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Na Florenci 1413/33, Praha 1, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
50.090114, 14.437116 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+420 222 314 272
+420 222 314 263
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Satisfied Guest
I like the idea of communal, open showers. It makes you finish your showering quick with no big queue. So, showers with 4 shower heads in one one open bathroom is great! One thing they must change are safety lockers! They should have metal lockers for each guest.
Age 31, Russia
Decent hostel
We stayed in a 8bed room for 2 nights. Acceptable hostel in a good location with a great breakfast to its favor. The communal showers aren't really a problem since they are usually empty. And at least in our floor the dividers between the showers were good. The rooms have no soundproof; you can hear perfectly clear the next rooms, which can be quite annoying. Another minus was the lack of secure cabinets in the rooms. All in all, i'd say it has good value for its prices.
Age 12, Greece
Almost excellent
Almost everything was good -- location five walking minutes to the downtown; rooms are clean and quiet, even the dorms; free breakfast is simply great; free WiFi! the showers are ok. Just one bad thing -- there was a technical issue with the magnetic Room Keys working intermittently, so one had to return back to the reception to fix it (it happened three times in four days to me).
Age 35
Good moments!
When we arrived at this hostel, I wasn't sure about the quality of the service. However, the receptionist was very polite and helpful. We were very tired, but we felt a good atmosphere. The room was ok (it's a hostel). It's clean enough to feel comfortable and safe. I liked the kitchen; very cool when you want to make your own food. You lose less money. The toilet were ok. Showers were communal, which means that I had to shower naked in front of my friends and strangers. As a Canadian, I wasn't very comfortable with that, but I guess it's part of the experience. Thank for the service, we all had a good time!
A Plus Hostel is a very good budget hostel in an area with lots of interesting architecture. The Location It's about a fifteen-minute walk to the main town square. However, because of the layout of the city, it is easy to get to the town square because all the road lead to it, but then finding the hostel again afterward can be tricky because the roads are very randomly laid out. Just remember that this hostel is located right near Florenc subway station and you should be okay. It is located right behind the McDonald's after going underneath a bridge after exiting left from Florenc station. Rooms and Bathrooms The beds in the room we stayed in (ten-bed male dorm) were bunk beds, made of wood, and were solid. The pillow is somewhat small but clean and allows for a comfortable sleep. There is a cupboard with coat hangers that we used to dry hand washed clothes. The windows are large and could be opened, allowing air to get in. The door opens with a key card. There are wooden boxes under the beds to lock your things, but remember to bring your own lock. Also these are not big enough to store your entire backpack. The boxes could probably be broken into with some effort with a hammer or a screwdriver, but it would be noticeable. Bring your really important things with you when you go out. There is an option to store stuff in a safe at the main reception as well. Bathrooms are located in rooms throughout the hostel. The showers are communal showers (at least in the men's washroom) with four shower heads in one shower room. It is spacious enough for four people, and the stream of water is very nice, like a massage. The only thing is, of course, is that there is absolutely no privacy. Nonetheless, the bathrooms are spotless and often unused by other visitors so if you want a private shower, you probably would be able at an off peak time. Common Spaces The restaurant in the basement is nice, and the breakfast is quite good -- it includes cereal, mixed juices, baguettes, slices of break, various cured meats and cold cuts, yogurt, very good cheese slices, a macaroni salad, as well as hot dogs boiled in water. The breakfast is enough to fill you until dinner, and is well prepared with fresh ingredients. There is a nice area in the lobby to sit and there is a computer here with free internet. Also, the reception allows you to email things like tickets/directions and they would print them for you. You could also purchase metro tickets and things like water from the reception. Most of the people there are other backpackers. Summary The prices are good, especially with the very good breakfast and location close to the main town square -- it's worth it to go.
Chris Blake
Yeah nice and clean and great beds
This place was great for a few nights, Great beds and bedding no problems at all. Shower were communal with like 5 shower heads in one open room, it was ok we are use to it from school.
Fantasticaly Cozy and Clean
I stayed at APlus from 22 to 28 Dec 2007. This place is more than value for your money. Cool and Friendly Staff, Hygienic and Clean, Cozy and Comfortable. It also has a nice Bar and Restaurant, the food is cheap and tasty. They Provide twenty-four/seven Internet Access and free breakfast everyday. I just loved my stay there -- amazing experience. very close (eight minutes' walk) to the Kamikaze Disco (Stag entry 350czk, with unlimited Drinks, you just name it) and City Center. except one glitch, the cook at the restaurant -- he is creepy, full of crap stories. don't be friendly with him unless you enjoy arrogant talks.
  A Plus was an ok hostel. The location was pretty decent, across the street from a Metro Station and some of the staff were very helpful, some as I later found out. My major problem was security for my belongings, if you stay at this place lock everything that is even considered to be of value away safely! I went to the disco next to Charles Bridge one evening and decided to chain my backpack to the bed in the hostel and place a cover over it. When I arrived back I noticed the door to my room was wide open, key card access only, and my backpack had been broken into. My iPod had been stolen. The staff did not want to admit that there was any security problem whatsoever which really made it difficult as I explained to them I wasn't mad about the iPod I was mad that they would be so careless as to not check a door to a fourteen-person room and how it was 4 a.m. and the guy at the front desk didn't even ask if I was staying at the hostel. Aside from that the community shower issue is not that big of a deal, it's better than gym class or regular community showering. Bar was very nice and the breakfast was amazing.

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