7 bis Chemin de la Justice, Avignon, Provence, France
+33 (0)4 90 25 46 20
+33 (0)4 90 25 30 64
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  I read the stuff online about this place so I knew it was supposed to be quiet and not a lot going on. When I got there around 4 in the afternoon there was Nobody anywhere, not in the reception, not in the lounge or restaurant, not in the parking lot, and not even in any of the rooms as far as I could tell. So I called the phone number and someone came out right away to check me in. This wasn't bad so much as just kind of indicative of what the place is like -- you're not going to meet people, and there's nothing happening nearby. But other than that, it's very clean, the rooms feel safe, the staff when present are friendly and helpful, and there's a nice pool, lounge, cafe, and outdoor dining area with a view across the river. I was there in November so it was probably even more dead than normal. Make sure that the buses into Avignon are actually running during the time you'll be there, because the walk into town -- yes, it's only twenty minutes -- is not at all pleasant. Basically you walk along a highway going over the river, and it's usually really windy. Other than that, a fine place to stay and one of the only legit hostels in Avignon.
The YMCA - UCDJ hostel is located in Villeneuve-les-Avignon, over the river from Avignon. It is about a twenty-minute walk from Avignon centre. To get to the hostel from the train station, take bus number 10 and get off at the stop Monteau. At the train station, most of the buses stop just on the inside of the city wall and are hidden out of view. From Monteau stop walk down the hill and turn right at the roundabout. There is a sign pointing to YMCA. Walk along this street until you reach number 7 and the big sign saying YMCA. If arriving by bus, first walk to the train station and follow the above instructions. The hostel has a very quiet, relaxed feel. There are plenty of common areas including a cafeteria, terrace, and pool, but not many people with which to share them. It's certainly not the place to meet hundreds of other travelers. At the time of staying, there was a group of thirty-five Australian school kids and us. However, if you are simply looking for a bed to sleep in, the rooms are clean and comfortable. Sheets are provided, and there are sinks in the rooms and space to hang some clothes. Rooms are secure -- each requiring keycard access. The toilets and showers are kept very clean and there is plenty of hot water. There is in fact a lack of cold water. The cold tap in our room constantly ran warm. It is also family friendly accommodation, and the pool has a fence around it so kids will be fine. It is certainly not the place for late-night party-goers. We were not informed of any curfew or lockout and went out for dinner. Upon returning at 9:45 p.m., the big gates at the front were locked. With a 9:30 a.m. checkout you may not want to stay out all night partying anyway. The next night we decided it best to stay in, only to find they had rented out the hall downstairs and there was a noisy party going on into the wee hours of the morning. The hostel has plenty of facilities. There is a large carpark on the premises (locked at night). Washing can be done for 4 euros. Breakfast in the restaurant costs 5 euros and dinner 12. There is a TV with plenty of stations, and a computer to use the internet. Internet can, however, be found cheaper at internet cafes in Avignon. There are luggage storage facilities if you plan to stay in Avignon past 9:30 a.m. on the day of departure. You can play table tennis on the terrace or simply enjoy the views of Avignon and the river. This is not the most fun place to stay, but there are not that many options in Avignon, and this is certainly a nice clean place to spend a few days relaxing.
Vanessa Boltman
  I visited in April 2005. This is a large, very clean building with large car park. There is also a swimming pool, a dining and common area with a bar, and internet. No kitchen. Staff were friendly and helpful. The front office also sells phonecards. Dorms are medium size with a table and bag storage (and power outlet if you need to recharge anything). Room access is by card. Showers and toilets are in the hall. There are shops just down the road and a bus service into town. Like many of these institutions in France, it was host to a bus load of fourteen-year-old Italian students and a bus load of sixteen-year-old Dutch students, so the soccer match at nine p.m. near the pool was quite noisy!
  Nice hostel with a lot of rooms and nice staff members. There is a swimming pool — absolutely spotless, great. Showers, toilets etc., are all good.


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