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This hostel has an excellent location and can be walked to from the train station in less than 10 minutes. It is in the middle of the historic area of Prague and you can easily walk to almost all tourist areas.

This hostel seems to be located in many buildings scattered through out the neighborhood. We were located in a building behind the main hostel building. It seems to be undergoing some renovation and the door doesn't look promising, but don't let that fool you. It is a LONG hard walk up MANY flights of stairs. There is an elevator if you wanted to risk it and have all day. The reward is a top floor balcony/terrace with a nice view. The rooms are very large and spacious and bright and clean. There seem to be adequate showers and toilets. There is also a kitchen/breakfast room with a kettle, hotplate and fridge. Breakfast is good, includes coffee and juice, as well as the usual cornflakes and buns, cheese and meat.

If you can get through the ordeal of dealing with the staff this hostel is a good place to stay. In the high season it's recommended to book far in advance as it seems a hard place to get into with a very long waiting list.
by David Staff Reviewer


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Dlouhá 33, Praha 1, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
50.090670, 14.425951 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+420 224 826 662,+420 224 826 663
+420 224 826 665
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New management?
The office was closed when I got there and the check in was inside a hotel. It seemed the office used to be in use recently, I would think. The hotel staff really didn't have any advice or even the time of day to help out, the room they sent me into was completely ransacked, the door was broken open so anyone could open it, the lockers were all broken, and the window faced a busy street right next to a nightclub, so you can't sleep even if you try. it was a 20 person room and they didn't care that all the security features were gone, meanwhile right next to us there was another 20 person room that was not in use, but completely intact. Really? This hostel may have been good once, but the hotel running it seems to have ruined anything good about it. good location. the bar across the street, museum of beer, has a great staff, but avoid this place unless they offer you free stay.
Travellers' Hostel Dlouhá is a true party hostel in a superb location near old town square. It is not as clean or modern as some hostels, but this is the place to be if you want to have a good time in Prague. The Location The hostel is in a very central location, just two minutes’ walk from old town square. Prague is a very condensed city, so Charles Bridge, the castle, and all other main attractions are fifteen minutes’ walk away. It is also in a great area for nightlife with a wide range of bars and clubs in the vicinity, including its own Roxy Music club right next door. It takes about twenty minutes to walk here from the train station or take metro line A and get off at Staromestska, walk along Kaprova, through old town square to Dlouha Street. The hostel is about two-hundred-fifty meters along here on the left hand side. Rooms and Bathrooms There are a variety of rooms in this hostel including private apartments, one- to six-bed rooms, and dormitories. The dorms are arranged in apartments each containing two twelve-bed dorms, male and female bathrooms, and a kitchen and dining area. As you can imagine, sharing an apartment with twenty-four people is very social but not a good place to be if you want a good night's sleep. If you want to party chose a dorm, if not get a private room. The rooms have some aesthetic problems, with a few cracks in the walls, but they are clean. Free lockers and linen are provided. You are given a set of keys to open the dorm apartments and your room, but this is not very secure as doors are often left propped open. The bathrooms have a little bit of mould in them, but are generally quite clean although not very modern. There seem to be plenty of showers -- we never had to queue. Common Spaces The dorm apartments are very social; despite the lack of space in the dining room, almost everyone manages to crowd around and join the party. For people staying in private rooms, there is a bar which is the main social area. It is not always that busy but occasionally it does get going. If there is a party in the dorms people in private rooms are welcome to join. The bar is also where the free breakfast is served. Breakfast consists of cereal; yogurt; bread and jam; tea, coffee, and juice of average quality. There are free computers in the lobby and free Wi-Fi. Summary This hostel has a great atmosphere and is full of lively and interesting people. It is in a great location to get to know everything that Prague has to offer, both day and night.
Sophie Vaggers
(United Kingdom)
This is probably the worst hostel in Prague, possibly in all of Europe. The staff are ok, but the dorm rooms are filthy dirty and barely kept clean. Bedbugs? Check. Piss all over the floor in all the bathrooms? Check. Bait and switch? Check. If your travel agent suggests this place, I would suggest that you find a new travel agent who has your well being in mind. Location isn't everything, you know.
Quality Hostel and very central location
Great location. The place is kept pretty clean which is always appreciated! And downstairs there is the Roxy Dance club with a very large dance floor and drinks are cheap as well. Also Downstairs there is a bar with an art gallery -- very underground style with also cheap drinks. One of the best hostels that I have ever been.
  I stayed in a eight-person room in the other part of the hostel, a gallery courtyard fifty meters away from the main hostel. It was quite clean and quiet (but nothing exceptional) and had a quite nice private bathroom. Didn't really get to see the kitchen, though. Dlouha is quite central, the staff was quite nice though impersonal.
  Nice Hostel in Prague. Building a bit old, but central and with nice atmosphere. Stayed there for three nights. Dormitory of sixteen people(mix dormitory), in wooden double beds, really comfortable. The room also was really big and comfortable and surprisingly clean and quiet any time of the day. There are big windows so there was no problem with ventilation. Lockers really big, need a pad. Common room, bathroom, and kitchen, common for three dorm rooms and rather small for the number of the people, but seems that you make contacts easier. Bathrooms were rather few for the number of people that served. Some facilities could be better (washing, cooking). A bit strict in the hours of breakfast, and what allowed to choose. Stuff really friendly, helpful by any way. Location -- there is no way to be better. In the middle of Prague, just a block away from old square. Everything around -- sites, shops, nightlife. For easy-going, easy to socialize people is a very good hostel. Personally I have some of my best travelling days there!
  Great location but staff could be a bit more welcoming. Sometimes will ignore guests completely during shift changes. Rooms and bathrooms really vary in quality and ammenities, so ask for a look around first, if possible. Good sized lockers and beds. Never felt unsafe or that my belongings were at risk (but didn't leave them out, either). Bar upstairs is a nice touch with nice staff. One big plus is that they'll lend you items like travel guides, hair dryer, et cetera for a refundable deposit. Oh yeah, the place is kept pretty clean which is always appreciated!
  I've been there two times.Great location, clean rooms and bathrooms...breakfast is after 8 o'clock, so if you're planning to go away early you won't have any...I'm a little bit upset after having read the comment by the robbed guy in August 2005. I stayed there two nights only, in August 2005 as well, and came back with 200 Euros less. But I thought I was robbed elsewhere.

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