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The Review

Hostel Innsbruck Studentenheim is located northeast of the old town, close the Inn River. It was apparently built for the Winter Olympic Games in the seventies, and it unfortunately seems like it hasn't been renovated much since then.

The Location

The hostel is located somewhere around twenty to thirty minutes from the main train station, if you go on foot. However, there is a bus station right in front of the building and since there are no attractions around the hostel, taking a bus is the best option. There's a restaurant and a gas station close by, though, so in case you want something to eat or drink you can get it there.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Although the building is large, the dorms are very small. Keys are used instead of keycards, which might bother some visitors, especially if you are entering the room at night and trying to be as quiet as possible. There are bunks, and a small table and lockers in them, but they are uncomfortable and old. All in all, the dorms are very basic and quite noisy. Bathrooms are shared and can be found in the hall. They are decent enough, but you have to bring towels and soap with you.

Common Spaces

There are a couple of common spaces, where some of the guests occasionally socialize, but since the atmosphere is quiet and dull, a lot of the visitors prefer staying in the rooms. Perhaps the best common place in the building is the dining room, where breakfast is served every morning.


Unfortunately, the hostel options in Innsbruck are very slim, so staying there is better than nothing. However, the hostel has a lot of issues. Besides the mentioned unsatisfying rooms, some of the staff can be quite unfriendly. At the check-in, you also have to pay extra for sheets and leave your ID card as a deposit for the keys. There is a Wi-Fi connection in the building, but you have to pay to receive a username and password, which only work for twenty-four hours. If you can't get any other option in Innsbruck, go with this hostel -- just don't expect much. It has no character and what you get in the end seems quite overpriced when compared to other hostel options in Austria.
by chaser Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Innsbruck Studentenheim" at Reichenauerstrasse 147.)


Reichenauerstrasse 147, Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria
47.274295, 11.426850 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+43 512 34 61 79
+43 512 34 61 79 12
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64% Guest Reviews

Great place to crash. Do not stay here more than one night.
Super tight accommodations. Breakfast was pretty bland, warm milk. The shining light was the strong coffee. It was pretty clean but super industrial. Service was not bad but just too impersonal.
Age 32, USA
So bad
The guy in reception at night in July 14th asked me to give him 50 € as a deposit for the key of the room, something really incredible that has not ever happen to me till new. Also, he said me that breakfast was till 10 am, but the next morning it was over about 9 am. The girl in the morning of July 15th, saturday, a blonde haired one, is really nasty and unkind. I wanted to claim to her but she did not let me to explain anything, shouting me and in a hurry all the time. She just said me that her timetable in the work had just finished and she was leaving the hotel to go home. She refused to give me any full to make claims. I am really disappointed with this hostel, mostly for this unpolite girl, and really do not want to come back ever.
  This hostel has a few problems. The rooms are cramped and not very practical -- there is no floor space so getting dressed is difficult. The showers are unisex with no lock on the door so anyone can wander in while you are showering/drying off. The staff were a bit uninteresting and didn't go out there way to be helpful. The seven-hour lock out and curfew make it difficult to go out at all in the evening because its at least a twenty-minute walk into town or pay for bus. However, breakfast was free and good.
  Average it is. Not good but not awful either. The rooms, although cramped, have habitable, though not the most comfortable, beds. The showers were clean and hot, though you can't lock the door. The breakfast was ok for the price, and the staff were neither friendly nor rude. Like many HI hostels, there was no atmosphere -- the TV room, an ideal meeting spot for travelers, was dead (but then who came to Innsbruck to watch TV?). But it was cheap, and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you don't spend too long in the hostel, and don't go out at night (strict 11 p.m. curfew), it's a bearable experience.
  Average hostel -- not good nor bad. I didn't find any mice in my bedroom which was averagely clean, as well as the bathrooms. However I found the room somehow small and sometimes I felt like a packed sardine. The staff is ok but unfortunately the hostel is far from the train station. Breakfast is good and it's included in the price.
  The place looked ok. the staff were pretty dull. I had to change rooms in the middle of the night when one man in the dorms got pretty wierd. They had no rooms except private and said it would be ten extra a night. I paid but when i checked out the woman tried to say i owed sixteen more and that i was lying and i tried to deceive them on purpose and threw my hostel card back at me and shouted at me to go.
  This place wasn't so bad. The kitchen was clean when I was there and you do have to pay for the gas, but it is very cheap. Good location, right next to the bus stop to town and a big supermarket. Beds were clean but the showers were terrible. There's no privacy because you can't lock the door.
  The staff were rude, the kitchen was closed while I was staying here, there were mice, it was snowing outside and the heating was not on — it was freezing. But this hostel is cheap, so if you are a budget traveler like me, what the hell, it's a place to sleep, and Innsbruck itself is definitely worth a visit.

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