryers

Hot Showers

Jobs/Work Available



Lounge Area

Meeting/Banquet facilities

Movie Library/Rental

No Bunkbeds

Power Point/Sockets by Each Bed

Power Point/Sockets in Rooms

Privacy Curtains for Each Bed


Walking Tours


Lockers in Rooms

Wheelchair Accessible

Service Animals


Genders: Males & Females

Max. Age: All Ages

Min. Age with Parent (dorms): All Ages

Min. Age with Parent (private room): All Ages

Min. Age without Parent: 17

Checkout: 12:00 (12 Noon)

Curfew: No Curfew

Lockout: No

Maximum Stay: Unlimited

Minimum Stay: 1 night

Open Dates: All Year

Reception Hours: Checkin is 1pm - 8:30 pm, early drop off ok.

Size: Small (less than 30 beds)

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