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The Adventurer Backpacker is located in an older building and what is lacking in amenities it makes up for in charm. Its central location to the Octagon in Dunedin makes its location prime. You are within walking distance from most train and bus depots and groceries, shopping, bars, restaurants, and tours.

Next to location, the other thing that was most impressive about the Adventurer is the cleanliness. The bathrooms and common areas are kept impeccably clean. Never once is a shred of paper or puddle of water observed on the floor or toothpaste residue in the sink.

The kitchen is fully stocked with dishes, pots and pans, and utensils. And it's plenty big to support five or six people preparing meals at a time. A “free food” bin has residence in the corner of a counter and is stocked with non-perishables that others have left behind. Two fridges allow current visitors to stash their foodstuffs. The large dining table easily will seat fourteen and is a great gathering place for weary travelers at the end of the day.

A number of couches, a pool table, and various games fill the common room lounge. There's also a fireplace that is lit up by staff most evenings. Double, twin, and triple rooms are located upstairs, accessible from an indoor balcony that surrounds the common area. Dormitories are downstairs.

Adventurer has free internet, a pool table, and locked entrances after 8 p.m. The hostel does not have

TV, VCR, and movies.

Overall, this is a great quiet, no-frills, inexpensive, and clean place to lay your head. If you’re looking for additional amenities, this may not be the place for you.

Sara Tyler


This hostel could be absolutely fantastic; it has a really big but cosy communal area. But I found something about it meant it wasn't very social. Not sure what but everyone always seemed to just be reading quietly instead of chatting.



This backpackers lodge is really cozy, and a great place to stay. The rooms are clean and warm, and the atmosphere at this place is incredibly friendly and laid-back. If I ever go back to Dunedin, I would definitely consider returning to this place.



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Sorry, this hostel has closed.

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