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The Review

Glencoe Independent Hostel is not one of the cheapest hostels, but it is not overly expensive, and is actually well priced for the quality of facilities provided.

The Location

The hostel is a fairly long walk from the bus stop in town. It is roughly two miles, and it is also a long walk from the start of most of the hiking trails in Glencoe, and to the only grocery store. Glencoe is a very small town, though, and it is a beautiful, scenic walk into town.

Rooms and Bathrooms

We stayed in a six-bed dorm, which has three sets of bunk beds. It is very clean, and even when the room is full, it doesn't feel crowded. The beds are very comfortable, and they provide linen for free. There is a dresser provided for people staying longer to keep their clothing in. There are plenty of outlets in the bedroom we stayed in, which is helpful when multiple people want to charge phones and cameras. The heaters also work well.

There are a few bathrooms, all individual. There are some reserved for women, some reserved for men, and some that are co-ed. The washrooms are remarkably clean. One has a toilet, shower, and sink in it. There are ones with just a shower in them, and there are ones with just a toilet in sink in them. We only once had to wait to get into one.

Common Spaces

There is a common sitting area with couches and a fireplace, and common eating area, and a kitchen. All of them are tidy and well furnished. They offer free tea and coffee in the kitchen, and there are plenty of dishes and cutlery available for common usage. There are also two large gas stoves. It has a very cozy atmosphere, and from the living room there is a beautiful view of one of the mountains.


They offer a laundry service, which is helpful for people who are traveling for an extended period of time. They also have a binder at the front desk with information on hiking and other activities to do while staying in Glencoe. There is also free Wi-Fi, but only in the reception area. The locks on the front door to the hostel and the bedroom doors all work using key codes, although for most of our stay the lock on our door was not working. Overall, we had a very enjoyable experience, and have fond memories attached to this hostel.
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Six Bed Room
Six Bed Room
Common Area
Eating Area
View from the Window


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Near Ballachulish, Argyll, Glencoe, The Highlands, Scotland
56.672693, -5.075390 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+44 (0) 1855 811906
+44 (0) 1855 811906
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Glencoe Youth Hostel is located in one of the best parts of Scotland -- that is, if it's not raining and you can see the scenery. If you can, you're in for a treat. The Location The hostel is located a little bit out of town, which is fine if you're in a car. It's also very easy to find, with plenty of signs, so you won't have trouble. If you're on foot, it's a little bit of a hike, probably about half a mile or so from the centre of town. But if you've come to hike then that shouldn't be a problem -- you'll be fit and up to the task. There is plenty of parking outside if you are driving. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are incredibly clean and spacious. They even have a sink and a mirror, which is great for first thing in the morning or just to clean your teeth at night. There are even some double beds for family rooms. The showers are all new and very clean. Liquid soap and a towel are provided. Common Spaces The kitchen area is one of the best of the Scottish YHAs, with a long area for cooking that opens up directly on where you eat. It's really cosy and warm, great on a cold Scottish day, and there even seems to be food on the "free food" shelves. Plus they also give you free tea and coffee -- not a feature of every YHA. Summary The staff are really helpful and gave us some great details on walks to do around Glencoe, which were fabulous. In all, Glencoe Youth Hostel is a highly recommended place.
Amazing, peaceful, homey
we stayed in the cabin for a long weekend! the cabin was great! really cosy and tranquil! the views of the surroundings are something else to wake up to! the owners were really friendly an helpful! definitely recommend this place.
aaron huey
  After years of using hostels (usually SYHA hostels) my friend and I decided to try this hostel. Very poor accommodation with things such as leaking toilet, window pane in front door smashed (had been dodgily covered with a little plastic sheet?!), the "hostel" was damp particularly in the toilet (this had equally dodgily been painted over, as if to disguise). No bedding whatsoever, at least with the SYHA hostels you are given clean bedding. We asked about this and were told we could hire sleeping bags at £1.50 per bag. Having no choice (no refunds given) we accepted, sleeping bags I should add I never knew the thickness (or lack of) existed. To top the whole experience off the hostel was not heated whatsoever! We were told that it was on a timer and would go on -- it did not! My friend and I ended up joining the two sleeping bags together and shivered on the same mattress to try to keep warm! A miserable and freezing experience. I'll be sticking to SHYA hostels who at least are monitored unlike this lot.
Extremely Unimpressed
  I'm from the Netherlands. My friends and I were walking the West Highland Way. We stayed one night at this hostel and we enjoyed it very much. The next morning the people who run the hostel brought us back to the West Highland Way. They are very nice people. The bunkhouse was also very nice.
Mandy De Bont
  Friendly, relaxed, warm atmosphere — what a joke! I've never met such a miserable hostel owner. The woman gave our (prepaid and reserved) beds away to other people who were deemed to be wetter and more in need of accommodation than we were (after we'd just returned to the hostel from a marathon climb up Ben Nevis). We received no apology for the extreme inconvenience, and the lack of apology very nearly descended into abuse from the owner of the hostel. We were then made to blatantly ignore all fire safety regulations displayed on the hostel notice boards by having members of our party sleep on the dorm floor or two to a bed. If you want to book a hostel in the knowledge that you'll have a room when you turn up, then don't book a room here.
  Not very good or responsive. I spent a miserable few days there till we were able to book alternative accommodations. Be wary. It's cheap but straw-shack basic.
  This hotel is very cold, and small, with no warm rooms and bad service. It is a freezer.
  The hostel was really nice, warm and comfortable. Everything was new and although the people there were renovating the whole place it did not affect my stay. The people who run it are very helpful and friendly and I found this so nice. I will definitely go back there for a visit.

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