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The Review

Bon Paul & Sharky’s Hostel is perfect for travelers who want to get an authentic Asheville experience. The town is known for being a funky, hippie haven, and these accommodations reflect that part of Asheville’s personality quite well. The hostel is a two-story home with a basement and a large back deck, where you can find a hot tub affectionately named “People Soup.” Everything is clean and well maintained, including the hot tub.

The Location

The street on which the hostel is located is lined with several bars, restaurants, boutiques, and a grocery store. Guests may park their vehicles for free, either in the small lot located behind the hostel or along the street.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Though there are no keys to the dorm rooms, guests may lock their doors from the inside. Strong gusts of wind may cause the doors to open by themselves unless they are shut tightly. There are no in-room storage lockers, but there is plenty of room from travelers to store their luggage under the bunk beds. One of the most charming things about Bon Paul & Sharky’s Hostel is the fun linens guests will find on their beds -- no boring floral prints here! Expect bedsheets printed with Muppets, Power Rangers, or Star Wars designs that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

There is nothing special about the bathrooms. Everything works and there is plenty of space to get ready. Though not spotless, and far from being sleek and modern, the dorm rooms and bathrooms are clean and comfortable.

Common Spaces

Hanging out in the common areas of this hostel feels like hanging out at a good friend’s house. The atmosphere is quite relaxed and the funky decor puts everyone is a good mood. Some walls are lined with intricate psychedelic drawings and there is a suit of armor standing in one corner. Hardwood floors and a retro-style kitchen add to the homelike feel of Bon Paul & Sharky’s Hostel. Those who stay here are almost certain to meet other like-minded travelers who are more than happy to share their dinner or go out for beers with other guests.

One thing that stands out about this hostel is how environmentally conscious the owner is. Not only are there recycling bins and a compost pile, the hot tub is powered by solar panels and the laundry is washed with stored rain water. There is also a garden in the backyard, and guests are welcome to harvest vegetables from it for their own use.


Bon Paul & Sharky’s isn’t just a great place to spend the night, it’s a really great place in general. The staff and the guests are interesting and genuinely friendly people. Everyone here does their share to help take care of the environment. It’s cozy, well cared for, and has a good location. Plus, there is a solar powered hot tub. This place is great.
by Baxter Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Bon Paul & Sharky's Hostel" at 816 Haywood Road.)


816 Haywood Road, Asheville, North Carolina, USA
35.578932, -82.595641 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (828) 350-9929
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89% Guest Reviews

Stay, Seriously (This is the first review I've ever left for ANYTHING
This Bon Paul and Sharky's is a beautiful dwelling nestled in West Asheville. You're sure to love it here if you're looking for a nice, tidy, welcoming, social & private (socially private), and above all else, FRIENDLY hostel. And I dare say that hypothetically, if you weren't looking for any of that, you would STILL love it. Please let this review come as pure truth from me to you. I NEVER leave reviews for ANYthing, so this place is the real deal. Did I mention the friendliness? So don't be a jerk. I had no problems with professionalism or reservations. God, I'm starting to miss it. Asheville is my lil' getaway town and NOW I have a brilliant hostelery to call my own. (That means I'll be going back/end of story)!
  I've stayed at Bon Paul & Sharky's twice now, and have had the best experiences both times. The employees are all genuinely great people. You can have a lot of fun with them and they are very accommodating. On the weekends they feed you free spaghetti dinners and in the mornings, toast and fruit. It's an affordable, cozy, clean hostel and I recommend it to anyone!
Feels like home.
I was lucky enough to find Bon Paul's while in the process of moving to Asheville. The staff was simply amazing. Extremely friendly, helpful and really fun to sit around and chat with. I felt so at home during my first stay that I decided to make it a home base for coming and checking out places to live in the city. I recommend this awesome house to anyone wanting to experience Asheville the way locals do. The staff's numero uno concern is YOU. They are more than happy to give advice and to do anything in their power to make your stay as comfortable, as relaxing, or as exciting as you want it to be. They offer co-ed bunks, private rooms, and even an adorable little cottage. You might find yourself coming to Asheville just to stay at Bon Paul's. True Story.
Great home away
The location was perfect, close to the mountains. Economical at $22 a night for one of the bunks. And the staff was very nice and accommodating. I would stay again without hesitation.
I was really disappointed
This hostel had so many good reviews on here, but I was very disappointed. There was no television, no foosball machine, and only 2 dorm rooms not three. The female dorm was small and cramped with too many beds for the small area and you could barely turn around in there if you had any bags with you. The "homemade bunks" were not real beds, they were 3 inch pads on top of wooden slats that you could feel every time you turned over. They were very uncomfortable.These "mattresses" with no springs were covered by a slick material and it was impossible for the bottom sheet to stay on. I woke up a few times in the night with no bedding. If you are staying in a top bunk you have to be careful, because the bunk is really high compared to the height of the ceiling. One of the times I woke up to grab my missing sheets I ended up hitting my head on the ceiling. I have backpacked around the USA so I have stayed in hostels before, and so I can be objective. For $24 per night (high by hostel standards) I at least expected a decent bed!
Came back twice -- that says it all
All of the above-chill, friendly, homey, comfy, free Wi-Fi, great folks (staff and guests). Excellent perks with the bikes and helping hands with info, etc. Stopped here last month, so when back in the area had to stop again to relax, chill, and enjoy a awesome part of Asheville instead of staying on the road. Sometimes being off the beaten path gives you an added dimension to a place, not to be missed. Fun place without being over the top. Special thanks to Joe and Dan for their attentive, friendly, and fun demeanor.
Best hostel in america!
I'm not kidding, after traveling for 2 months across the states we got into Bon Paul and sharkys and felt like we'd returned to our own house. We were greeted by ultra chilled owner Joe and his affable worker buddy Dan, who checked us in and shared a chat and a beer like old friends. The place feels like a big family home, and the bunkbeds are custom made (good on ya dad!), comfy and no squeaking. It isn't downtown but in a very cool area, excellent bars and cafes minutes away. Can't praise this one enough, stay here!!
Lockie, Tony and Nick
Looking for something laid back yet orderly? Here it is.
This is a clean and very well organised place to stay -- feels homey and comfortable with Joe, the manager, who is very helpful. It's easy to relax here. Little notices everywhere in a hostel can sometimes be annoying, but here the notices are practical -- you can find everything and they are relevant! Joe, without being obtrusive, ensures that things in the kitchen/rest-room/dorm are ok for you.
David Marsh

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