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1, rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 11è - Bastille/République Area, Paris, Île-de-France, France
48.868882, 2.368092 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Nice hostel in cool area!
I thought this hostel was really great! The staff was kind and helpful, it was inexpensive and I felt like it was pretty clean, safe, and in a cool area! I'd definitely recommend it.
Age 27, United States
A pleasant and reasonable price to stay in this Hotel
First time to stay here in April 2006, It was nice and clean. The bedroom was clean including the linen and its towel, the bathroom was beautifully laid out. all of it was reasonably priced that include a satisfying free breakfast. I desire to comeback once I visit Paris again.
Good place to stay
Very friendly staff, great location, good breakfast, safe to leave bags, clean bathrooms, rooms a bit small but I would be back and recommend it to others.
Absolute Paris Hostel is a pretty good bet -- located in a pretty good part of Paris and there's no curfew or lockout! The Location The hostel is located in the Republique area of the 11th arrondissement just across from the end of the Canal St. Martin. To get to the hostel take the metro line 3, 5, 8, 9, or 11 and follow the Sortie sign for rue du Faubourg du Temple and when you are above ground start walking away from the statue in the middle of the traffic circle. You will walk down rue du Faubourg du Temple and the hostel will be on the corner of the fourth street on your right, rue de la Fontaine au Roi. This will be right after you have crossed the Canal St. Martin. It is across the street from a McDonald's on one side and a Franprix on the other. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms open with a card, but as far as the room we stayed in went, no one's card ever worked. Someone always has to come and open the door to let everyone else in. The people at the desk are no help in resolving the broken card problem. The room itself is clean if nothing else -- it seems to be an old hotel room turned into a dorm to sleep four people on two sets of bunk beds. The beds are made of metal and creak incessantly when people move in their sleep. Also, there are no ladders to the top bunk. The bunks are too close together for someone to be able to comfortable sit up on the bottom bunk without hitting their head. Otherwise, the room is rather dim without the curtains open and there is no light besides the one overhead to use when coming home in the middle of the night. The cleaning staff will come in at an ungodly hour to make the beds and if you intend to sleep in after a long night out they will probably wake you up (around 10 a.m.). There are no lockers but there is a small closet with one safe to lock valuables in. The telephone and a television in the room does not work. The bathrooms are ensuite and consist of the basic sink, toilet, and shower cubicle that gets water all over the floor despite the curtain. There really is nowhere in the bathroom to set clean clothes to keep them dry while showering. There is a soap dish in the shower as well as a small shelf above the sink for placing toiletries. The bathroom, and especially the shower cubicle itself, is small and doesn't leave much room for moving around. Towels and a hair dryer, as well as a bar of soap and shampoo packets, are provided. The bathroom is also home to the only trash can in the room. Common Spaces The atmosphere of this hostel is probably best described as subdued but friendly. Guests don't seem to socialize outside their travel group (we were in a room of single travelers, so we talked to each other). The lobby of the hostel is the main common area besides the breakfast room. In the lobby there are three computers with free internet access for guests (limited to twenty minutes when someone is waiting, and you will have to remind the person using the computer of the rule if you ever want to use it). There is also free Wi-Fi. There is a coffee machine and vending machine in the lobby as well as tourist information and a television that seems to be there more for the entertainment of whoever is working the front desk than for the backpackers. There is no luggage storage room per se but you can leave bags next to the check-in desk in the hall for the afternoon. There is nothing to secure a bag to, but there are video cameras watching them (but who's watching the cameras?). Breakfast comes free with your bed and is strictly handed out -- one glass of orange juice, one glass of something hot (coffee, tea, hot chocolate), and croissant, and one roll with optional jelly and butter. Breakfast is served in the basement breakfast room until 9:30. Summary This hostel seems fine -- overall it is clean and it's one of the few hostels within the city limits of Paris with twenty-four-hour check-in and no curfew and no lockout. Check-out is at 11 a.m. It isn't the most social hostel but it's a good place to stay if you're day will be full and you already have friends to hang out with. You have to go outside to smoke. The front desk staff seems much nicer if you at least try to speak to them in French -- don't expect everyone at this hostel to be capable of speaking English. If a booking website says all the beds are full, try calling or sending an e-mail, because they keep some other beds open. If you come in late at night be prepared to give your name and room number to the person working the desk. There is an elevator.
Would not consider ever going back
I stayed here August '08 and overall this place is CRAP. The wifi never worked, when it did it would keep dropping out constantly. I was in a room with 6 beds, the room quite honestly could not have fitted more than maybe 2 beds, max! There was literally no room to even bring in your suitcase and the room was disgustingly dirty. There was a bathroom for the room itself but it was so dirty and looked as though it hadn't been cleaned in at least 4 days. People's things were lying all over the room, things which apparently didn't belong to anyone staying in the room, none of the beds were made after people had checked out that day and the closet didn't work. For what you pay there are millions of budget hotels which are cheaper or the same price and you get a whole lot more for them. The staff were friendly but not so helpful.
Really ok
very nice, friendly and helpful staff at the reception (english-speaking). twenty-four hours open. hostel is very central (république metro station ca five minutes' walk away. a lot of restaurants, takeaways, supermarkets, and stores nearby. bathroom at the apartment. breakfast existing (one bap, one croissant, jam, butter, coffee/cocoa/tea, cereal). elevator existing. free internet. kitchen existing (for cooking for yourself), you are allowed to use the fridge, too. But very, very tiny room and bathroom and not very clean. you have to buy some food for yourself for the breakfast (cheese, sausage, food/vegetable), then it can be really ok. It is a basic hotel/hostel and don't have too much expectations. but for travelers who want to visit and experience the wonderful city paris, it is a great hostel to sleep!
Very good
i went to paris for five days on january 2008 and the hostel was very good and so clean. it's near the subway and there is a supermarket, mcdonalds, and several arabic restaurants. i will go again!
  The bathrooms are the best thing about this hostel. Breakfast and location are good as well. But the rooms are tiny. And the staff is horrible! They did not help us with anything. One bed was broken and they suggested to the girl to look up in other rooms to find herself a bed. For free you'll get just one sheet and the blanket is really dirty. For the second sheet you'll have to pay two EUR per night. We met three guys behind the front desk and two of them did not give us a single smile during the four days. The youngest, Idir, was nice and friendly -- the only friendly person in this hotel we had chance to meet. Generally I have stayed at worse hostels but I've never met worse staff!

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