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Wide Mouth Frog is an oasis in Quepos; it's a really nice, big, friendly, secure, and relaxed hostel. It also boasts a good swimming pool, huge and clean bathrooms, and great rooms.

The Location

The main attraction in Quepos is Manuel Antonio’s National Park -- something you can’t miss -- and Wide Mouth Frog hostel is twenty to twenty-five minutes away on a local bus journey (the hostel is located two hundred meters from the local bus station). All the other hostels near the national park are usually fully booked and have more expensive prices, so Wide Mouth Frog can be a good alternative. The hostel can provide you information about tours or the main attractions surrounding the national park.

The hostel is not located in the city centre, but it’s a short, five-minute walk. The neighborhood is a little bit too quiet at night, but we didn’t have any safety issues. It’s kind of tricky to find the hostel -- it isn’t hard, but you will only see it once you are outside the door as there isn’t any sign that you can spot from a fair distance. If you arrive by car, it will be hard to park it, but the parking is free.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel has big dorms and some private rooms. The dorms are big enough for everybody and they provide free lockers -- don’t forget your padlock. The bunks are comfortable and not too old. The bathrooms are very big and well kept. Sometimes we found problems with hot water, although it can get quite hot in Quepos. Also, you’ll find enough space and hooks to put your clothes in the showers.

Common Spaces

The hostel’s common spaces are very nice, giving a good atmosphere to the hostel. There is a big TV room where you can relax, a well-kept outdoor kitchen (though it's a little bit too small for the amount of beds in the hostel), and a very good and clean swimming pool with a nice exposure to the sun. You will find free Wi-Fi in the building. Usually the breakfast is included, and there will be someone to serve you, so you can eat only once -- anyway, it’s just enough to make you happy.


This is a nice hostel that has everything you need, although it isn’t one of the cheapest options in Quepos. The staff are friendly but a little bit distant -- they can help you with the information you need to explore the surroundings, but rely a lot on tours. When the sun is shining and you have some time to kill -- as there isn’t so much activity in Quepos -- the swimming pool is a great place to hang out.
by CoffeeMarks
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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125m East of the bus station, towards the Post Office, Quepos Town Centre, Quepos (Manuel Antonio National Park), Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica
(506) 777 2798
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Rented a private room. Went to bed with no bites, woke up with hundreds of bites on my face, arms, hands, legs and feet. It was terrible. I couldn't sleep for two nights because of the extreme itchiness all over. Used a variety of ointments (prescription and OTC). Doctor confirmed it was bedbug bites and said I may have some scaring. WMF said they fumigated the room but would not refund me when I asked for this to help pay for my medical expenses.
Best Place in Quepos
This hostel is rather hidden from view, but once you find it its terrific. The whole place is set up in an open-air configuration with a pool in the middle of the dormitories -- which is essential because it sure does get hot in Quepos! There's also a tv room, a very large kitchen, free computers, free Wi-Fi, a fantastic breakfast in the morning, laundry service, and a telephone for international calls. Best of all I think was the 'quepos survival guide' you get when you check in, which lists everything there is to do in quepos, places to eat, drink, bus schedules, and safety advice. Overall, I'd recommend this place to anyone staying in the area.
Beautiful and simple
I just returned from Costa Rica where I spent 3 nights here (Jan 2009). We ended up here after our other hostel didn't work out and I was nervous, having read some bad reviews, but we had no problems at all. I thought the kitchen had plenty of room and I had great fun cooking a big meal for my family, although the burners were hard to get going. The dogs didn't look sickly, and were never in the way, smelly, or obnoxious. The rooms are quite simple and clean, though my brothers were stuck in a 2-bunk room with no window, just a fan. I'd recommend staying away from those rooms. The pool was heavenly, with a nice garden all around, and the communal bathrooms were brightly decorated and clean. Staff were helpful, though not super warm. Great location -- I highly recommend Soda Sanchez just down the street (I ate one of the best gallo pinto dishes of my whole trip there), and the post office isn't more than 300 feet up the street.
Irresponsible owners who have no concern of their guests' well being. We checked in and were given a brief tour of the nice facilities and then went out for dinner that evening. We had a few drinks and then walked back to the hostel around 11 p.m. I was just about to put the key in outer gate to enter the hostel when a young local pulled a knife on my boyfriend and demanded our money. Another guy came up from behind him and went through his pockets. They took what little money we had on us and our camera and ran away. We are well aware that getting mugged is always a possibility, and expected it to happen at some point during our travels. When we let the owners know in the morning so that perhaps he could warn other guests and at least be aware of what was happening in his neighborhood, he told us that it had been happening for awhile and the police haven't caught him yet (obviously) and that this kid likes to wait in the alley just in front of the hostel for people walking home at night. The fact that they knew there was a situation in their neighborhood and it had happened several times before yet felt no need to warn their current guests even by means of a simple sign by the front door speaks volumes about the kind of hotel owners they are. It would take minimal effort to issue a warning of some sort, either verbal when checking in or just with a sign. We have stayed in some pretty wretched hostels, but nothing matches the disappointment we felt at Wide Mouth Frog.
Great location, clean, and cosy
A nice oasis in not-so-pretty town of Quepos. Great garden, kitchen, and dining area. Dogs can be smelly and annoying, though. Near supermarket, bus station, phone booths, bank, sodas. Very convenient. Rooms are nice and clean, spacious, hot water all day, and a fan. Be sure not to take the room no. 1 (private room), as it is close to the main air condition and all the hot air blows directly into the room (we changed this room for another as it was unbearable, owners said they will fix this problem for the future). Nice and helpful owners, interesting people to meet. Fridge in private rooms -- great asset!
Worse than before
it used to be nice place. it became too crowded. you can find better place few feet away. the place is ruined.
  I stayed here two years ago and this place has gone completely downhill. They used to have a nice lawn -- but now it's all cheaply built cabins. There is no space at all in the hostel, and the owners have three dogs -- who all look sickly and just hang around the hostel all day long. The kitchen is extremely small, I had to wait for four or five people just to fill up my water bottle. And in Feb. 2007, there was major, major construction going on -- who knows what they were building at this miserable, creepy dirty hostel. I found a place a few blocks away with my own room for less than that dorm space here. Do not stay here -- it is a rip-off.
  This place gets constant five stars for a reason. Rooms are great and clean, location is excellent, and there is a pool.

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