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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Le Sirene" at Via degli Aranci 160.)


Via degli Aranci 160, Sorrento, Campania, Italy
40.626040, 14.382410 (accuracy not guaranteed)
0039 081 8771371
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Decidedly Average
Very nice people. Centrally located, close to the train station. Smelled heavily of smoke. Rickety bunk beds. Bathroom was dirty, did not lock, and did not have hot water. Room otherwise was clean, bottom sheet had some mysterious stains.All in all, perfectly fine for a night or two, but I wouldn't want to use it for much other than a place to sleep.
Age 20, USA
Le Serene Hostel - Ostello Delle Sirene is a basic hostel and easy to walk to (five minutes) from the train and bus station of Sorrento. Opened above a bar with slot machines, you wonder what other entrance or fire exit there might be after climbing up a built-in, narrow staircase to reach the rooms on the first floor. It's not built for people with disabilities or travelers with big pieces of luggage. Location It's a short walk from the station and on one of the main streets of Sorrento -- it's easy to find when you follow the posted signs. Shops, bars, and restaurants are close by. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorms come in different sizes and smells -- we're not sure if the smell comes from the outside through the open windows, from the in-town working residents staying in the dorms, or from the not-well-aired bathrooms. Clean but less than basic, the rooms are a bit disappointing as are the bathrooms. Old-style Italian bathrooms were never built with showers, so the shower knobs were introduced much later and the shower is nothing else than water coming out of the ceiling. That means you have to remove everything from the bathroom before you shower, including clothes and toilet paper, or all will be wet. Common Spaces Not too much space is given in the common room. Reception, computers (the internet is too expensive), and the little kitchen (which they charge for using) are beside the bar that belongs to the hostel and offers cheaper breakfast to the guests. Breakfast is not included in price. Washing machine and dryer are found in the same area. Summary It's a place to stay and save some money when on a budget, but not the best hostel you can stay in Sorrento.
Goller sonja
Last Option
This hostel should be your last option if you desire to stay in Sorrento. To expensive for what you get. Eight-bed dorm is a nine-bed with no space to drop your backpack. There are a couple of smelling long term residents. The whole place misses space to relax and to get up to your dorm or room, you have to climb a staircase that is fitting into a submarine. Breakfast is 1.50€ for a coffee and a croissant. There is a kitchen (1€ for use) and a washing machine. The bar and beverages are good priced. Bathroom has all in one, means you take a shower and all is wet in there. This place is the worst I've stayed in Italy, even it is ok when it comes to being clean.
  If you look for an hotel with a smiling staff, go away. I made a reservation for a private room, but I was put in a shared room. Moreover the guy at the reception desk try to convice me that he does not have to deduce the deposit of the reservation from the total bill. I had to argue ten minutes before he admits that the deposit was already payed and that I had to pay only the difference between this deposit and the price of the bed.
  I stayed in this hostel in August 2005, or rather I stayed in their sister hostel in the next town. I had made a reservation, but when I arrived, they told me there was no more room and put me in the other hostel, supposedly 5 minutes away. They assured me that a free shuttle would be at my disposal to take me to and from Sorrento whenever I wanted. In practice, I often had to wait up to 30 minutes for the shuttle to arrive. They had a schedule posted, which was not respected at all. I wound up being very frustrated and nearly missed my boat to Capri one morning. They are the only hostel in town, so they know they have you at their mercy. If I had to do it all over again, I'd either stay at one of the campsites or use Salerno as a base for exploring the region. Sorrento wasn't particularly impressive anyway.
  I stayed here because the hostel at Porto Salvo unfortunately had problems so they could not put me up. This hostel was unfriendly and dirty and there was NO hot water and the room I was in was far too cramped.
  Be careful when booking because, on arrival, we were told we had been "bumped" into their sister hostel out of town. They hadn't warned me of this even though I had spoken to them on the phone several times. We were assured that the sister hostel was a short drive away in their free minibus, but in fact it took half an hour, and we discovered the next morning that there were no more minibuses that day so we had to find our own way back to Sorrento. That said, the sister hostel was rather pleasant, but it was far from being the night in Sorrento we had planned!
  The rooms have en suites but no shower curtain, so the bathroom floor is awash half the time. There are about eight beds to a room, not too crowded. The breakfast is the standard bread roll and juice/coffee. No cereal. There is a bar/cafe attached to the hostel in the shop next door. There is no guest kitchen but there are cheap restaurants/ pub meals in town like the Lion 10 Euro. I don't think the owners try too hard to keep the place clean. But it's the only backpackers in town and is a short walk to train (5 minutes) and ferry terminal to Capri (15 minutes). Sorrento is a good base for local day trips.
Stephen, New Zealand

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