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The Review

Auberge de la Paix (Peace Hostel) is a spacious and fully equipped hostel in the heart of Old Quebec City. Rooms of privates, doubles, triples, and dorms are spread throughout the top three floors of the building. The hostel welcomes guests of every kind, from families to independent travelers.

The Location

Situated on a quiet street in the centre of Old Quebec City, this hostel is peaceful, yet very convenient. It's surrounded by an abundance of restaurants, cafes, and shops. It's also less than a kilometre to walk to nearby attractions such as the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac and Quartier Petit Champlain. As an added bonus, the hostel is tucked away on a small back street just off a main boulevard, reducing the noise level drastically.

Rooms and Bathrooms

As the hostel is distributed over three floors, there are plenty of rooms and bathrooms to facilitate guests. On the first and third floors are the dorm rooms. Rooms vary in bunk-bed arrangement, with two, three, or four bunk beds per room. On the second floor, guests will find the private rooms. These come with single, double, or triple beds.

Rooms are basic and can feel a bit tight, but comfortable. Basic furniture, such as chairs, bedside tables, and lockers, are available in each room. There are also enough power plugs to go around.

Bathrooms are clean and numerous. On the floors with the dorm rooms, there are large bathrooms equipped with several showers, toilets, and sinks, as well as individual en suite bathrooms available for all to use. The downside are the showers. They're equipped with gym-locker-style showers. There's only one operating button for the water to be released and the buttons are timed. Users aren't able to change the water temperature, and in order to keep water running, they have to continuously push the button. The water temperature is generally comfortable, but is inconsistent and can be an issue on colder days.

Common Spaces

There is plenty of space for guests to use throughout this hostel. The ground floor is completely dedicated to common spaces, as well as the office. In the front room, there are large tables for guests to use and it's often occupied in the evenings. There's also a spacious back outdoor area for guest to relax and enjoy. There's a fully equipped kitchen available, where guests can enjoy the complimentary breakfast and use for personal cooking. The breakfast is basic but very adequate. There's lots of options between cereal, bread, spreads, coffee, tea, and juice. As well, all ingredients are fresh and presentable.

There is Wi-Fi available at the hostel, but is not well distributed throughout the building -- the connection is the strongest on the main floor.


Auberge de la Paix (Peace Hostel) is a comfortable, safe, and conveniently located hostel that offers many amenities. It's a well-valued place to stay for both independent travelers and families alike. The atmosphere is friendly, but quiet. Many guests tend to keep to themselves, like they would at a hotel.
by Charmaine Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Auberge de la Paix (Peace Hostel)" at 31, Rue Couillard.)


31, Rue Couillard, Quebec City (Québec), Quebec, Canada
46.815068, -71.208512 (accuracy not guaranteed)
001 418 694 0735
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It's a place to sleep
The location is great & breakfast is included. The staff weren't friendly at all. Would it kill you to smile a little with clients? The beds are small and the mattresses feel weird. You have to pay to rent scratchy bedding, and it doesn't stay on the mattress well. The wireless connection is very weak. There were no outlets in my room, so I had to be downstairs to charge anything. It was very quiet there, it's not the most social place. The showers are old, so you have to push the know hard into the wall for water to run for about 20 seconds, then you repeat. It's a place to sleep, but I'd try a different hostel if I were to go to Quebec City again.
Good Place
It is a very clean and well organized hostel, well located, and close to many restaurants, shops and points of interest. The staff are not friendly, though not rude, and it's good if you speak fluent French, because they will hardly speak in English. It may only be my impression, but sometimes it is difficult to feel comfortable. The kitchen is well equipped and breakfast is good (coffee, hot chocolate, tea, juice, milk, cereal, toast, butter, jam). The dorms, washrooms and showers were clean, and for $4 they'll give you sheets for the bed. They have big lockers in each room. There is a small lounge, although quite quiet and Wi-Fi is available but you have to ask for the password. In general, it is a well organized and clean place and you would enjoy it if you're just looking for a place to sleep, but in my opinion, if you're looking more for a place where you can relax and meet other people, maybe you should try another place.
Auberge de la Paix (Peace Hostel) is a relaxing place to stay in the heart of the old town of Quebec City. Though in an old stone building, like all of the old town, the hostel inside is fairly new and modern. Everything is quite brightly coloured and very cheerful. Lots of resources are provided to ensure a fulfilling stay. There are usually people hanging around and it is a great place to meet others. The Location Auberge de la Paix is ideally located just off of one of the main streets in the upper town; close to all of the action, but just outside so as not to be too rowdy. It is a ten- to fifteen-walk (uphill) from the bus and train station and another ten-minute walk to the Chateau Frontenac. The narrow streets in the old town to not provide any parking, but there are city car parks in the vicinity. Additionally, the hostel's back courtyard has bike racks for parking bicycles. A caution, however -- street signs in the area are sometimes in obscure locations and not all maps have all of the smaller streets labeled, so ensure you have good directions to get there initially. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms, like the rest of the hostel, are painted bright cheery colours which make a pleasant atmosphere. The room sizes differ depending on which floor you are on. The first floor has high ceilings and consequently, there is ample room for bunk beds. There are around two to four bunks per room. The upper two floors have lower ceilings and mostly have single or double beds (top floor also has some bunks). The number of beds per room depends on the size of room, usually a minimum of two beds. None of the bed rooms have door locks, but there are enough lockers in the room for each person to have one. Lockers are large enough for a moderately sized backpack, so bring your own lock. There is a sink and mirror in many of the rooms. Bedding is not provided, although it can be hired for a small fee plus a deposit. Like everything else at the hostel, it is cash only. The bathrooms are spread out on each floor. There are showers and a couple of toilets in each one. The showers are of the timed push variety and the temperature cannot be adjusted. There is some room to change but little space to hang things in the shower area. Overall, the rooms and bathrooms are quite clean. Common Spaces There are a number of common spaces at the hostel. There is a large sitting area near the entrance with tables, chairs, books, maps, and phones. The hostel has an excellent collection of board games for stay-in evenings as well. Wireless internet is available, but no computers are provided. The kitchen is very well supplied and there are lots of tables and chairs for eating at, both inside and outside. Space for moving around the kitchen could be at a premium if lots of people are cooking at once. Breakfast is included in the price of an overnight stay. Behind the hostel is a large enclosed courtyard with more tables and chairs and a large chair swing. Some of the back courtyard is covered as well. The stone walls and gardens in the back add to the quaint historic feel of the hostel. Luggage storage is provided by the reception. Summary Overall, Auberge de la Paix is a pleasant hostel to stay at. Its extremely convenient location, close to all of the sights of Quebec City, makes staying there ideal. Its cleanliness and brightness gives the hostel a cheery feel. Everyone is quite helpful.
Gillian Hoyer
  Booked reservation at this hostel a month or two in advance for a private room, we were even given the room number. Arrived at the hostel and discovered that we had been put into a dorm room for half of our stay. The people given our room were a french couple and we are english, not conclusive but made me wonder. Not impressed with service when a reservation was booked.
  Clean rooms, friendly staff, and good location and price.
Christopher Bodemer/April 2005
  I thought it was very good for only twemty dollars a night, plus three dollars per stay for linens if you don't bring your own. Location was perfect because it's right in the old city but a little off the closest main street (St. Jean) for a bit of peace. I think it's the prettiest street in upper Vieux-Quebec and off the major tourist route. Breakfast is included -- it's only toast and cereal but you can supplement it with some stuff from the epicerie just two doors down. You can use their fridge and kitchen. There's also a courtyard to eat or just sit in. Plus, the hostel is cute and colorful. The staff speaks a bit of English at least (though they'd obviously rather speak in French if you can manage). Overall, I was very pleased with it and would recommend it. When you're visiting the city you should definitely go to the Musee de la Civilisation and take the tour of the basilica, including the crypt! Both are very interesting.
  Pretty good hostel. Staff are not very helpful at all but that's probably because I don't speak French and they are bitter about it. Rooms were fine but the mattresses are very thin and plastic. Plus if you don't have sleeping bags they make you pay for linen but it's not too much. No TV but in my mind that's not an essential anyway. Good location.
  This hostel was pretty wicked, you can't beat the location. I thought the private rooms were pretty cheap, if you can get one! Bring slippers.

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