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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Paraiso Travellers Hostel" at Ronda de Sant Pau, 55 Ppal 1º.)


Ronda de Sant Pau, 55 Ppal 1º, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
41.377419, 2.164532 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+34 93 329 93 78
+34 93 443 09 01
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Pleasant. Sick old man in Room 6 of 6 bed dorm.
Whilst this was a nice hostel, stayed only one night on the weekend of 13/14 June 2015 in a 6 bed dorm in Room 6. An old man is staying long term in this dorm. His personal rubbish heaped at the corner of his bed. He's taking tablets that make him use the en suite toilet for a sh*t 4 to 5 times during the night. Not nice to listen to this. On seeing this old man in the dorm sleeping at about 2pm on arrival at the hostel I decided to cancel the booking. I had already paid the check-in girl for the night. She would not refund my money. It's sad the old man loses his dignity by being ill in shared dorm accommodation. It's a shame the hostel omits that a sick old man is there on a long term basis from their hostel description. It's just money to the hostel and bad experience for the guest!!
Age 26, Taiwan
Paraiso Travellers Hostel is a great place to stay for tourists looking for a small and cozy spot to meet other travelers. The hostel is located conveniently and the staff is some of the most friendly and knowledgeable staff we have come across. Although basic, the facilities provide a fun atmosphere. The Location The hostel is located pretty much in the city center within a few minutes metro ride away from La Catalunya. There are two metro stops within a ten-minute walk from the hostel, which are then only a few stops away from the La Catalunya. Since it is located within an apartment building and there is no apparent front entrance, the hostel can be a bit hidden away from the unfamiliar eye (we thought the hostel was closed when we arrived in the morning because all we saw was the logo and two plants in front a closed entrance). When you get there, just look up to the second level for the “Pension Paraiso” sign, go to the door to the left of the sign (facing the building), and ring the bell under Paraiso Travellera and someone will buzz you in. The actual hostel is located on the Entreplanta (between the ground floor and the first floor) but there is an elevator for those with heavy luggage or disabilities. Located right around the hostel are a few shops, including a kebab restaurant, a small bakery, and a bank. Be aware though, it would appear that there are two locations, so make sure that you go to the right one where you made your reservations. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorm rooms are clean, but a bit small and relatively basic in their furnishings. The rooms are locked by a pretty secure padlock. Small lockers are provided, but you must bring your own lock or buy one from the reception. The bunk beds are made of metal and can be quite shaky and noisy under the pressure of movement. There is a small TV, mirror, and sink in the four-person dorm room we stayed in. In addition, the room we stayed in was located right next to the street and the window did not provide complete shelter from the streetlights outside. Overall, the rooms have the basic necessities for a stay, but nothing over what is normally expected or distinctly memorable. There are several bathrooms (at least four) located throughout the hostel, a few of which have showers. In addition, they are also well kept and clean, and shampoo and soap are provided. Common Spaces There is a common area inside that is equipped with one computer, a television, a coffee machine, two couches and other chairs, and a few movies and books. Although somewhat small, it is a good spot to meet other backpackers. In addition, they also have a spacious terrace outside that is ideal for drinking, hanging out, and meeting other fellow tourists, but it does close at a certain hour (around 10 or 11). As far as we are aware, there is no kitchen or bar available, but the hostel does advertise the availability of drinks for sale from the reception. There is free Wi-Fi and no lockout or curfew. In addition, other general services such as baggage storage are provided. Summary The staff are extremely friendly and thoroughly helpful, knowledgeable, and accommodating (they gave us an outlet converter for use free of charge). There are also numerous brochures across from the front desk with information on all types of events and attractions around the city. Overall, it is a nice place to stay for the average backpacker.
Jing Song
(United States)
Just Great!!!
Love this hostel!!!!!! everyone here is so friendly, you can meet people easily. the terrace is the best. i hang out there a lot, talking and drinking almost every night. highly recommended!
John Guire
A Good Stay
A clean hostel in a good enough location to be close to colom, plaza catalunya, and la rambla. It is on a main street so not too dangerous at night -- i saw other hostels down back alleys! No kitchen which was a bit of a pain especially for a four-day stay. Also, apart from a tiny common room and the terrace, no central meeting point, so in four days i didn't really feel like i'd chatted to or met anyone apart from our roommates, unusual when backpacking. The terrace shut really early, 10 p.m., so no chance of meeting people there! Cheap though, and the staff were friendly and helpful -- although a bit aggressive about the door buzzer and letting you in!
  After a double booking mistake [sh*t happens], my fifteen-year-old son and I were re-allocated to the new hostel, Downtown Paraiso. I cant comment about the facilities at the original site but Downtown was wonderful. Simple and in the process of refurbishment, but the staff were so helpful and friendly. Advice on any matter was delivered as though being given to a friend rather than a customer. Located just off La Rambla. I was a little anxious about the suitability of the site for my son but I couldn't have been more wrong and I will recommend the hostel to anyone.
Alan Coplin-Chard
  We rented a room with double bed and we got a nice apartment, which was a nice surprise. The location it is perfect, walking distance from everywhere. The staff is very friendly and helpful, they kept the apartment and hostel very clean and in good conditions. Very nice hostel and apartments. I recommend this hostel for a couple, or a group of travelers.
Ricardo Rube
  Paraiso Travellers Hostel is a secure and well located hostel on the first floor of an apartment building. It has a small lounge and a large terrace. There is no kitchen and access to showers can be a bit limited in the morning, especially the single shower room on the terrace. Sadly the terrace closes early so you had better make friends before 11 p.m. and then hit the town if you want fun. And because the is no bar you need to be proactive about meeting people here too. The hostel is clean and secure and the staff are friendly and happy to help. The location is about ten minutes walk from La Ramblas and fifteen to the Gothic quarter. However the local area is well severed with shops and bars too and many of the people who work there will speak some English.
Andy Hall
  I stayed at this hostel for about a week while apartment hunting in Barcelona. On the plus side, staff are friendly, knowledgeable and organized. The hostel is small and clean, and many rooms have attached bathrooms. I often found myself sharing a four-bed, one-bath dorm room with only one other person. General bathroom facilities are sufficient, with two toilet-only rooms and two shared showers. There is no lock-out and reception is open 24 hours. On the downside, the hostel is located in a not-very-safe area and the walk home at night from Las Ramblas can be frightening. I would definitely not recommend this hostel for girls traveling alone. Although the people staying here are pretty quiet, I was woken up night after night by one of the neighbours howling like a wolf.

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