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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "AZ Hostel" at Jindriska 5, Wenceslas Square.)


Jindriska 5, Wenceslas Square, Praha 1, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
50.008682, 14.480310 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+420 224 241 664
+420 224 241 665
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Peaceful, Marvelous Place, But ...
I have stayed in AZ hostel for 8 nights in August 2009. This hostel was very calm and peaceful place although very central. The 5-beds dorm that i stayed in was really spacious, clean, no bunks, with enough lockers for everyone. The bathroom & showers are perfectly clean. Thanks for the generous free Tea & coffee in the lovely small kitchenette that was just in front of my dear dorm 102. The common room was marvelous, peaceful, and constantly clean. i have traveled in most of Europe, and stayed in so many hostels all over the rest of the world. I have to admit that OZ hostel was the best ever. But, the only 3 Negative points happened to me are, No lift to the entrance, only to first floor (A problem if u got heavy bags like me). The staff neither welcoming nor cooperative. The boys are OK specially Martyn -- The girls are rude (Except Anne who became more & more nice and helpful in the last of the 8 days). But Suzanne -- who never smile -- has some problems communicating with guests, she let u feel she is always busy all the time (for nothing). The last 9th night, They asked me to move to another room (with all my heavy stuff & gifts) AFTER 8 NIGHTS!!! so i decided to spend the last night in the AIRPORT and still i do recommend this heavenly memorable hostel to everyone.
Maged Emile Malaty
Great location, bit impersonal, fine
There were no more real dorm beds left for us because there was a problem with our reservation, so they gave us our own private, six-person room for the same price, which was pretty nice. The beds were fine, and the location was fantastic. It wasn't an especially lively place for meeting people, but if you're just looking for a good place to sleep, I'd definitely recommend it.
(USA / Hungary)
  Good location and all. Nice staff. Big and impersonal though. It's kind of like a hotel in that aspect. Nice rooms but security is a bit weak. My perception is colored a bit though by the fact that I was robbed while I was staying there. That made for an interesting final day in the city. Lock all of your kit up, no matter how brief a period you are absent from your room.
  I stayed there this past weekend because another hostel screwed me over. Its location is PERFECT. Seriously, it can't get ANY better. The staff really are friendly and helpful. The room was a "shared room" but it was only five-person room and had no bunk beds. It was really clean, too, and the sheets and comforter were really good (I felt like I was at home again). My biggest fear with hostels is the shower being dirty — but that was not a worry at all. The shower was extremely clean and private (even though its "shared" facilities). Highly recommended — I'd go back in a heartbeat. :)
American student
  Excellently located in the city center, just a fifteen minute walk from the train station. Out the front of the Train Station, go across the Park 'Vrchlickeho Sady' and left along 'Opletalova' street for 1.5 blocks. Turn right (north) onto 'Politickych Venue' street for two blocks. Now left on 'Jindrisska' street for half a block. Signage is great. You can see the big yellow-on-blue HOSTEL sign from Wenceslas Square, and on the crnr. of Jindrisska & 'Politickych Venue' Streets. And the huge sidewalk labels lead you in the passage (see frnt entrance sign), right to their reception door. They give you a free small glossy reference map in which to find your way back to their "night-time" (11pm-7am) entrance which is located on the other side of the building. Double, triple, four or five beds rooms all share bathrooms and toilets in the hallway. Rooms are clean, spacious and sparse. They have plenty of space and could use some more chairs and wall decorations. Not quite homey but the staff is friendly and helpful. Reception is 24hrs. They're brand new and offer laundry, internet access and a safe at the desk for small valuables. Definitely an ‘accommodations only' feel to it rather than a ‘hostel-like' atmosphere. Couples and independent travelers who want a clean, quiet, secure place to stay will find this to be a good deal. For food, entertainment, and the like, Wenceslas Square is just 50m away.

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