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The Review

Sokolska Youth Hostel is best for backpackers with a sharp eye on their budget. Though your first impression may be to call it dingy or worry that it will fall apart, it is actually very conveniently located, cosy to tuck in at night, and has all the basic facilities you would require for a short stay.

The Location

It can be a little difficult to spot it the first time, thanks to the insignificant board on Sokolska street that just says, “Hostel”! However, once found, you realize that it is within very easy reach from all major points in the city. IP Pavlova, the metro station for the hostel, is just two stops away from Prague Hlavní Nádraží train station, and one stop away from the city center (Wencheslaw Square). Once at IP Pavlova, just come up the escalators, take the staircase to your left, walk to the first crossing and turn left into Sokolska street. House number 52 on your left, with the signboard “Hostel”, is your destination. All major tourist attractions are within walking distance from the hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Divided into two sections on the first floor, the hostel has dormitories as well as private rooms. Women have the option of female-only dorms. The dorms are neat, with your bed prepared before you arrive. Linen and towels are provided and are fairly clean. The dorms are not well lit, however, and are separated by thin walls that can sometimes disturb your sleep if fellow hostelers are not very quiet. The rooms have small lockers, which the hostel staff recommends you to use. Bathrooms are shared, with about two showers and two toilets between three eight-bed dorms. While they look like they may fall apart any time, they are usable with twenty-four-hour hot-water supply.

Common Spaces

The common spaces at Sokolska are excellent. The kitchen is big and pretty with red-painted walls, a fridge, oven, coffee-maker, kettle, basic utensils, and supplies. Tea and coffee are unlimited. The lounge has couches, books, and two computers that can be used to access internet. You can get the Wi-Fi password from the staff and use the internet on your own computer as well. The corridors have lockers as well as vending machines that stock cold drinks. There is also an option to leave your luggage in a luggage room at the reception.


Overall, the hostel is comfortable and well-located, with all basic facilities you would require. It’s a good bet if you want to save money, though don’t forget that the hostel accepts payments in Czech Korunas only. So remember to get your currency exchanged before checking in. And do pick up your free city map from the reception. Have a good stay!
by Piyushi Sobti Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Sokolska Youth Hostel" at Sokolska 1792/52.)


Sokolska 1792/52, Praha 2, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
50.074724, 14.429392 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+420 608 448 068
+420 252 546 181
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70% Guest Reviews

Adequate, but nothing special.
The location is fantastic, can't argue that. The staff is also friendly. However, the first day I was there the shower head broke and wasn't fixed within the next two days when my stay ended. The towels they provide are more like hand towels and the beds are not too great. But the wifi worked fine and the common room was kept clean. There are better hostels in the same area, but if you find yourself at this one you'll be just fine.
Age 21, United States
Good hostel.
Cheap, great location, clean. Incredibly comfy beds, loved it. We've been there off the season and we were the only occupants at the moment, so I can't say anything about noise or safety. Also good Wi-Fi. showers and toilets look like they may fall apart any time -- True. But hey, what do you want for this money?
Mr. Anonymous
Nice place
it's a very good hostel, reception guy was really kind, excellent service!!
Good accommodation for small money
For this price it is clean, safe, and good place to sleep.
Unsafe and no respect for guest's privacy/property
i stayed in this hostel (twin room) for four nights (29 April to 2 May). firstly, they say hostel is overbooked and i cant have a room for four nights as per my confirmed booking email says. then i called up the booking center (a different site), made a complaint. the booking center managed to confirmed my booking. when we were checking in, a guest at the hostel told us all his money/valuables were stolen from his room. on the second night, i was back from sightseeing and went back to my room. i was shocked to see the room now has four beds (instead of two) and all our belongings were no longer there. we went to the reception to ask about it and staff says we need to change our room. i was upset, say why didnt anyone tell us. staff said someone tried to contact us but we were not contactable. this is a lie -- we only left the hostel at 12 p.m., and they have my phone number from the booking form. staff then said he just started his shift, know nothing about it, brought us to our "new room." our stuff were all over room, things throw in whatever bags, bundled together. my friend lost her luggage keys. this is absolutely repulsive for me as i have stayed in many hostels and never had any experience like such! i had to worry about whether my stuff will go missing from this room again everyday i am there. and every morning, we hear someone complaining about missing stuff. very very unsafe hostel and the management has no respect for the guest's property/privacy.
You get what you pay for.
After five nights at this hostel we were happy to leave even though the beds were very comfy and it was an alright location. It was also very clean. Our only problem with it was loud men across the hall from us who kept us up two nights in a row with their loud drunken singing and the management did nothing about it. Though the staff were very friendly. Showers are tricky but warm.
Unsafe place
If you want to keep your things, don't stay in this hostel! My whole backpack was stolen and although there have been thefts before, there aren't any big lockers. They are not cooperative at all and haven't answer my email.
  I really enjoyed my stay here. It is a basic hostel, and you get what you pay for. Very very cheap. but they let you use the internet for free, which is basically the only computer that is at the desk at reception. The people at the hostel are incredibly friendly. When i arrived, like half the hostel were already hanging out. I met so many people from all over the world and we all went out for drinks which was nice. The staff were also friendly and helpful, but not the greatest at english. They try, though. I'd stay here again, for sure.

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