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Cañizares 6, Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
40.412929, -3.701713 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+34 902 88 91 92
+ 34 91 429 94 79
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Nice Party hostel in a great location
The hostel has a huge common room in the center and decent bar from which the pub crawl starts. The rooms are pretty small but quiet -- I was in a 4 beds room. Toilets and showers are clean. Each room has a big locker, which can hold a suitcase, and generally the place is pretty secure. The reception is welcoming and helpful.
Would stay here again.
Staff was extremely helpful and nice. Room was clean and the cat theme is very fun.
Age 24
Awesome party hostel
i checked in past midnight but that was still early enough to make it on the hostel's pub crawl. Great party atmosphere with two bars, karaoke, good drink specials, organized events, and a very accommodating staff. Just don't come here to sleep.
Age 24, USA
Nice but not worth the Price
May 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2011 -- Stayed the first 3 nights to Madrid of a 12 day stay and was not impressed. It was like one of those sleep over's from "grade school" not as homey as yours or your other friends. I was there too when some of the rooms near was under consideration. The breakfast and the bar room was 4 stars, liked that. And a nice 1, 2 walk to "Plaza Mayor". Bring your own towel and soap, wear slipper too around the hostel the floor is not swiped. Had to pay a high deposit too and wear an blue wrist watch band-like only to return after my stay.
Well, I came from there today, and there is only one thing I can say, I loved it! It was the best hostel where I have stayed, it was clean, secure and has very nice staff always ready to help you , and I got excellent room mates too. During these days I spent we had awesome parties with a lot of people from different countries. For me, the BEST!!!
Try somewhere else
I would rate Cats hostel a lot higher were it not for the way we were treated by the staff upon checking out. Having got back from our night out in the early hours of the morning, we missed check-out by approximately an hour and were refused the return of our key deposits. The receptionist was only able to say repeatedly the system won't let me. When we were leaving our room, there was not a cleaner in sight so there is no way we were depriving the hostel of the opportunity to clean (there were other empty beds which could have been cleaned if we really were holding things up). And it wasn't like we had broken or lost the keys. The disappointing thing was that we had enjoyed our stay, but this pointless, unnecessary behaviour on the part of the reception staff left a slightly bitter taste in the mouth. My mates and I have stayed in hostels all across Europe and none of us have ever had an experience like this. Clearly a money-making system without any sense of reason. There is a lot of competition for hostels in Madrid, and so with plenty of other fun hostels to stay at I would recommend you try somewhere else lest you be penalised for having the cheek to sleep a fraction longer than allowed.
Pretty good
I visited in the summer of 2008. There wasn't a kitchen, but that's alright. the hostel is nicely situated and security seemed fine. I would not hesitate to come back to this hostel.
Cat's Hostel is a beautiful little place tucked away in an unassuming street in the centre of Madrid. The Location Cat's is in a small side street off Calle de Atocha but is not difficult to find at all -- the closest metro is Tirso de Molina or Anton Martin. It's very close to Sol, Gran Via, and Plaza Mayor, as well as the smaller but prettier Plaza de Santa Ana, and only a ten-minute walk from the Rastro on a Sunday. Despite being within walking distance of Atocha train station, if you've got big bags, Metro is probably the best plan. The neighbourhood itself is not particularly nice or lively in terms of nightlife, but there are lots of cheap Chinese shops, a couple of small supermarkets (Dia, just down the road, is great), and it is only a short walk to the good bars and shops. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms themselves light and airy but are fairly cramped -- this is fairly inevitable in most hostels. There's still enough room for maintenance of personal space! When you arrive at the hostel you are provided with a magnetic wristband -- which is the key to the hostel, your room, and your locker. Although good in principle, these are actually quite difficult to master when trying to open the door to a room in the dark and quiet. Many people often ask others for help! However, the lockers in the room are very spacious, with easily enough room for a medium-sized rucksack. Showers are colorful, clean, and powerful, with space for towel or clothes as well as room within the shower room to change, and fantastic floor-length mirrors! Common Spaces The one downside to this fantastic hostel is the lack of a kitchen or even a fridge. There are, however, vending machines for drinks and all manner of snacks, most unrecognizable. However, in terms of common spaces, this hostel is great. There is a beautiful indoor courtyard with large cushions and sofas that is very peaceful and full of people sleeping or reading. However, this area is cleared at about 1 a.m. The bar is another great space to be in and meet others -- the upstairs bar provides an adequate breakfast of croissant and coffee/hot chocolate, whilst the downstairs, "cave-themed" bar is always buzzing. The hostel hosts regular parties, which are very loud and go on until about 3 a.m., but are a great way to meet other people. A two-pint glass of sangria can be had for a very reasonable price! The bar also hosts four computers, which are quick and reliable. Summary This hostel is fantastic for someone looking for a fun, lively, sociable experience. Be prepared to chat with others, as well as put up with noise (although there are bouncers from about 1 a.m. onwards trying to keep noise down, especially when you arrive back at the hostel). The hostel is in a very central location, with easy access to most of the places worth visiting in Madrid. The only negative point is that the staff themselves are unfortunately somewhat surly. However, don't let this put you off staying in this great little hostel.
Alice Brooke

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