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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Calidad House Cali" at Calle 17 N, 9an - 39.)


Calle 17 N, 9an - 39, Barrio Granada, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
3.461847, -76.534345 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+57 266 12 338
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Great place for 9 usd a night.
I had a great time in Calidad House. The owners were honestly friendly. Finally I had a hot shower in Colombia but not really needed. Nice brand new kitchen and close to dozens of fancy restaurants. I think that for nine dollars I got a lot. Just a great place to stay, economical, and VERY clean.
A fantastic budget hostel for backpackers!
This hostel is amazing for the budget backpacker. It is decorated white throughout and is extremely clean and tidy. The best part is that the kitchen facilities are fantastic. There are pots and pans available for use along with loads of utensils, a huge fridge, cooker. My boyfriend and I stayed in a double room which was 40,000 pesos per night, so approx 12 GBP - 6 quid per person! It is only 40 mins walk from Cali zoo, which cost 9600 pesos per person, and is 5 minute walk from several shops, bars, restaurants and cafes. Also very close to the famous Chippichapi shopping mall, where there is a cinema too with 3D screens. The hostel owners, David and his wife are very really friendly and helpful with tourist info and directions. There are also maps of the city all over the hostel on the walls so you can easily find your way around.
Very impolite and i felt scammed
I stayed at Cali Hostel Calidad House on March 28/29 2009 and had a most unpleasant experience. The manager was very Young and was extraordinarily rude. He never expressed gratitude for our business and was constantly rude and impolite. I booked in and agreed a rate of 20,000 pesos per night and when i was leaving he insisted the rate was 22,000 per night. In addition there is no hot showers. most unpleasant experience.
albert destel
  Give me a fakking break, mate! maybe when the pommie owner was around this place was ok, but the creepy Adams Family nutbags who run the place now make it an absolute sh*thole! Give this place a miss.
an australian traveller
  I didn't actually get to see the inside of this hostel and am not sure if I met one of the owners. I arrived in Cali in the morning and called to find out if there was a room for two people. I was told yes, but when we arrived, the woman asked the Colombian friend I was travelling with where he was from. She then told us that there was only room for one person in the dorm and he could not stay there. The Iguana is down the street and does not discriminate.
  As the hostel owners are very friendly and helpful, this hostel is nice to stay at. It's being renovated in late 2005 so the facilities should improve, although for 12,000 pesos each it's not overly expensive. Yes, the showers are cold but we found that the beds weren't hard — they're very comfy in fact. It's well located being near the Ave Sexta where there are loads of bars, and a walk to the Old Town is 20 minutes, as is a walk to Chipi Chape (the shopping center with fabulous steaks).
  The atmosphere in this hostel is second to none. I always stay here when I visit Cali. The owners, David and Emma, are incredibly friendly people and no, I'm not related to them!! The hostel is not a very expensive place to stay, but it is very clean and it's situated in a very good part of Cali for the traveler.
Garry Marks
Cali, in the south of Colombia, can be reached from either Bogota or Medellin (nine hours) in the north over about the most spectacular road in the world or from the south from Popayan, the lovely colonial town two hours south. Cali has not so much to offer for the more cultural tourist. It's mainly a place to party at night in one of the many salsatecas or have good dinners in great restaurants. It does make a convenient stopover on the long way north to the capital or south. Calidad House is an extremely popular backpackers hostel situated in the northwest of the new centre of Cali where all the nice restaurants are situated. It's about a 15 minute walk from the historical centre of the city. A taxi from the bus station takes less than ten minutes and should be around a dollar. The friendly owner probably makes up for the very simple hostel which I found not a place to linger for too long. The showers are below freezing in the morning as there is no hot water available. Cali is hot during the day but cool at night, and so does the temperature of the water! The dorms are spacious and have six or eight beds. Simple, very small single and double rooms are available. Beds are VERY hard and not too comfortable really. On the plus side there is a kitchen with all the trimmings to use, laundry service, luggage storage, no internet, cable tv in the common room, two patios with relaxing hammocks and lots of info about what to do in and around Cali. The facilities, although basic, are clean enough and the price reflects what you get. Cheap, basic, friendly, good for a few nights if on a budget, but for longer stays or people who require a little bit more quality I would recommend looking elsewhere.
Edwin van de Koolwijk

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