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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "A&O Berlin Mitte" at Köpenicker strasse 127 - 129.)


Köpenicker strasse 127 - 129, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Berlin, Berlin State, Germany
52.494126, 13.562314 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+49 (30) 80947-0
+49 (30) 80947-39
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Disgusting place!
What did I hate about this place? Everything!! The staff were unfriendly and rude. Right from the first 5 minutes I walked into the door I was greeted very rudely by the staff and got into an argument to which he told me 'I need to be nicer to him', yet he was the one who had started the argument! There was a constant group of loud obnoxious teenagers or people in the front steps and in the entrance that were so loud and disruptive every night! Not a good look when I arrived late also and there were people shouting from the windows for them to shut up! They talked, screamed, sung and squealed until 2am every single night and on the last night it wasn't until I stormed down to reception and threatened to call the police did they do anything about it!! This was Sunday to Thursday too so not the weekend, although every night could have been a Saturday night!! They have security staff on site but no where to be seen! It's worrying that a place needs security staff anyway! Even in the corridors people were banging doors and screaming and knocking on other people's doors and having fights and I had to tell them to shut up to which I got a smart ass comment. Sheets and bedding is extra charge!! Which is stupid because it's a necessity, like using the bathroom! No one should pay for that, especially when the price of the stay is so expensive already! There's no lockers in the rooms or from what I could see anywhere in the place so no where for your valuables. The hostel is an hour walk away from the main center of the city, I know I walked it multiple times!! There is no kitchen and the bar only reheats pizza and it's 30 minutes walk to anyway that caters for travelers for eating!! This is the worst place in Europe and a pathetic excuse for a business!! There's no help whatsoever from the staff with directions or general travel details and they are so reluctant to help and are so rude!!! Even marked the hostel wrong on the map!! The lift is so loud and you can hear it from the bedrooms and it's so slow to arrive. Takes forever and I always got stuck waiting in the entrance with all the ferals being drunk and disgusting. Smoking into the building, spitting everywhere and being so rude to anyone not part of their group. I genuinely felt intimidated and uncomfortable the entire time of my stay and didn't want to go use the facilities at all. I dreaded coming back to the hostel every day. They have one measly sign that says to be quiet and respect the other guests, but everyone did far from that!!! There's absolutely no respect for anyone else in this place unless you're getting pissed or smoking outside! If you've paid to stay here then you don't matter. Don't come here at all!! Sleeping on a park bench would be better than this place!!
Cheap but no sleep
Do not go to the A&O near the Ostbahnhof. My girlfriend and I stayed there and were treated to loud music, doors slamming, and the joy of the fire alarm going off at 3 a.m. It was all done by a group who were told several times by myself, other guests, and the staff to quiet down. The fire alarm was set off by an idiot who decided to spray a fire extinguisher in the hall and stairwell. They still let the kid stay there after a whole floor was evacuated and subject to waiting until the dust from the extinguisher settled. While waiting in the wee hours of the morning to return to bed, I asked to use the internet. I was told I would have to pay. When I returned to my room I saw that dust had settled on my belongings and it was also still lingering in the air. At least the staff gave us another room. Throughout it all, I knew that the staff was just trying to do their job but I really think the situation was handled poorly. The police were not called. They consulted the chaperones about it. They said the student would have to return home from the trip the following day. While I realize that it was not the hostel's fault for the incident, I don't know why the chaperones were not told to deal with their students while they were getting drunk and partying in the hostel prior to the fire extinguisher incident. I also don't know why the police were not involved. He made a complete mess of the hostel. This was absolutely my worst experience at a hotel or hostel anywhere. I know that it probably will not happen if you stay there but be prepared for a staff that is too nice to give obnoxious guests the boot.
  Absolutely well worth the money! The room and the ensuite toilet/shower were clean, the cableTV was ok (the horrible German programmes were not the hostel's fault), the staff were ever so friendly, the buffet breakfast with omelettes, salads and meatballs very good (missed some tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce, though). The internet worked perfectly for us. The atmosphere was relaxed, the bar was open as long as there were customers, the World Cup was going on so the going was good. We might come back any time! (And we stayed for five nights to see a few matches.)
Juha Hyrsky,Mika Saarela&Harri isosaari
  I had no problem with the mosquitoes. The room was nice, with six beds, cable TV, almost lockers (bring your own padlock) and en suite bathroom. Albeit a bit expensive, the breakfast was good. The Internet access could be better (just go to an Internet café). Choose the time when you go to the reception carefully. And the receptionist was awesome. :)
  The "service" and staff at this hostel are HORRENDOUS. To start with, you always have to queue for ages to get served at reception. Even if there's a queue of 20 people, there's only one slow receptionist to serve. A number of times there were a couple of other people sitting behind the desk whilst we all stood there waiting in the mosquito infested room, but they totally ignored the line and sat there talking, smoking, and eating. One night we played billiards - the girl on reception told us it was 2 euro per hour and when we returned the equipment there was a guy there who insisted it was 5 euro per hour and insisted we pay it even after the girl came back and admitted she told us 2 euro. No one there seems to know or care what they're doing, the facilities are sparse, the service is non-existent and they really need to do something about the mosquitos. DO NOT stay here.

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